Donnie Wahlberg and also Jenny McCarthy celebrated their wedding anniversary by renewing your vows.Instagram

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy renewed their vows to mark their saturday wedding anniversary Tuesday.

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“#HappyAnniversary Jenny! seven years — no itch!” Wahlberg, 52, composed in a article to Instagram. “I love you much more than ever, granny Wahlberg. To it is in blessed through a partner whose score is to make sure that ns love myself an ext and much more each day — is to be important blessed.”

The brand-new Kids on the Block member then thanked his wife for being there for him over the years.

“Thank you because that holding me down, while constantly holding my dragon string and letting me fly. You space my heart mate in every way,” the wrote. “My love is overflowing through gratitude, appreciation and also unconditional love, because that you. Ns love friend Lady.”

Wahlberg additionally thanked the minister who aided him surprised McCarthy, 48, through their vow rejuvenation ceremony.

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“Thank girlfriend Reverend beam McElroy (aka 
bellboy47), my friend and also Minister, for helping me surprised my mam again (got ya baby) and for gracing us through your wisdom and your blessing,” the “Step through Step” singer wrote.

He added, “‘Seven = Completion. Perfection’.