Donnie Rowe to be convicted critical week of killing in the deaths of 2 prison guards. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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An inmate currently serving life and convicted in the deadly 2017 shoot deaths of two prison safety will invest the rest of his work behind bars.

Donnie Russell Rowe challenged the fatality penalty complying with his conviction critical week. Jurors were not unanimous in your decision, and also Rowe was sentenced come life in jail without parole Wednesday.

The jury included seven women and five men who had actually been lugged to Putnam county from Grady County, around 200 mile south, because of pretrial publicity. Lock deliberated because that three hrs Tuesday and also five hours Wednesday, follow to news outlets.

Rowe’s trial had been previously delayed after a defense attorney feared he had coronavirus. Jury an option resumed last week ~ a momentary break. The sentencing portion of the trial started Friday.

In June 2017, Rowe and Ricky Dubose to be accused of utilizing the guards’ guns to shoot castle while escaping from a prison carry bus southeast of Atlanta. They to be arrested in Tennessee a few days later. After ~ Sgt. Christopher Monica and also Sgt. Curtis Billue were shot come death, the two suspects escaped, launching a huge manhunt that ended in Tennessee.

In Tennessee, the suspects led police on a 10-mile automobile chase that finished in a wreck and gunshots, though no one was injured. They then fled right into the woods and ended up in a homeowner’s surrounding yard, authorities said.


Sgts. Curtis Billue (left) and Chris Monica

Credit: File

Credit: File

Tennessee officials attributed two neighbors for stop Dubose and also Rowe at gunpoint till they arrived. A homeowner, they said, i found it the guys in his driveway and also called a neighbor.

When Rowe and also Dubose were arrested, castle still had the slain officers’ weapons with them, investigators said at the moment of their arrests. The two had actually been cellmates at Baldwin State Prison.

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Billue, 58, that Milledgeville, had actually been with the room of Corrections because July 2007. Monica, 42, likewise of Milledgeville, had actually been v the department since October 2009.

Rowe had actually previously to be convicted of equipped robbery, possession the a firearm throughout a crime and aggravated assault in Bibb county in October 2001, follow to GDOC records. He was serving a life sentence without parole.

Dubose had been convicted of financial identification fraud, credit card fraud, burglary by required entry, theft through taking and entering a vehicle in Madison county in august 2010. That very same month, he was convicted of rob in Gwinnett County.

He was then sentenced to twenty years after he was convicted the aggravated assault, armed robbery and theft by absorbing Elbert county in September 2014, follow to the DOC.

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He is quiet awaiting trial in the guards’ deaths and also is also facing the death penalty if convicted.