When you"re the base player in one of heavy metal"s many enduring, infamous bands because that 40 years, you"re tied to have seen and done part wild things. Situation in point, Nikki Sixx is the bass player for the legend rock group Motley Crue. Nikki"s life with the "80s and "90s rivals several of rock"s many tumultuous careers. While two near-death experience haven"t been able to sluggish Nikki Sixx down, who from his previous is certainly giving him a run for his money right now.

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A father of five, which has a newborn, Sixx counts three marital relationships under his belt. His current wife is Courtney Sixx, whom he married in 2014. Vault marriages consisted of Playboy model Donna D"Errico (1996-2007) and another previous Playboy model, Brandi Brandt (1989-1996). 

Stories abound indigenous both former marriages. Prefer the time Brandt received a speak to from her mother, Brie Howard. After some mental gymnastics, Nikki realized the he had "rolled approximately together" through Howard when she to be a back-up singer because that Motley Crue, per the Daily Telegraph. The call left Brandt reportedly warning her mother, "Uh Mum, ns wouldn"t advise calling Nikki. Perhaps you should speak to that nice document producer I experienced you through the other week."

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Then there was his marriage to Donna D"Errico. A previous Playboy model and also Baywatch star, D"Errico and Sixx to be married native 1996 come 2007. In one interview in 2017, D"Errico asserted that infidelity caused the marriage"s breakup. According to her, Sixx to be cheating while D"Errico was pregnant v their daughter Frankie-Jean, according to Fox News. Citing irreconcilable distinctions in 2007 because that her factor for divorce, D"Errico arrived at court the an initial day of the proceedings greatly medicated, informing the referee she was suffering from a clinical condition, just to pass out in court the adhering to day, via E! Online.

That, however, wasn"t also the worst part. Sixx would certainly testify in court throughout hearings about D"Errico. "I heard she to be doing high-end call-girl work, ns was freaking out," that said, via Blabbermouth. "Your head starts to spin. We have actually a child together." He would certainly go top top to further testify the a madam offered him proof the D"Errico to be a former sex worker. To which D"Errico and also her lawyer replied: "We space amused by the comments."

While Sixx would later say he was married come "Satan," the pair would go on come smooth points out and also eventually pertained to an agreement. But, if girlfriend think it"s all sunshine and also roses for those two love birds, you"d it is in mistaken. In court papers filed in 2019, D"Errico cases Sixx fan her earlier support, making use of "clever accounting" to stop paying she over $24,000 (via The Blast). These room the points they don"t tell girlfriend to protect against in rock Star School.

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Things seem a small bit various for Nikki"s 3rd (and current) marriage to Courtney Bingham. Married in in march 2014, the pair had their an initial baby girl together (and fifth child because that Nikki). If he"s got a feeling of humor around the totality venture, informing USA Today, "I figure I"m walk to be on one IV drip by the time she"s 20," he definitely isn"t taking any chances. Sixx, who had actually a vasectomy in 2007 after divorcing 2nd wife, Donna D"errico, walk the smarter yet far more painful course of not having his vasectomy reversed, but opting for the "sperm-retrieval procedure." The experience, follow to Nikki, was similar to being in the Crue in the beforehand days. "Getting your (testicles) cut open is favor being in Motley Crue in 1987," he told USA Today.

There is a happy ending, however. A healthy and balanced Ruby Sixx was born come the pair on July 27, 2019. And they say there"s no such point as true love!