The autonomous pundit evidenced to The daily Beast that she is no much longer with Fox, and that the separation was amicable.

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Fox News and Donna Brazile have actually quietly parted means after she spent an ext than 2 years with the network together an on-air politics analyst, the former democratic National Committee chairwoman confirmed Friday.

“When my contract expired, they available me an additional 2-4 years,” Brazile said The daily Beast in a message message. “But I determined to return to ABC.”

Brazile go on to include that over the previous two years, Fox News had permitted her to do multiple appearances on abc News’ Sunday news display This Week, including that “all is good” in between her and also Fox.

The free pundit recently made her debut as an abc contributor on this past Sunday’s transfer of This Week.

The longtime autonomous strategist raised eyebrows in march 2019 as soon as she announced she had signed v the decidedly right-leaning outlet, largely due to the reality that Fox News opinion commentators had previously made she a bogeywoman for she controversial tenure at CNN.

A 2016 WikiLeaks email revealed that Brazile, then a CNN contributor, leaked conflict questions to then-candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Complying with the release of the hacked emails, CNN severed ties with Brazile.

The autonomous operative, meanwhile, protected her decision to join Fox News. At the time, she identified she would get “criticized by mine friends in the steady movement” but said the 2016 election “showed we need to engage the audience and also show americans of every strip what we stand for quite than retreat right into our ‘safe spaces.’” She likewise contended the she had actually all her “marbles” once she chose to sign up with Fox.

It wasn’t just progressives, though, the criticized Brazile’s existence on Fox News. The network’s most committed and powerful viewer consistently made his displeasure well-known that the ex-DNC chef was appearing on his tv set. “So
FoxNews,” then-President Donald trump card tweeted in august 2019, one of his numerous complaints about Brazile after ~ she join the network.

Brazile’s time at Fox to be also significant by number of heated and tense on-air moments, most notably when she lashed the end at Republican national Committee chairman Ronna McDaniel for weighing in on the 2020 autonomous primary. “Stay the hell out of our race!” Brazile shouted, adding: “So, Ronna, go to hell!”

The prominent Democrat’s departure is one of several recent, high-profile exits from the network, including Fox & girlfriend Weekend co-host Jedediah Bila and also White home correspondent Kristin Fisher, who freshly jumped to Brazile’s old home of CNN.

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Brazile leave Fox News additionally gives the network one less liberal pundit to fill Juan Williams’ now-open slot ~ above the opinion roundtable present The Five. After ~ Williams’ sudden leave from the show—which Fox News insiders blamed on co-host Greg Gutfeld—Fox News claimed it would try out a rotating series of liberal commentators to take it his place.