With her help, we"re stand up for the most vulnerable world in society – those who have no other champion. We’re exposing hate and injustice, fighting discrimination, and providing award-winning anti-bias products – totally free of fee – to schools throughout America.

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We never ever take legal fees from our clients, and also we expropriate no government funding. Rather, we count on the compassion and also generosity of world like you.

Supporters who offer $25 or much more will obtain our quarterly newspaper, SPLC Report.

We also welcome donations through both phone and mail. Please call us at 1-334-956-8408. Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. To 4:30 p.m. CST. 

SPLC"s taxation ID# is: 63-0598743

Mail your Donation

Don’t desire to do a donation online? No problem. Download a PDF of ours donation form here and also mail that to united state at the resolve printed on the form. Friend will get a letter confirming her gift that can be used for your tax returns.


Canvassers and also Callers

Friends that the Center
Friends the the facility pledge a modest amount every month – developing a steady, reliable resource of funds to help us make a real difference in the fight because that justice and also human legal rights for every people.


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
Raise money by creating a CrowdRise online fundraiser the will support our work and also honor a unique person, milestone, or event at the same time.


Planned Giving
We invite friend to become a companion in the struggle for tolerance and also justice.


What is the SPLC activity Fund?
There are two methods you can assist us hit hate and discrimination: donating to the southerly Poverty Law center or the SPLC action Fund (or both!)

Give from her IRA
Be a champion because that justice v a gift from your IRA

Create your will for Free
Create a heritage that stands approximately Hate and also Bigotry

Employer Matching
Take advantage of a benefit provided by your employer and twin or also triple the impact of her gift.

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Gifts the Stock and Securities
Appreciated securities or mutual fund shares the you’ve own for an ext than one year are wonderful charitable gifts. 

Other ways of Giving
There are plenty of innovative ways to assistance our fight for same justice and equal opportunity.

Donor resources
Looking to update your contact information? Or obtain a taxes receipt because that a previous gift?