Join a community-wide initiative to collect, refurbish and also distribute thousands of computer systems to students and families in need. Donate computer systems is a COVID-19 community response project.

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The Digital equity Coalition has actually launched a computer donation drive with the score of collecting 2,000 computer systems in 2 months. The pandemic has actually significantly adjusted our lives, continue to be at home orders and also social distancing average that learning, employment and health services should be done online, however sadly more than70,000 family members do not own a laptop or desktop.

Donating your used computer system is an environmentally friendly, sustainable solution. Every year, tons of computer and also electronic devices are thrown far into already overflowing landfills. We arrangement to refurbish, repurpose and reuse your computer, supportingBaltimore’s brand-new Zero-waste initiative.

Wi-Fi connectivity is preferred for any type of donated device. Desktops/laptops with hard drives undamaged are likewise preferred.



The require for operable laptops, desktops, Chromebooks, and also tablets is acute and urgent. To meet this far-reaching need, i beg your pardon is currently much more than 50,000, donations the thousands of computer systems are gift sought native individuals, ar groups and also businesses. These computer systems will be refurbished (unless inoperable or provided for parts) and also distributed right into communities across Baltimore.

Desktop and also Laptop computer systems (less than 7 year old)Tablets, Chromebooks and cell phones (less 보다 5 year old)Hotspots, Modems and RoutersLCD, LED and also Plasma MonitorsWeb camerasKeyboards and MiceDesktop printers (only to work printers)Hard Drives and MemoryLaptop BatteriesHDMI cables and Micro USB power supply cords

Wi-Fi connectivity is desired for any type of donated device. Desktops/laptops with hard drives undamaged are likewise preferred.

Start by filling the end this form to let us understand your name, call information and the number and kind of computer systems you room donating. Then, we have multiple areas where friend can lug your computers and also other equipment. Right here are the resolve and available times for drop off:

Drop off Locations

Note: every location has actually a slightly various drop-off procedure (all room as near-contactless as possible), so please follow any signs or instructions indicated at the site when dropping off.

Wee Chic Lutherville Address: 2360 West Joppa Rd #115 Lutherville, Md 21093Drop turn off hours:Monday-Friday: 10 to be – 6 pmSaturday: 10 am – 5 pm

PCs for civilization (East Baltimore City)Address: 4220 together Shannon Drive, Baltimore, MD 21213Drop turn off hours: 10-4pm Monday-Friday, email to Confirm: gbonner

OpenWorks (Baltimore City/Greenmount West)Address: 1400 Greenmount Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202Drop off Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm

direct Dimensions, Inc. (West Baltimore County)Address: 10310 south Dolfield Rd, Owings Mills, MD 21117Drop off Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-4pm– leaving on a table / box in entryway vestibule just inside front door

Cenero (East Baltimore County/White Marsh)Address: 11605 Crossroads Circle, Suite J, Baltimore, MD 21220Drop turn off Hours: Monday-Friday 9am – 3pm — leave on a table / crate under vestibule exterior the door

Digital Harbor structure (South Baltimore City)Address: 1045 irradiate St. Baltimore, MD 21230Drop off hours: Drop turn off by appointment only (Tuesday-Thursday) – email mary to confirm.

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Baltimore Robotics center (West Baltimore City)Address: 1001 W. Pratt St. Baltimore MD 21223Drop off: By appointment – email Ed

Complete and submit the contact kind on this website and provide as lot information about the number and types of computers (models, operating systems, etc.) as possible. A member Digital same Coalition will certainly coordinate your request and also connect girlfriend with pcs for people to discuss the logistics that pick-up or shipping.

Yes. Baltimore Digital equity Coalition is a ar initiative currently being fiscally funded by Digital Harbor structure – a neighborhood 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you or your company would prefer to support this urgent response to the COVID-19 crisis, we would be grateful. You can click here and make her donation online. Or you have the right to email united state at devices