Donating hair is a great, inexpensive means for world to get involved with a Many hair donations are from youngsters who desire to aid other children; however, anyone can donate hair. Whether you execute it ~ above your own or attend a hair cutting and donation event, you"ll never regret helping someone in need.

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Locks that Love

Locks the Love is perhaps the best known and also longest to run hair donation The mission that Locks of Love is to make hair prostheses because that financially disadvantaged kids who suffer long-term hair ns from any illness. Hair donations need to be at the very least 10 customs long and also bound in a ponytail or braid. All hair colors (except gray) and also textures space welcome. You can also donate her permed or colored hair as lengthy as it"s no damaged. If you can print the hair donation type from the Locks of Love website, do so. However, you execute not require it to donate hair. Instead, you might print her name and attend to on a full-size paper of document and send it together with the hair to:

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Locks that Love 234 southerly Blvd. West Palm Beach, FL 33405-2701


Wigs for Kids

Wigs for children exists to aid children who room struggling v the repercussions of hair loss caused by any type of condition, consisting of burn accidents, cancer or alopecia. Similar to Locks of Love, Wigs for kids provides hair systems. The hair equipment they provide allow a boy to communicate in normal tasks without worrying about whether her hair is going to fall off. Kids can even go swimming in a Wigs for youngsters hair system. This company requires 12-inch lengths the hair, however they don"t expropriate gray or chemically treated hair. Wigs for kids works with thousands of salons across the U.S. The offer complimentary or discounted solutions for world who space donating hair to this worthy cause. When you"ve acquired your hair cut and also downloaded the necessary form, you deserve to send your hair to:

Wigs for kids - Hair Donation 24231 center Ridge roadway Westlake, Ohio 44145

Maggie"s Wigs 4 kids of Michigan

Wigs 4 children is a non-profit company that serves kids ages 18 and under who live in Michigan and are suffering from hair loss. While the program is concentrated on the state of Michigan, its scope is far reaching. The organization"s wellness center not only offers hair solution for kids, but additionally provides allied health and also holistic assistance services. Hair donations come Maggie"s Wigs for youngsters must it is in at the very least ten inches. Hair cannot be chemically treated or colored and it can"t be much more than 10% grey. If friend live in Michigan, you have the right to visit Go eco-friendly Salon, which is located next door to the wellness center. They charge $40 because that a consultation, cut and also style, however 50% of the dues goes straight to Maggie"s Wigs 4 Kids, along with your ponytail. If girlfriend don"t live nearby, you have the right to mail her donation to:

Wigs 4 kids - Hair Donation 30126 Harper Ave. St. Clair Shores, MI 48082


children With Hair Loss

kids With Hair lose is a nonprofit hair donation that gives wigs for children in need throughout the U.S. The program provides both lengthy term hair replacement packages and short-term choices for youngsters who have actually lost their hair temporarily. The company supports itself v generous donations, partnering through the community and by offering branded merchandise. If you"d like to do a hair donation, ensure the your ponytail is at the very least eight-inches long, and also send it to:

kids With Hair ns 12776 S. Dixie Hwy. S. Rockwood, MI 48179


Hair us Share

Hair we Share is a charitable company that accepts hair donations that are supplied to develop wigs for adults and children that are influenced by hair loss led to by clinical reasons. The group does not charge a fee to wig recipients. This team requires a minimum donation the $25 with each it is registered hair donation. You can opt to get involved in your ponytail tracking regimen by make a financial donation of at the very least $125 as soon as you submit your donated hair. Through participating in this program, you"ll be able to see a picture of the wig that is do from your hair. Come donate, very first submit a donation form via the Hair us Share website. Then, send your hair to:

Hair us Share 4 Expressway Plaza Suite LL14 Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

angel Hair for kids (Canada)

angel Hair for youngsters is an arm of A Child"s Voice Foundation. The structure itself has actually several programs, one of which is point of view Hair. Point of view Hair provides hair because that financially disadvantaged youngsters in Canada. If you are in Canada and also would choose to help, you can send your hair donation to:

3034 Palstan Rd., Suite 301 Mississauga, top top L4Y 2Z6

general How-To requirements to Donate Hair

prior to you chop your hair and send that off, perform make sure that you inspect the donation demands of your preferred In general, the following guidelines are typical for all institutions that expropriate hair:

Hair needs to be put right into a ponytail or braid and cut over the ponytail holder. Donation size requirements differ from eight inches to 12 inches. Curly hair deserve to be straightened prior to measuring in stimulate to fulfill donation requirements. class are commonly okay, as long as the shortest great is at least the minimum required length. Hair need to be clean and also dry. Hair cannot be chemically altered. Hair must be herbal - synthetics are typically not accepted. Hair the is from the floor is unusable. Your reduced off ponytail or braid need to be packaged in a zippered plastic baggie and then placed in a padded envelope if it"s generally not required, it"s always appreciated if friend send a tiny donation in addition to your hair to aid defray prices for the organization.

perform make certain that you read and follow all instructions carefully. If girlfriend don"t, the organization will not be able to use her hair and it will have actually gone come waste.


finding Hair Donation Companies

countless hair salons companion with hair donation organizations, either to hold cut-a-thon occasions or to accept individual donations top top an ongoing basis. If you"d prefer to walk to a salon close to you to make her donation quite than cutting it yourself, girlfriend will have to do a little of research.

Reach out to salons in your area and ask if they partner with any hair donation groups. If not, asking if shop personnel might know where you can donate hair near the area wherein you live.

even if friend can"t discover a local salon that has a partnership with among the charities, you may uncover one the will work with you come ensure that your hair is reduced in compliance v the organization to i beg your pardon you"d like to donate.

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A Life-Changing Donation

If you"re feather to do a donation through a measurable, virtually instant impact, this is it. Donating hair to youngsters with hair ns is a generous gesture with meaningful impact. A gift to one of these hair donation charities is a tangible contribution that can immediately change someone"s life because that the better.

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