It to be a modern-day fairytale. Billionaire businessman meets glamorous model and they dominion the totally free world together… Donald and Melania celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary this month.

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The previous First couple tied the node in 2005 in ~ an extravagant star-studded bash that cost an eye-watering amount.

Their nuptials are rumoured to have cost $2.5 million (€2 million) and the price tag could have had something to do with the reality that the bride didn’t just wear one epic wedding dress, yet two.

Melania wore a Christian Dior dress designed by iconic fashion designer john Galliano to say ‘I do’, and also still come this day, that remains one of the most expensive celebrity wedding dresses of all time, even though she couldn’t also walk in it…

❤ Happy Anniversary! 💋

— MELANIA trump card (
MELANIATRUMP) January 22, 2014

Melania Knauss, as she was then known, wore a voluminous gown do from duchess satin to end up being Mrs Trump. The figure-hugging strapless dress was embellished through 1,500 rhinestones and pearls and also was covered in embroidery that took 500 hrs to apply.

The drama didn’t finish there though. The couture gown to be made indigenous 300 feet the material and weighed a staggering 60 pounds and had a 13-foot train. It to be topped off through a 16-foot veil. Refer reports the the dress price a whopping £76,000 (approximately €85,000).

Eschewing the classic bouquet, Melania walked under the aisle with a pair of she family’s rosary beads in her hand, linked with flowers.

The million-dollar nuptials took ar in Palm Beach, in the well known Mar-a-lago resort,  and was conveniently one the the greatest weddings the the decade. That was 3rd time lucky for the former President, his an initial marriage being to Czech model Ivana Zelníčková which finished in divorce after ~ his affair with his 2nd wife Marla Maples.

Melania Trump’s wedding dress was absolutely worthy that a Vogue cover! Pic: Melania Trump/Twitter

Despite gift a effective model and gracing many covers that magazines favor Harper’s Bazaar, GQ and Sports shown before coming to be the first Lady, Melania trump was absent from fashion covers throughout her time in the White House.

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There to be a continuous debate bordering this together fashion publications usually scramble to bag first Ladies with Michelle Obama showing up on the cover of Vogue 3 times during her eight-year run as America’s an initial Lady.