Healthcare for women, our rights, and our neighborhoods are facing unprecedented attacks.

Despite the fact that birth regulate is vital health care and also the key to women’s economic and social advancement, the Trump administration is hell-bent on acquiring rid of accessibility to it.

Not on our watch.

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Planned Parenthood and supporters space fighting earlier to ensure that everyone, regardless of income or zip code, has accessibility to bear control. The Trump administration continues come attack accessibility to this basic health treatment — whether through employer-provided health insurance, commonwealth programs favor Title X, or to plan Parenthood health and wellness centers — and also threaten the years of progression we’ve made. We will certainly be here to organize this management accountable and protect straightforward health care.


How walk we gain here?

For an ext than 50 years, birth manage has been critical part of women’s health and also lives, and it has actually made a distinction for numerous people. But now in 2017, together unbelievable as it sounds, the Trump administration is figured out to flout established science, publicly opinion, and also decades the social and economic progression that birth manage has made feasible — every to pursue severe agenda.


Enough is enough.We demand birth manage for all.

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Birth manage is not controversial: It’s simple health care that the vast bulk of females will use over the food of your lifetime.

Nearly 9 in 10 women the reproductive age will usage contraception in ~ some point in your lives, whether it’s for family members planning or other clinical reasons prefer treating endometriosis. But prior to the Affordable treatment Act’s birth manage provision entered effect, 1 in 3 women struggled come afford prescription bear control.

And it’s no wonder: Without insurance coverage, birth regulate pills can expense as lot as $600 a year, through other techniques costing also more. If you recognize anything about birth control, you understand that you can not play games with your prescription.

The Affordable care Act aided to ensure the 62.4 million females had accessibility to birth regulate by guaranteeing that it was covered in all health and wellness insurance plans. This was a straightforward and common-sense policy that required that the plans ladies pay because that include every one of the health care they need. And also thanks come increased access to bear control, the price of unintended pregnant is in ~ a 30-year low and also the price of pregnancy among teens is at a historic low. However the Trump administration has staffed necessary government agencies v those who ideologically oppose access to birth manage — and that’s having actually an effect. We’re already seeing direct assaults on this straightforward health treatment that millions of world rely on, and also we recognize there are more to come.

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Under the trumped administration, too many challenge the danger of losing accessibility to bear control. To avoid this all-out attack, it’s going to take all of us standing up together and also demanding that politicians and also bosses stop interfering through women’s appropriate to do their an individual health treatment decisions.