Trump assaults Obama and Harris speeches in genuine time, all-caps tweets

The president has attempted to offer counterprogramming to the autonomous convention.

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President Donald Trump’s tweets on Wednesday come as he has actually attempted to counterprogram the autonomous convention for lot of this week. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Donald trump card did no hide that he was closely following the 3rd night of the democratic National Convention on Wednesday, firing off tweets in genuine time as former President Barack Obama and also Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris yielded withering objections of his presidency.

The first of Trump"s all-caps broadsides came much less than 10 minutes into his predecessor’s speech, together Obama unleashed a blistering assault on Trump’s presidency and his character.

“HE SPIED ON mine CAMPAIGN, and also GOT CAUGHT!” trump accused Obama, repeating a false conspiracy concept stemming native the FBI’s monitoring of Trump project associates in the run-up come the 2016 election.

Trump fired off a 2nd tweet seven minutes later, implying the there was much more to the story behind Obama waiting till his former vice president, Joe Biden, cleared a crowded field of autonomous White residence hopefuls prior to endorsing him.

“WHY DID that REFUSE to ENDORSE slow JOE till IT WAS every OVER, and also EVEN climate WAS very LATE? WHY walk HE shot TO obtain HIM not TO RUN?” the president wrote.

He later on weighed in as Harris formally welcomed her nomination together Biden’s running mate, making she the an initial Black woman and an initial Asian American to join a significant party presidential ticket.

“I understand a predator as soon as I watch one,” Harris said of the president in her nomination speech, alluding to she prosecutorial background.

Trump went back the favor by attempting to revive tensions in between Harris and also Biden from critical year’s primary, mischaracterizing a high-profile clash end Biden’s document on gyeongju issues.

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“BUT didn’t SHE contact HIM A RACIST??? no SHE to speak HE to be INCOMPETENT???” trumped asked.

But Harris specifically noted when she interrogated Biden around busing that she walk not watch the previous vice president together racist. She additionally never dubbed Biden incompetent.

Trump’s tweets top top Wednesday come together he has actually attempted to counterprogram the democratic convention for lot of this week, making project stops in 3 potential swing says on Monday and Tuesday while holding a coronavirus briefing previously Wednesday during which that announced his latest effort to scrap the Iran nuclear deal.