In a Friday night tweet, Trump asserted the newspaper told the he was “probably” walk to be granted the title for the second year in a row but he "took a pass."


A framed portrait of president Donald trump on the covering of a TIME newspaper hangs ~ above a wall at the Trump nationwide Doral Miami Golf Shop.Angel Valentin / The Washington Post/Getty Images
Time magazine is disputing president Donald Trump’s claim that he rejected the magazine’s inquiry for one interview and "major photo shoot" ahead of its “Person the the Year” issue.

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In a tweet so late Friday together he invested the Thanksgiving vacation in Florida, Trump sound dismissive of the respect he received last year and also could well receive again.

Trump claimed the magazine notified him he to be “probably” walk to it is in granted the title for the second year in a row. He tweeted: “I said most likely is no good and take it a pass.”

Time Magazine dubbed to say that i was most likely going to be called “Man (Person) the the Year,” favor last year, however I would have to agree come an interview and also a major photo shoot. I said most likely is no good and take it a pass. Many thanks anyway!

— Donald J. Trump (

The president is incorrect about how we pick Person that the Year. TIME walk not discuss our an option until publication, i beg your pardon is December 6.

— TIME (

Alan Murray, chief contents officer at Time Inc., claimed there to be "not a speck of truth" to the president"s claims.

Rick Stengel, a former Time managing editor that left the publishing to join the Obama administration State Department, said he thinks Trump fired off the tweet to preempt the reality that the wasn"t selected.

"I suspected that maybe he knew the wasn"t walk to obtain it and also he wanted to look prefer he was transforming it down prior to he to be turned down," Stengel told NBC News.

Stengel stated the magazine generally interviews lot of candidates for the human being of the Year issue, and that it"s most likely that the president can be a finalist, yet he doubts the editors would think about Trump because that the recognition two year in a row.

Trump frequently brags around appearing ~ above the sheathe of the above magazine. He has falsely declared to hold the document for sheathe appearances, and also was revealed previously this year to have shown fake worries of Time v himself ~ above the cover at several of his exclusive golf clubs.


Famous sports personalities and also actors likewise took to Twitter on Friday come mock the president"s case that the had decreased to be interviewed.

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Star battles actor note Hamill posted the "Time Magazine dubbed to speak that ns was certainly going come be named "Man (Person) that the Year" yet I would need to agree come leak major #Ep8 spoilers."

New York Mets pitcher boy name Syndergaard tweeted: "Sports illustrated called and said ns was more than likely going to be Sportsman of the Year, yet it was going to take a long photo shoot and also interview. I"m not proud of my recent perm and also have interpretive dance class at the interview time so ns turned that down! No thanks SI!!"

Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus and British tennis star Andy Murray likewise weighed in:

nytimes just referred to as to say i was more than likely going come be named comedienne of the year yet I would have to agree come an interview and a significant photo shoot. I said probably is no good and took a pass. Many thanks anyway!

Bbc just dubbed to say ns was probably going to be called sports personality that the year however I would need to agree to an interview and also a major photo shoot. I said more than likely is no good and take it a pass. Many thanks anyway!

— Andy Murray (

Time"s human being of the Year is characterized by the weekly as "a human (or people) that has had actually the most influence over the news in the last 12 months." Awarded because 1927, the accolade has actually gone come a wide variety of human being — also Adolf Hitler, in 1938, and also Joseph Stalin, in 1939 and also 1942.