The harrowing detail appears to be one of plenty of from the upcoming publication written through Trump’s former press secretary Stephanie Grisham.

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Three year ago, adult-film star Stormy Daniels scarred us all forever by relenten Donald Trump’s prick as being favor “a toadstool.” She wrote in she 2018 book, i m sorry dished the dust on her alleged affair with the ex-president: “I lay there, uncomfortable that ns was acquiring fucked through a guy with Yeti pubes and also a penis like the mushroom personality in Mario Kart.”

Well, follow to Trump’s former White home press secretary Stephanie Grisham, that truly hideous summary didn’t go down really well with Trump either. The Washington Post reports the Grisham write in her new book that Trump once felt the need to speak to her native Air pressure One to educate her the his dick was neither small nor shame a toadstool.

The anecdote is simply one of numerous mind-blowing details from the Post’s new account of Grisham’s upcoming book, I’ll take Your inquiries Now. Here are several of the others:

Trump accused told Putin that his tough-guy action was every for show

Grisham recounts a meeting in between Trump and also Vladimir Putin in Japan in 2019 where he accused admitted come the Russian president that he was being typical to the to impress the news cameras. At the G-20 meeting in Osaka, trumped wagged his finger at Putin and also told him: “Don’t meddle in the election.” In she book, Grisham recalls seeing Trump phone call Putin: “I’m going to act a small tougher v you because that a few minutes. However it’s because that the cameras, and after lock leave, we’ll talk. Friend understand.”

Grisham write Trump hid a colonoscopy appointment due to the fact that he to be worried around butt jokes

Trump’s unexplained expedition to Walter Reed National army Medical facility in 2019 sparked theories the the president had actually a an enig illness. The explanation, follow to Grisham, is much more straightforward. She ideas that trump card went because that a colonoscopy, yet didn’t disclose the factor for the trip since he didn’t want to it is in “the target of a joke” ~ above late-night TV.

Later in the book, she writes that Trump underwent a procedure—she doesn’t name it but The brand-new York Times reports that it to be the colonoscopy—without anesthesia because he was also egotistical come temporarily assign power to the evil president. “As v COVID, he was too wrapped increase in his own ego and also his very own delusions around his invincibility,” she writes.

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Trump supposedly cut his own hair v a massive pair of scissors

According to the Post, Grisham’s publication spills details around Trump’s hair-care routine—including the claim that he cuts his own hair. Grisham write in her publication that trump card carries approximately “a substantial pair of scissors that might probably cut a ribbon at an opening of among his properties.”

Staff are claimed to have lied come Trump for this reason Air force One could be offered to transport George H.W. Bush’s casket

When former President George H. W. Shrub died in 2018, White residence staff want to follow tradition to permit the shrub family use of Air pressure One. But, according to Grisham, lock hid that setup from Trump. “We knew he wouldn’t be OK with that, also for a quick trip,” Grisham writes. “Dead bodies, death, sickness—those things really appeared to creep that out.” In the end, the plane was loaned come the Bushes for the funeral.

Trump accused ogled an unnamed woman staffer

Aside indigenous the previously mentioned toadstool call, Grisham repeatedly alleges that Trump to be sexually unreasonable in she presence. She insurance claims that trump asked her then-boyfriend, who additionally worked because that him, to price her sexual performance. Grisham also writes that Trump to be obsessed with one unnamed female push aide, and allegedly once demanded she was lugged to him on Air pressure One so he can “look at she .”

In a statement sent out to the Post, Trump’s spokesperson Liz Harrington trashed Grisham’s book, calling that “another pitiful effort to cash in ~ above the President’s strength and sell lies about the trumped family.” Harrington explained Grisham “a disgruntled former employee” and said publishers “should it is in ashamed the themselves for preying top top desperate people who see the short-term get in composing a book full the falsehoods.”