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President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in new Hampshire on august 28. Read the transcript the the event here.

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President Trump: (12:58)Hello, everybody. Hello, everybody. Wow. Hello, everybody. Give thanks to you. Thank you. And I’ll phone call you, we’re landing and there room thousands of people along the runways, and I said, “Why aren’t castle here?” “Sir, us couldn’t allow them in.” “Why not? Let’s permit them in.” Oh, this people. And then they placed in a floor. This is for Manchester due to the fact that you know around flooring. They put in a floor that’s prefer an ice skating rink. So we’re going come tiptoe around.

President Trump: (14:17)How room you, everybody? us love you. We love you. Great, great people. Manchester, we had actually some good memories in Manchester. 2016, however this is going come be, we room right now in the most essential election in our history. However I’m thrilled to be earlier in the Granite State through the true hard-working American Patriots. Last night it was my great honor to accept the Republican nomination for President that the unified States.

President Trump: (14:51)We’re going come win. We’re going come win. Walk anybody have any kind of doubt? walk anybody… It’s very interesting, critical night we had actually an remarkable time and I don’t recognize if girlfriend know, it’s driving the fake news crazy. They’re back. But the vote numbers have actually swung. If girlfriend go earlier six months prior to the plague flew in indigenous China, the plague, the dreadful plague, this choice was over. This choice was over. And also then I had actually to go earlier to work. I had actually to go earlier to work. And also then ns went back to work and also we’ve excellent an incredible job in every facet of to run government, but I additionally had come start campaigning a tiny bit again, and I did.

President Trump: (15:57)And this day it was announced the Joe Biden is coming out of the basement. Since the poll numbers have completely swung. They entirely swung. And they’ve swung like nobody’s ever seen lock swing before. And it to be rapid. It to be a fast swing. Due to the fact that they all admit that we’re law a an excellent job. There’s not too numerous presidents that have actually done a job prefer we’ve done, consisting of keeping you the end of wars, happen you house from the limitless wars. Yet they’ve swung.

President Trump: (16:35)But here’s what ns don’t get. Sleepy Joe’s coming the end he stated in 10 days, that’s a long… 10 days. 10 days. That’s choose an eternity in Trumpville. 10 days. I check out 10 work is choose an eternity, okay? for this reason he decided he’s coming out and he’s going to be the end in 10 days. That’s a long time. That’s a big percentage the the continuing to be time. That’s all right, he’s much much better off wherein he is. Ns think he’s, ns think that just…

President Trump: (17:13)We love Melania, us do. She go a great job. Walk a an excellent job. She walk a an excellent job. She went up on Tuesday night, walk an remarkable job. Critical night was exciting, wasn’t it? < inaudible 00:17:31>.

President Trump: (17:34)And how about those stories from friends of mine? How around those stories? to be that just compelling and incredible television, however really that was an exciting, a really good quality convention. Really great. So numerous people. So numerous people, you experienced some disastrous situations, some really an excellent endorsements, you observed everything. If you… How around the proof of Herschel Walker? as soon as you watch the that was from the heart. The was from the heart. Dana White today. I just saw the today because last night i was looking at this speech a small bit. We had a exorbitant turnout critical night.

President Trump: (18:20)What i didn’t like, you witnessed this right, once it to be over, girlfriend saw once it was over? The thugs outside since the autonomous mayor that Washington DC, it’s another Democrat that’s no believing in law and also order. And you recognize we offer Washington DC a lot of money to operation it, yet they don’t carry out a good job of running it. The mayor, she doesn’t run anything. And these incredible human being from all over the country, anywhere the people that were there critical night, they walked the end to a bunch that thugs. And that wasn’t, psychic this, the wasn’t familiar protesters. They were thugs. They were thugs. And the DC police room good, yet the mayor gave poor instructions last night, that should have never been allowed to happen.

President Trump: (19:18)When a senator prefer Rand Paul to walk out, and also thank God we had some good police about him and also they take it a tremendous… they took significant abuse. And also Rand Paul was in large trouble last night, he’s a good guy, he’s a friend of mine, and that shouldn’t happen to anybody. However he is a united state senator wade outside and those 4 policemen should be carried over to the White House and also we candlestick to offer them a medal of some kind, and we’re walk to execute it. We’re walk to carry out it. I told that to Rand. And also the mayor should be ashamed of herself for that type of a screen of incompetence since that’s what’s continue in Portland. And that’s what’s happening all over where you have Democrat-run cities. Just take a look. And also we’re looking in ~ the whole case in DC, and tonight they have actually a lot of of human being gathering, let’s see how that functions out. They have to be able to manage their affairs, they acquire a lot of money. She’s constantly looking because that money, “Could us have more money?” “What are you going to waste the on? I mean spend the on. What are you going come waste it on, Mayor?”

President Trump: (20:38)And climate our human being walk out, and these are human being from all over the world, they walk, including Congress, by the way, lock walk out and also they get accosted, they acquire abused, they obtain spit on. It’s a disgrace. And our country is going come change. We’re not going to enable that come happen. You know, we’re not supposed to be… We’re not claimed to be connected unless we’re invited in by the civilization that run, these are all Democrat cities, simply so friend understand, including DC. So we’re not supposed to go in uneven we speak to it one insurrection, however that’s a big statement. It’s a huge statement. No reason for it. But you understand what we’re going come do? We’re walk to need to look in ~ it. Mark Meadows is here, we’re going to have to look at it because we’re not going come let that take place to civilization that go to the White house to celebrate ours country.

President Trump: (21:58)And a weak male named Joe Biden, and he’s weak, he’s weak as hell, a weak guy like Joe Biden didn’t even lug law and also order up as a subject for discussion in the entire Democrat nationwide Convention. Currently they’re all of a sudden… now they realize since they’ve gone down choose a rock in water, they’ve gone down in the polls and also now all of a sudden they’re talk all, “Well, we have to talk about crime.” Number one, they have no… Look in ~ what taken place to brand-new York, look in ~ what’s walking on in Chicago, every Democrats, all radical left Democrats. Look in ~ what’s going on in the an excellent State of Wisconsin. Currently I will tell you, two days back we sent out in the nationwide Guard. That was the end of the problem.

President Trump: (22:51)Look at Portland. We want to send in the nationwide Guard, we sent out in landscape Security simply to safeguard our… pair of our buildings, consisting of a courthouse, have the right to you think it? We sent out in because-

President Trump: (23:03)… pair of ours buildings, including a courthouse. Can you believe it? us send in due to the fact that they can’t protect it. So us sent, they walk a very effective job. We can take care of Portland in 45 minutes, 45 minutes. If that governor, if that mayor would certainly call and also say, “Please send in the national Guard.” as with … Hey, us did the in Minneapolis. Psychic that? The place was going to burn down. Another couple of days, us send in the nationwide Guard, it was over within an hour. Castle ought to gain smart and also that’s what they should do.

President Trump: (23:40)So currently they’re talk about, “Well, we want to …” Why go they speak to it a familiar protest? Right? remember the you are fool from CNN, he’s was standing there. This is a trusted protest. Behind him end his shoulders, the entire city is burning down. Sixty 7 days from now, we’re walking to win the great state of brand-new Hampshire. We have actually to. We’re walk to victory four an ext years in the White House.

Speaker 1: (24:19)Four an ext years. Four much more years. Four more years. Four more years. Four an ext years. Four an ext years.

President Trump: (24:30)Within my very first term in office, we’ve secured America’s borders, brought earlier our manufacturing jobs, rebuilt the United says military. It was a mess. It to be a depleted mess. Wiped the end the ISIS caliphate, eliminated our terrorists enemies, preserved America the end of foolish, stupid, ridiculous international wars. Accomplished American energy independence. You view the price of her gasoline. Once you go to fill it up, “Oh boy, that’s a quite price.” It’s fifty percent what it was. We developed the solitary greatest economic situation in the background of the world. That consists of China, which was having actually a very, really bad year. Climate the pester came in from China. We had to close the up.

President Trump: (25:38)We saved countless lives and also now we’re open again and also we’re setting records. We’re setting records. Wait till you watch the numbers just before the election. There’ll be released and also this is despite the reality that the Democrats room holding back Michigan, north Carolina. You take a look. Pennsylvania. They desire to save them. By the way, ~ above November 4th, regardless, they’ll be opening them up, November 4th, due to the fact that they think that hurts the economy and also that will certainly hurt me, yet our numbers room going to it is in great. We’re going to have a good third quarter. We’re walking to have actually an unbelievable following year, uneven somebody stupid gets elected and also raises her taxes.

President Trump: (26:29)This November, every of you will certainly vote in important the most necessary election in the history of our country. I supplied to speak it around 2016. This is now at a new level. Joe Biden is the puppet that the radical left motion that looks for to obliterate and also destroy whatever that you hold right here including your second amendment, i beg your pardon will have actually no chance. Her vote will decide even if it is we conserve the American dream or even if it is we permit Biden to get rid of your jobs. By the way, it’s not Biden. It’s not Biden.

President Trump: (27:21)It’s his masters, his … castle tell the what come do, his masters. They want to erase her borders, confiscate her guns, appoint radical left judges and prosecutors, tear under our history. Demolish your suburbs. You saw what i did. I ended the rule. You’re no going to have actually low gendergeek.orgenue housing constructed in your suburbs anymore, yet nobody write that since the fake news doesn’t want to write that, however everyone knows. Uneven our friends in the suburbs have obtained a lot dumber than they supplied to be, they understand that. They want to destroy your suburbs, indoctrinate our children, defund the police and shot everything in the publication to rotate our urban so the they look an ext like Portland, Oregon 보다 what we’re offered to looking at. Never ever forget, they are coming ~ me because I to be fighting for you. It’s true.

President Trump: (28:41)Today’s Democrat party is filled with hate. Simply look in ~ Joe Biden pendant on the streets screaming and also shouting in ~ bystanders with unhinged manic rage. Right? You check out it. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. You should see last night in Washington. It was a disgrace. It to be a disgrace the these civilization are representing the United says of America. It was a disgrace. Protesters. You understand what ns say? Protest is your ass. Ns don’t talk around my ass.

President Trump: (29:18)They’re not protestors. Those aren’t … Those room anarchists. They’re agitators. They’re rioters. They’re looters. They’re not … You know you speak that and some that the people, not all of them, yet some of the people ago there, “Oh, exactly how dare you. These are friendly protesters, right?” friendly …

President Trump: (29:48)They’re just searching for trouble. Has actually nothing to perform with George Floyd. Has actually nothing to execute with anything. They don’t also know who George Floyd is. Okay? castle don’t know who George Floyd. They have no idea. If friend ask them, “Who’s George Floyd?” lock couldn’t even tell you. These are just poor people, troublemakers and they shouldn’t be representing our nation at essential events and we’ve gained to stop it. Democrats have no complaint about the rioters and the vandals, marauding v our urban or fixed unruly demonstrations, yet they don’t believe law abiding citizens have the right to go come a church together. Girlfriend can’t go to church anymore.

President Trump: (30:31)You understand how numerous churches space closed in this country due to the fact that of the Democrats? You have the right to go out and also you can have thousands of world marauding through the streets, threatening various other people, beyond threatening, kicking lock in the face, law what they’ve done. You’ve watched it. They would have done that to Senator rand Paul last night. He’d either be in really bad shape or dead and also that would include his wife if those policemen didn’t take place to it is in there. They take it some large beating. The factor they didn’t fight back too much, they don’t desire to shed their pension. They don’t desire to shed their job, due to the fact that we’ve become so politically correct, everybody’s fear to execute anything now, however they did a great job.

President Trump: (31:22)The puppet Biden, who’s just regulated so strongly desires you to cancel weddings, funerals and also school, yet has no difficulty with hundreds of so-called serene protesters cramming right into your streets, mugging people, hurting people, robbing stores, looting stores, burning down storefronts. The radical left will carry out anything to get power. Lock smear justice, Brett Kavanaugh, and they space … did you see anything like that? righteousness Kavanaugh. Human being forget. Time go by, lock forget. We don’t forget. Ns don’t forget. They’re damaging the livelihoods of chaste people and if Biden wins, which ns honestly can’t believe can happen.

President Trump: (32:20)I will have lost to a low IQ individual. Ns don’t want that. I don’t want it. Sleepy Joe, i don’t desire it. Yet the agitators will go indigenous rioting in the highways to running the halls of government. Can you believe it? The levers, they speak to it the levers of government. The peak 10 most dangerous urban in America space run by Democrats and have been for decades. Now they’re trying come impose those policies across the whole country. No one will be for sure in Biden’s America. I can’t even speak to it Biden’s America. God doesn’t know he’s alive. He’s going come be the end in 10 days. He’s walk to start 10 days. Ten days.

President Trump: (33:12)I mean, I gave a large speech critical night. Ns said, “What am ns doing tomorrow night?” You’re going to new Hampshire, however sir, we can cancel new Hampshire because you had actually a large night. We can cancel. Room you crazy? i don’t have actually the courage come cancel new Hampshire. I gained to win brand-new Hampshire. Ns love the people and you’ve to be very great to me. You’ve been very an excellent to me.

Speaker 1: (34:00)USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

President Trump: (34:00)You’ve to be very good to me. So, new Hampshire to be the an initial state ns won. Right? Remember, I come here. I was really excited. That was an exciting evening. The was an exciting race, yet we don’t talk about that anymore. We need to talk around the future. Us don’t talk about it. The was great. It was important. We’ve done more than any administration in its very first three and a half years in the history of our country. That’s regardless of phony witch hunts, phony investigations, a phony impeachment based upon a phone contact that to be absolutely perfect. That’s regardless of a pandemic that was probably sent in by China, that the hell knows just how it acquired here and all end the world, due to the fact that China go not want to check out me win I can tell you that. We’re no happy v China. I’ll tell you why. If Biden acquired in, China would very own the united States very quickly. They’d very own it. If the Democrat party wants to stand through anarchist, criminals, rioters, looters, and also flag burners, that’s up to them. The Republican party and you, I deserve to see you. Is there anybody in this place that enjoys burn the American flag? Is over there anybody?

Speaker 1: (35:28)No.

President Trump: (35:31)Please quietly raise her hand. It is in careful. Might be really dangerous. The Republican party will continue to be the voice of the patriotic heroes who store America safe and our legislation enforcement. Right? We are all that stand in between the American people and the left soup mob. If you desire to conserve democracy from the mob, then you need to vote come defeat really poor candidate. Look, I think I have the respect of running against the worst candidate ever put increase by the autonomous party, the worst. How do you obtain worse? I believe he’s the worst candidate, the slowest candidate. I mean, in prime time, he was the slowest candidate, which was a long time ago. Primetime. You know what ns don’t prefer though, they to speak he’s prefer 78, 79, 78, i guess. Right? ns know people that are 85, that room 88, 92, Bernie Marcus, home Depot, he’s 92 year old. He’s the sharpest guy you’ll ever before meet. There’s nothing … 78 is okay, yet that’s a bad 78, no a great 78. 78 is okay, yet he shouldn’t to speak that. Castle shouldn’t speak … The press, they to speak he’s also old. He’s not too old. He’s not too old, but 78 is okay, yet I do. I know people in their 90s that room 100% spicy and good physically, actually good physically. You want debate? So do I. I want disputes too. Ns want disputes too.

President Trump: (37:36)Tonight, we’re honored come be join by new Hampshire home Republican leader, penis Hinch. Where is Dick? i think your an excellent governor is here. Where’s the governor? Where’s our governor? Hi, Dick. Great job. Carry out we like Dick? Yes. Where’s ours governor? He’s here. He simply met me. I told him, “Go back.” Hi, Steve. Since you have a an excellent governor and we don’t have actually same work voting anymore. We don’t have same day. What a joke the was critical time, remember? Buses poured up from Massachusetts v a many of people that weren’t going to vote for Trump, and also they poured up thousands and also thousands of world came in on choice day and also then you had actually a senator running on the Republican party who wasn’t exactly the best for us, yet we have done so fine here and we’re walking to have a huge win. I’m hear we’re walk to have actually a an excellent win. So, I desire to give thanks to you, governor.

President Trump: (38:39)Also through us, our state representatives, Al Baldasaro and Fred Doucette. Where room you? Hi. Hi, Al. I recognize these guys so well. Hey Al, have I taken treatment of the vets better than you even thought?

Speaker 2: (38:56)Yeah.

President Trump: (38:57)This guy I met him. He’s a big vet. He wanted the vets. That didn’t care about anything else, yet the vets. Honestly, that couldn’t have actually cared less about anybody here other than the vets, however I walk a good job, right? us did a good job for the vets. Very importantly, very, an extremely US Senate candidate Corky Messner. Good, Corky. I hear you’re doing well. Good, Corky. Acquire them. We require Corky. Acquire them. I hear you’re act well, Corky.

President Trump: (39:29)Congressional candidate Matt Mowers. Matt, thank you. Give thanks to you, Matt. Great people. A girlfriend of mine for a lengthy time, he said best from the beginning, “You’re walk to win this state, sir.” us met him in ~ the primaries. Chairman of new Hampshire Republican Party Steven Stepanek. Steven. Hi, Steve. Great Steve. Co-chairman that my brand-new Hampshire campaign Lou Gargiulo. Where’s Lou? Lou Gargiulo. Hi, Lou. How am ns doing? room we winning, Lou? Lou, are we winning? say thanks to you. You stated yes. If he said no, he’s out of here.

President Trump: (40:25)A friend of mine and a friend of the state, he loves this state and also he is a clever cookie. For this reason good. Ns love the on television. He’s no games. Just looks and also gives she the answer, however he’s done a great job. The an initial person ~ above my whole … girlfriend read about all this people. This is the first guy and he’s a an excellent guy and he’s a friend of mine, Corey Lewandowski. Wherein is Corey? great guy. Incredible guy. Tremendous help. Say thanks to you, Corey. Space you having a great time, Corey? Who’s going to success this year, Corey? friend bet. A tiny bit sluggish with that head, Corey.

President Trump: (41:13)With the assist of everyone right here today, we’ve accomplished an ext in the first three years. We’ve excellent so much. We’ve done so much. You can go end at taxes and also you have the right to go over what we’ve done with the military. We passed the best tax cut ever, ever before the history of our country. Now, they desire to progressive taxes. Think that it. All my life, I’ve watched politicians. Don’t forget, I’ve just been law this because that four and a half years. I haven’t to be to … I’ve had senators come in. I’ve had actually congressmen come in. “Sir, I’ve to be doing this for 25 years and also in 25 years I’ve only lost three races, sir.” i said, “But I’ve only been doing that for 4 years and also I just won one race, yet now I need to win two. One gyeongju I won, but it to be the president. It to be for president.” It was for president, however we walk the largest tax reduced in the background of our country. We eliminated the most job ruining regulations in the background of our country. I finished the project killing Paris climate accord. The was a killer. That was expected to pains the joined States. Through the way, in instance you had any type of questions. Today, the United claims is the number one producer of oil and natural gas almost everywhere on earth. To offer critically ok patients access to lifesaving cures we passed and also hopefully anybody below doesn’t need it. Nobody here. Uh-oh, carry out you require it? Uh-oh. Don’t raise the … five she is? Is she okay? I’ll obtain it because that her. Is she okay? We acquired to get her on the list. Phone call me. Oh, indigenous before. Well, that’s a long time before I to be president. Does she want to obtain on the list? since I’ve viewed you at rallies before. I desire to get … will you please, I desire to get his mam on the list. It’s called right come try. Best to try. Great work.

President Trump: (43:24)He’s to be a girlfriend of mine. Come on. He’s been below for a long time. He’s been a great guy for a lengthy time. We acquired to … Is her wife, just how she doing?

President Trump: (43:39)She couldn’t get it prior to me. Well, we had actually that with Mueller. You saw that through the Mueller’s last night. You observed that, right? Was the Assad with their incredible daughter, what happened? He said if Trump to be president the wouldn’t have happened and they’re right, that would certainly not have happened. Us took the end al-Baghdadi. I wish i were president, friend would had a various solution. Give thanks to you. Thank you.

President Trump: (44:15)Go ahead. How about you? Yeah. We’ll speak to girlfriend later. Ideal to try. You have no idea. So countless people, they used to travel everywhere the world to acquire a cure. Now, we have the right to sign a quick basic document. It sound easy, it wasn’t, however it was straightforward for me. I understood it. Now, girlfriend signed a document. We give you the best medicines also if they haven’t been approved. If somebody’s terminally ill, favor in the situation of your wife, if somebody’s terminally ill, at the very least you have actually hope, yet it’s beyond that since people have actually gone home. You have to see some of the results have been incredible. Girlfriend saw among the civilization the various other day, right? that wonderful young lady that was therefore incredible and also spoke therefore well. She’s a unique person. She yes, really is a distinct person. Thank you. We’ll speak to you. Thank you an extremely much.

President Trump: (45:17)To bring methods to ours inner cities, i signed the groundbreaking criminal righteousness reform, jail reform, possibility zones, permanent resources for historically black colleges and universities. True. Before the China virus come in, prior to that China virus came in, we had the ideal job numbers ever before recorded the history of our country. We had virtually 160 million american working. We had never had actually numbers choose that. The Republican party is the party the Abraham Lincoln. Psychic that. We-

President Trump: (46:03)We was standing for so much, consisting of Martin Luther King’s dream the a nation where our children are judged no by the shade of their skin, yet by the content of your character. You know that. The radical left’s effort to division everyone by race tears united state apart. There’s so lot racial hatred, and it’s placed there through CNN, through MSDNC… castle stoke the flames and they know it. The great news is the ratings aren’t great. Therefore that’s okay. Lock don’t have good ratings. Yet they stoke the flames. Uh-oh, CNN just turned off your camera again. They always turn off their camera. Why execute I keep doing that? Every time I execute it, they gendergeek.orgolve off your camera. They did it last time. I cite CNN, they’re screaming, gendergeek.orgolve the camera off.

President Trump: (47:16)Our movement is around a brighter future for all Americans the every race, religion, color, and creed. Joe Biden invested the last 47 years betraying the afri American community. I’ve invested the last 4 years delivering for the african American neighborhood like nobody, v the exception possibly that Abraham Lincoln, has yielded before. It’s true. My an initial week in office, ns withdrew the United says from the critical administration’s horrible, stupid, insane infectious diseases world fashion Pacific Partnership. Would’ve damaged the united state auto industry and also many other industries. Brand-new Hampshire lost one in four, and also I think much an ext than that, manufacturing jobs following twin tragedies of NAFTA and China’s entrance right into the WTO. It was more than one in four. That statistic is wrong. Please have it changed. The statistic is wrong, far more than one in four.

President Trump: (48:28)Earlier this year, I preserved my promise and replaced the NAFTA nightmare v a brand new US-Mexico-Canada Agreement. They stated that couldn’t be done. I also took the toughest ever action to stand as much as China’s pillaging and plundering that American jobs. Joe Biden’s agenda is made in China. My agenda is do in America.

Crowd: (48:56)USA! USA!

President Trump: (49:11)After years of building up other nations, we are finally building up our country and ours jobs, and also we’re taking care of our people.

President Trump: (49:29)Last night, i got good gendergeek.orgiews that the speech and all, however some that the fakers earlier there, lock said, “Well, it was a tiny long. He shouldn’t have actually used the White House.” oh really? tell me. But they said it to be a little… climate one person, ns think that was kris Wallace. Nice guy. He’s in reality a pretty guy. He claimed that, “He didn’t have actually the same energy in the speech the he usually has.” Well, it’s a various kind that a speech. Tonight, I’m in brand-new Hampshire and we have the right to wing it.

President Trump: (50:09)See, actually, actually Chris, who has always wanted to it is in his father, yet it never worked out because that a lack of talent. In reality though, actually Chris has actually it wrong. If ns did critical night’s speech here, by now you would have all to be walking out. And also if ns did tonight’s speech there, i would have actually been criticize by gift slightly radical. But we’re having actually a good time doing that this way, right? due to the fact that we are lastly putting America first.

President Trump: (50:48)Under my administration, America’s borders are much more secure than ever before before. We ended the catch and release, stopped asylum fraud. And we have actually deported 20,000 corridor members and also 500,000 criminal aliens. We’ve currently built 300 mile of border wall surface and we’re adding 10 new miles every single week. The wall will quickly be completed. And our numbers on the border room the best they’ve ever before been. And also by the way, Mexico is paying for the wall. Just in case you didn’t recognize that. They don’t recognize that. They’re paying for the wall.

President Trump: (51:46)You haven’t noticed on the wall. Everything was wall, wall. Castle didn’t think i was walk to obtain it done. Due to the fact that look, you have actually one major party managing Congress and also they don’t desire to offer me a wall. Therefore they’re walk crazy. “Wall. The wall’s not getting done.” climate I get it done. Gain it indigenous the military, acquire it from everything. I’m a developer. Ns know how to get money. It’s one of those. Developer understand. And now that the wall is nearly complete, it’ll be soon complete. And also it’s the wall that border protection wanted therefore badly. This is the one. Yet now that it’s built, you never hear about the wall. Castle don’t talk around it anymore. Lock don’t talk about it anymore. It’s incredible. But the wall surface will soon be complete. We’ve invest $2.5 trillion in the us military and launched the very first new branch the the US armed Forces in almost 75 years. The an are force.

President Trump: (52:42)And Al, in honor of you, we have actually passed VA an option and VA Accountability, Al. That guy’s to be bugging me because that years. Al has actually been bugging me. What’s in that hat, Al? let me see. Let me… It’s something. Al, he’s to be bugging me for years. Walk you ever think we’d get VA Choice, VA Accountability? walk you ever really think it? say thanks to you, Al.

President Trump: (53:15)I withdrew from the last administration’s destructive Iran atom Deal, a disaster. $150 billion we paid Iran because that a basically brief term deal. And also we gave them… What’s much more impressive, we additionally gave them $1.8 exchange rate in cash. Cash. Many airplane loads. You know what the took? Many, many aircraft loads, $1.8 billion. I stated bad. That’s as soon as I realized how powerful a president is in the united States. When a president has the right, which by the way, i don’t believe he did have actually that right, okay? when a president has the right to enter the banks and take out $1.8 billion and hand it to civilization that hate our guts, that’s power. That’s power. I don’t believe he had actually the appropriate to do it.

President Trump: (54:10)I maintained my promise, recognized the true capital of Israel and also opened the us embassy in Jerusalem. I recognized Israeli sovereignty end the Golan Heights and also we completed the an initial breakthrough in the Middle eastern in 25 years. You experienced that simply last week. UAE, very respected. Mohamed, extremely respected. UAE and also Israel. And also now they’re every going to be coming in. Currently they’re all saying, “How come friend didn’t call us around this?” You’ll have actually peace in the middle East. And yet we’re moving our trips out. It’s pretty amazing, actually. We’ll gain no credit for it, but that’s all right. Remember the Kaitlan. Cover that properly, Kaitlan. We like Kaitlan. Together, we’ve invested the last four years cleaning up 47 year of Biden disasters. Joe Biden has spent his whole career on the wrong side of history. He supported NAFTA. China’s entry. He’s excellent so countless things. This man, if you look at what he’s done, we got in a deal, the Korea, you know about the Korea deal? Hillary Clinton’s deal, in addition to Biden. Castle promised 250,000 jobs, right? 250,000 jobs. And they to be right. Except all those tasks went to south Korea. Lock didn’t concerned us.

President Trump: (55:41)He wants mass amnesty. He wants illegal aliens to be taken treatment of, healthcare and also every various other way. And also he wants to raise your taxes, . Look, your taxes are going come go with the roof. He’s walking to destroy your health and wellness care. He’s walk to have socialized medicine. Remember what Obama said 28 times? You can keep your doctor. You deserve to keep her plan. Turned the end to it is in a lie. Currently you’re walking to lose your doctor again. And also we’re going to shed 185 million people who have private wellness insurance. Who has actually private health and wellness insurance here? and also you love it, right? you love it. It’s luxury. It’s good. It’s beautiful. And you have actually the greatest, you’re going to lose it. Hate to tell you. Under his plan, you’re walking to lose your private healthcare. So here’s a guy, I get in Texas 2 weeks ago. Us had, by the way, ~ above the highway and the roadways, thousands and also thousands of people like inside wall up ~ above the runway in brand-new Hampshire, by the way. What happened to those people? but we had actually thousands and thousands of people. Therefore I’m in Texas. I’m also, last week in Florida, us got full endorsement from every one of the sheriffs. Almost everywhere Florida. Ohio, numerous places. Yet think of Texas. He’s against oil and also gas. He’s against guns. And also he’s against religion. For this reason you’re in Texas, you’re in Texas, wherein I’m winning by a lot. They to speak Texas is really close. I don’t think so. They claimed that critical time too. Mental they claimed it critical time? for them to call it early, you have to be really. So ns heard, because that a year, Texas is going to be really close. It’s going come be, everybody believed that other than for the world that resided in Texas. So in ~ 8:00, the polls close. And they said, “Donald Trump has won the state of Texas.” simultaneously with the closing.

President Trump: (57:49)I’m now running in Texas against a man who’s against oil, guns, and also God. Exactly how do you success Texas? I said this, you could lug George Washington ago as her Presidential candidate. You could lug Abraham Lincoln. Let’s placed him together the angry Presidential candidate. Run in Texas and other states, girlfriend couldn’t win. Friend couldn’t win. Now, they’re no going to win. We’re going to win this. And also you’re against the oil ingredient too. Because his totality thing ~ above oil, no fracking, no this, no that. New England has actually the highest possible energy expenses in the joined States. And also you understand why? since Governor Cuomo will not permit a pipeline go across the guideline of new York State so the oil and gas, of which we have plenty, have the right to come.

President Trump: (58:39)And perform you recognize where friend buy your power from? Russia. Go you understand that? You have ships, lot of it from Russia, due to the fact that Governor Cuomo, new York won’t allow a pipeline and also they’re no hope to have something take place in upper brand-new York State. And those are an excellent people, yet they’ve been treated an extremely badly. However they won’t enable a pipeline. Through not enabling a pipeline, we’re make the efforts to execute it through basically eminent domain. By not permitting a pipeline to go through upper new York State and also create a lot of of tasks for them, you have actually the highest power prices in the United says by far. Give thanks to you brand-new York. Say thanks to you. Thank you branch Cuomo. Biden voted because that the Iraq war. I was against the Iraq war. He protest a mission come take out Osama bin Laden. He protest the death of Soleimani. You remember that one?

President Trump: (59:35)He oversaw the increase of ISIS and he cheered the rise of China as a positive advance for America and also for the world. That’s not a confident development. Prior to they entered the WTO, China was flat lined. For years and also years and decades, level lined. And also then they acquired into the WTO and a lot of of poor things happened. Very first China’s stole our jobs, plundered our intellectual property and unleashed the virus. And now China is trying to simply hug and kiss Joe Biden. They want him for this reason badly. Look, if you like China, you must vote because that Biden, that I have the right to tell you.

President Trump: (01:00:20)How about his son? friend think the son, perhaps there’s a conflict? How about his son? Where’s Hunter? whereby is Hunter? where is Hunter? walk anybody know? Where’s Hunter? He’s in an additional country best now, probably, take it off an additional country. No, as shortly as Biden became vice president, negative things happened with respect to a Hunter. If that taken place with respect to my family, ns wouldn’t be standing. I guarantee girlfriend that. I guarantee you that. What a disgrace. What a disgrace. Ukraine. And it’s not just Ukraine and it’s not just China. However he goes into China, takes out $1.5 billion to manage, and also he to know nothing, and he wasn’t even employed. He obtained thrown the end of the armed services. So offer me a break. It’s a disgrace, what’s happening.

President Trump: (01:01:12)There’s a double… There’s a point happening through the media like nobody’s ever before seen before. These people right here. Since if that occurred to a Republican, in particular. If any type of of the stuff taken place to me, it would certainly be brutal. Yet it happened to him. They don’t desire to talk around it.

President Trump: (01:01:34)And how around the concerns asked by Anderson Cooper yesterday? Anderson Cooper. He’s interviewed me a lot end the years and I always got along with him, yet they were difficult interviews. Did you hear the questions? and also Biden preserved looking down. I think that was analysis the answers off a teleprompter. Right? ns think the was reading the answers off a teleprompter. And that’s occurred before. And also how about David Muir that ABC? He’s a nice guy, right? exactly how soft were those questions? just how soft were those? lock don’t ask me questions like that. They obtained fire putting out of your eyes. No. “Mr. Evil President, what execute you think that this? how was your breakfast, sir? did you reap it?” as soon as I banned travel from China Biden, referred to as it hysterical and xenophobic. He also used, somewhere along the line, the word racist. He always figures, they always want to gain that native in there.

President Trump: (01:02:29)If we had actually listened come Joe, numerous thousands of more Americans would have died. But instead my decision, saved thousands and also thousands the lives. And then us banned Europe an extremely early due to the fact that I saw what to be going on, yes, really in Italy and Spain and France. As soon as the virus arrived, we released the biggest national mobilization since World war II. Mike Pence walk a great job. Us produced much more than 100,000 ventilators within weeks. And not a solitary American who has actually needed a ventilator has actually been refuse a ventilator, no one. Friend heard all about, and now we’re creating ventilators. Difficult to produce. Expensive, complex. We’re producing them currently for the rest of the world. 188 nations were affected by this. Us pioneered advances in therapy that have lessened the monthly rate. And you look at this, the mortality rate has been diminished by 85% since April. Think the that. 85% due to the fact that April.

President Trump: (01:03:46)Under procedure Warp Speed, three different vaccines are right currently in final stage trials. If friend go ago three years, that would have actually been something the would have been impossible to even discuss. It would have taken years. We will create a vaccine this year and together we will defeat the virus. It’s currently getting defeated.

President Trump: (01:04:11)And through the way, another huge Democrat hoax. Another big hoax. I desire football back. I’m the one that’s been saying. Is that a correct statement? I desire football back. These space young, strong guys. They’re not going to be impacted by the virus. If friend look at it, it’s typically older people. Older people that have heart conditions, that have actually diabetes, that have actually problems. This are huge strong guys. They’ll be just fine. However I want football back. I’ve to be calling because that football to be back, including large 10. Large 10, acquire with it. Open up up her season, large 10.

President Trump: (01:04:49)And the Dems don’t want it back for politics reasons. Yet now their new line… This is like Russia, Russia, Russia. All this crap they come increase with. Currently their brand-new line is they are trying to blame me and also keep football shut down. They want to keep it closeup of the door down. And also they’re saying the President trump card shut it down. I’m the one that wants it open. So they’re gendergeek.orgersing it. They’re playing a huge con game. It’s just a con game. And that’s what we’re handle with. And we need to defeat lock on November 3rd. I desire football back and big 10 open. And now the various other day, Joe Biden come up v a setup to impose a blanket shutdown. He’d be willing to do another blanket. And we had to perform it. We blanket, us shut down. Us saved numerous lives. Rather of the number we have actually today, 175,000, we could have had actually 2 million now instead. The would have been unacceptable, unsustainable. Unsustainable. Us did everything right. Us did the right. We closed it down. We quit China. We stopped Europe. Currently we’re opening it up and we’re opened it up to record numbers, regardless of the fact that the democracy are keeping their says shut down and also hurting civilization that live in those states, shut down as lengthy as possible.

President Trump: (01:06:21)But now Biden desires to do one more blanket shutdown, possibly, that would decimate the economy and cause suicides, drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, love attacks, joblessness. You’d have jobs, all of the difficulties that the causes. Since it’s not simply a one sided equation. A shut under causes large problems also. And at this point, once the economy is roaring back. We had record project numbers this critical quarter, end 9 million jobs. We’re going come throw the all out? We have actually a market… girlfriend know, her stock market. Who has actually 401k’s here? your 401k’s and also your stocks, once you have stocks, would certainly be obliterated. And also right now, we have just, on two of her markets, as you know, S&P and NASDAQ, you’re at new records. And also you’re around to fight another new record.

President Trump: (01:07:19)Think of it. Who would have actually thought the stock market? and hopefully we’re in ~ the finish of this horrible China virus. Came from China. They should have actually stopped it and they did. Yet who would have actually thought, just who would have actually thought that the stock sector is at record levels ideal now? document levels.

President Trump: (01:07:47)And everything else is going to follow. Before the virus, we produced an economic miracle and now we’re doing the again. Us did the Paycheck defense Program where we saved more than 200,000 tasks in brand-new Hampshire alone. 200,000, right?

President Trump: (01:08:09)Over the pgendergeek.orgious three months, we’ve gained so countless different, if girlfriend look at retail numbers. Take it a look in ~ our sleeve numbers. They’re literally in ~ records. Look at at few of the number be announced through companies. They’re in ~ records. Can you imagine giving that all up and starting again? It’s no acceptable. If I’m reelected, us will develop 10 million work over the following 10 months, and we’ll perform that easily. The Biden agenda, with big tax rises and large regulation increases, would automatically kill everything. Girlfriend will get in a depression. And also I’m very good at predicting this. You will get in a depression the likes of which this country has no seen since 1929, and who knows, possibly worse than that. They space playing a self-destruction mission.

President Trump: (01:09:03)… be worse 보다 that. They space playing a self-destruction mission if they desire to raise her taxes. They desire to raise your taxes by $4 trillion. And also that’s going come be practically everybody. They’re saying for the rich. No, no for the rich. They’re going come be elevating everybody’s count almost. Joe Biden is running on the most excessive far left platform of any kind of nominee in American history and of our foreign adversaries, we’re devising a plan to destroy the United states from within. Every they need to look is at the Biden Harris. How about her? Is she a beauty? What a beauty that is.

President Trump: (01:09:39)They pick a woman that starts off… She starts off sort of strong. She’s among the favorites. In ~ a duration of a couple of months, she goes down, down 15, 12, 11, nine, eight, five, three, two. Then she goes, “I’m going to leave because I’ve decided that I want to leave. I want to leave.” She left since she wouldn’t have actually gotten any votes. She to be terrible. This would be her president possibly. Ns don’t think so. Ns don’t think so. I desire to see the first woman president also, however I don’t desire to check out a mrs president get into that position the way she carry out it and she’s no competent. She’s not competent. They’re every saying we want Ivanka. I don’t reference them. They desire to eliminate America’s boundaries in the middle of a pandemic, suspend every deportations, reclaim catch and also release, and expand horrible, dangerous, disgusting sanctuary cities. They want to provide illegal aliens federal government healthcare and also taxpayer funded lawyers. That’s what we require is an ext lawyers. Let’s gain some an ext lawyers into the act. They want to end national protection travel bands indigenous jihadist nations, really dangerous, and increase refugee admissions by 700%. This is in the Bernie Sanders, crazy Bernie, you know crazy Bernie. A the majority of his world are walk to poll for me just like they did critical time. You recognize why? since of trade. Due to the fact that I agree through Bernie Sanders, however my trade policies are much tougher than his and I’m may be to perform it. All you need to do is just how is China doing last year with my trade policy? Not as well well. And we had actually the best year we’ve ever before had.

President Trump: (01:12:06)We’re walk to obtain a many Bernie Sanders voters since they like my mindset on trade. Castle really choose it due to the fact that I’ve to be telling people for year our country is gift ripped turn off by China and many other countries, including, I dislike to to speak it, our allies. Our allies have been ripping us big. And you heard me say last night, NATO, I obtained $130 billion from them very first time going as much as $400 billion a year native NATO countries, by saying, “You acquired to do it. You acquired to do it.” and also general Secretary Stoltenberg stated it can’t it is in done. He might not believe it. He’s in reality my greatest fan and also nobody ever before calls him because that a quote. Call him sometime.

President Trump: (01:12:58)They want to abolish cash bail and also cut funding for law enforcement. They desire to end… We desire to boost law enforcement, not reduced law enforcement. And also by the way, beat Lynch is a an excellent guy, brand-new York, brand-new York. Yes, really great, new York’s finest, right? their rights have actually been taken far from them. Accurate they’re not enabled to perform their job, yet Pay Lynch, he said the an initial time in history that they know of new York’s best have endorsed a candidate. The candidate is Donald Trump. First time they’ve excellent it.

President Trump: (01:13:45)All end the country, the sheriffs that Florida, every one of Texas, almost everywhere the country, Ohio, legislation enforcement’s endorsing Trump. I cannot imagine lock getting any kind of law enforcement endorsements. If lock do, you re welcome let me know and we’ll have a small discussion. We’ll ask why did the happen? They want to end school an option and ban charter schools. They want to abolish American energy, including every one of the things I claimed before. And include to that coal and add to that shale. A vote for republicans is a poll for safe communities, an excellent jobs, a glowing future, the American dream for all Americans. There is no border to what us can attain with four much more years. For this reason in conclusion, I need to say this. Over the next four years, we will certainly make America right into the production super power of the human being that’s keep going already. Us will finish our dependence on China once and also for all. We’ll perform it here. Like we supplied to execute in the great old days prior to we fan trillions the dollars. We will certainly hire more police, increase penalties for assaults on regulation enforcement, surge commonwealth prosecutors right into high crime communities and neighborhoods and ban sanctuary cities.

President Trump: (01:15:28)We will kill ours terrorist’s opponents as we’ve to be doing while maintaining America the end of the limitless foreign Wars. I go come Dover and also I greet this incredible family members of soldiers that have actually been so sadly killed. So sadly killed. It’s such a shame. Ns go come the hospital, ns go to Walter Reed clinical Center. It’s incredible. The doctors are therefore talented. I view what they can do, yet soldiers so badly hurt. And also they’re really acting as police. They’re acting together police. Now, we’re really low in Afghanistan now in terms of numbers the troops. We’re obtaining out. We’ll be getting out soon. We’re an extremely low in Iraq. We’re very low in Syria, except we retained the oil. Us left part behind for the oil. If girlfriend don’t mind, we preserved the oil. Us should have kept the oil in Iraq like I’ve been saying.

President Trump: (01:16:24)We’ll appoint prosecutors, judges, and justices who believe in put on impose the law, not their very own political agenda, i m sorry is what we have actually in many situations right now. The next president will be in mine opinion, responsible because that two, three, four, and maybe, maybe even five united state Supreme Court Justices. You better vote for me, you far better vote because that me or you’re going to have the biggest depression you’ve ever seen. We will uphold religious liberty, totally free speech and also the right to keep and also bear arms. 2nd amendment.

President Trump: (01:17:29)We will surprise medical billing require, it’s already done. I signed it. Nobody can think I go it. Price transparency. You recognize what the is? do you know how big that is? wherein you’re able to actually negotiate v hospitals, watch their prices, compare it. You recognize who likes it? good hospitals and an excellent doctors. Other civilization don’t prefer it. It’s the biggest thing and nobody also talks around it, yet I’ve already put it into effect. The poor news is that goes into result on January 1st. You better make sure you elect me therefore I gain credit because that it.

President Trump: (01:18:10)Otherwise, might you imagine if sleepy Joe gained in and medical prices and drug prices and also everything had dropped, but he said, “I wonder what happened?” and also I did the all. I’ll it is in so upset at new Hampshire. I’ll never speak come you again. Now, every these things, what we’re doing with drugs, us instituted a favored countries laws. We instituted favored nations. That’s going to drop your prices 50, 60, 70%. And also I’m the just president in 51 years, last year, medicine prices went down a little, not much, yet they went under the first time in 51 years. Favored nations can drop at 50, 60, or 70%. On optimal of that, i instituted rebates whereby the rebates go towards price reductions and ago to the customer rather of come a middleman. So we will protect Medicare and we will protect Social Security and we will constantly protect patients through pre-existing conditions.

President Trump: (01:19:20)America will certainly land the very first woman top top the moon and the United states will it is in the first nation to plant its beautiful American flag. Execute we love our American flag? Or Mars. Over all, we will certainly teach our youngsters to love our country, to respect our background and be inspired by the indigenous of the brand-new Hampshire state motto. Have you ever before heard of this words? Live cost-free or die. Live cost-free or die. Poll for those people. And you do, you have a good governor. Poll for her people, vote for your governor. You have a good governor. Indigenous Portsmouth come Dixville from Concord come Keene. I understand a girlfriend from Keene. Great guy. I had a friend from Keene a long time. Keene, new Hampshire. And also Merrimack come Manchester, we will certainly fight for every job, every family and every neighborhood. We will certainly fight for every vote. We need to win. We have no choice. Deserve to I be ethical with you? We’re working hard. We’re every working. I don’t have to do this. I might get off that beautiful airplane that supplied to be black and white with a red stripe. That was mine. However that’s Air pressure one. I gain off that beautiful plane. I might come up and also say, “Ladies and also gentlemen of brand-new Hampshire, you have no choice. You need to vote because that me due to the fact that if you don’t, you’ll be put in radical lefties. You’ll have a depression. Her stocks will be worthless. Your 401ks will be gone. There’ll be crime all over your streets. For this reason I’m no going to work-related at all. I’m leaving now, yet you need to vote because that me due to the fact that you have actually no choice.” Right? I can say it. Right? Right?

President Trump: (01:21:50)We was standing on the shoulders of American heroes that crossed the oceans, blazed the trail, settled the continent, trained the wilderness, laid under the railroads. Winner two people Wars, beat fascism and also communism and made America the greatest nation in the background of the world and also we room making that greater. We will certainly be higher than ever before. Tremendous citizens favor you, the civilization of new Hampshire, helped construct this country. And also together we space taking back our country. We room not going come let the radical left socialists or communists take our country. We’re no going come let it.

President Trump: (01:22:59)We’re returning strength to friend the American people. V your help, your devotion and also your drive, we room going to save on working. We space going to store on fighting and we room going to save on winning, winning, winning. We space one movement, one people, one family, and also one nation under God. And we don’t take it the beautiful word God the end of our Pledge the Allegiance, perform we? castle did the twice. They it twice. Then they say, “Well, us didn’t median that.” Oh, i see. Ns was listening once they said, “That’s right.” you don’t recognize what it is, what happened? What happened? castle did the on purpose. They did that twice. That’s wherein they’re comes from. You can be fools and also you deserve to be fooled, but that’s wherein they’re comes from. Therefore don’t it is in surprised, however they’re not going to obtain there. We’re no going to let it happen. We’re not going come let our nation be destroyed by a bunch of nut jobs.

President Trump: (01:24:25)America will soon be prospering like never before and in addition to the civilization of new Hampshire that have actually meant so lot to me, and also I brought down opioid and also I carried down drug troubles for girlfriend by 19% and nobody even talks about it. 19. I speak about new Hampshire a lot due to the fact that you had actually one that the proportionally worst problems of any kind of country, of any state in this remarkable country. You had actually one that the worst difficulties of any of the states. And I talk around you a lot. It to be incredible. And you quiet have. But we carried it under 19% and also people room absolutely shocked.

President Trump: (01:25:14)If it weren’t for the China plague, the number would be 25 or 30%. The really ache us because people sort of went back to some old ways because they don’t want to be shut down any longer. Joe, don’t you know that? they don’t desire to it is in shut down. So i worked an extremely hard on that for this state and also for various other states, yet this to be a state that was for this reason severely affected with the medicine problem. That wall surface is avoiding them and also it’s avoiding them like never before. It’s avoiding them like never ever before.

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President Trump: (01:25:51)I desire to thank brand-new Hampshire for all you’ve done for me. I want to thank brand-new Hampshire. You to be my first victory, as I said, however you space going to command a country to the most essential victory and also the most vital election the we’ve ever before had. We will certainly make America wealthy again. We will make America solid again. We will make America proud again. We will certainly make America for sure again, and we will make America an excellent again. Thank you. Thank you.