In a poll 54% that Republicans stated they would certainly vote for previous President Donald Trump because that re-election in 2024.

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This is for this reason sad when he have to be in jail for all the crimes he has committed. The worst crime are cultivating treason, insurrection and also dictatorship.

Why has Trump been so fear of someone seeing his taxes? We will soon have the answer for that, because his taxes returns will be given to the Manhattan prosecutor. District Attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr. Currently has accessibility to eight years worth that Trump’s an individual and corporate tax returns and also other financial records.

The inquiry right into whether Trump and also his company manipulated building values to acquire bank loans and tax benefits.

He is responsible for the deaths that seven world at the capital riot and also a half million world who have died from the coronavirus.

He knew way back in January 2020 — when he was having his rallies every week right through the 2nd week in in march — and also told united state that come “April all this will be gone and we can celebrate Easter.” well Easter came and also went, and here we room at Easter again and we quiet have plenty of thousands an ext dying native this virus.

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Shame, shame, ~ above you republicans for supporting this narcissistic and also useless man. He shows no remorse, but still is saying he winner the choice by a landslide.