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During the an initial season that The Apprentice, Donald Trump to be skeptical about whether viewers would certainly "buy" the a black contestant might win the reality show and also be vested a task within his organization, follow to a former producer top top the show.

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The 2004 show had come down to 2 finalists: Kwame Jackson and also Bill Rancic. Jackson, an African-American investment manager at Goldman Sachs who had graduated indigenous Harvard business School. Rancic, a Croatian-American entrepreneur, own a cigar business in Chicago.

According come the show"s co-producer invoice Pruitt, when the time involved pick a winner trumped gathered with various other judges and producers in a huddle. Carolyn Kepcher, a judge and the chief operation officer of numerous Trump golf clubs, advocated for Jackson"s victory.

"But will certainly America to buy a n***er winning?" trumped said, according to Pruitt. Pruitt stated he was not sure exactly what happened next, however that the huddle ended and also Rancic was ultimately named the winner of season 1.

The account that Trump"s use of the racial epithet is consisted of in the book The method to the Madness: Donald Trump"s climb as said by Those that Were Hired, Fired, Inspired—and Inaugurated by reporters Allen Salkin and also Aaron Short. The publication is set to be released on July 9.

Kepcher called Salkin and also Short the she did no "remember such an incident" and that if Trump had actually used the N-word "I would certainly remember, and also I"d it is in disgusted."

Jackson said the authors that had actually he won, he would have had a "problem" v Trump"s birtherism attacks versus Barack Obama. Plus, he stated Trump would certainly have constantly had "the trump map to say, i picked the black man as my very first winner."


Businessman Donald trump (L) attends the an initial stop of the 16 city "The Apprentice" Recruiting tourism on July 9, 2004 at universal Studios Hollywood in global City, California. According to one of the show"s co-producers, Trump assumed that american wouldn"t "buy" Kwame Jackson, one African-American investment manager, can win season 1.Amanda Edwards/GettyThere have actually been several reports that Trump has used the N-word, both before and after being elected president.

Former White residence adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman, who was when the most influential African American mrs in the Trump management and a previous Apprentice contestant, created in her memoir that Trump is a racist who has actually used the gyeongju epithet on countless occasions. She also said she had the tapes to prove the (which were allegedly taped on the collection of The Apprentice) however the existence of the ice is tho in question.

Omarosa supposedly was told that Trump had used the term native an unnamed person, who had actually originally heard it from frank Luntz. Luntz, a conservative consultant, denied her account and also said the the allegation is totally false. He likewise said that he has actually "never heard together a thing" come indigenous the president.

After her memoir was released, Trump referred to as his former aide a "crazed, crying lowlife." He additionally called she "that dog" in a tweet, i m sorry sparked criticism because that its gyeongju undertones. Trumped has likewise come under fire because that attacking significant black celebrity figures, consisting of LeBron James and protesting NFL players.

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Trump was additionally accused of using racially derogatory language in the Oval Office when he reportedly referred to countries like Haiti and Nigeria as "shithole countries" in a closed-door meeting with lawmakers.