“Saturday Night Live” unveiled a new cast member"s portrayal of previous President Trump
Donald TrumpTrump slams McConnell, states senator should attend Biden signing ceremony previous Trump management aide claims she was warned around playing Taylor Swift music in White residence Trump faces legal obstacles in keeping files from Jan. 6 committee more in the opened skit the the sketch comedy show"s recent episode.

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James Austin Johnson, who joined "SNL" this year and also is widely recognized for his trump card impression, parodied the former president doing an interview with cast member Cecily strong as Fox News hold Jeanine Pirro on “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

Johnson’s Trump showed up with Strong’s Pirro to comment on Tuesday"s gubernatorial choice in Virginia. That was brought on ~ Gov.-elect glenn Youngkin

Glenn YoungkinAfter Trump and Biden, the country needs new leadership, and the Republican Party have to lead the means Democrats dual down ~ above extreme: new plans can kill turn off essential energy infrastructure Equilibrium/Sustainability — presented by Altria — cotton farm accused of firing black color workers much more (R), play by cast member Alex Moffat, claimed he was thankful to parental who helped him through the gyeongju without the assist of Trump.

Johnson’s Trump went on to take credit for Youngkin’s win in the Old Dominion, in spite of the candidate maintaining his street from the former president throughout the race. The two guys never campaigned in person together. Youngkin won the gyeongju by about 68,000 votes over previous Virginia Gov. Terrycloth McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffeDemocrats twin down top top extreme: brand-new plans could kill turn off essential power infrastructure 10 takeaways from Virginia"s election Republicans discover a article on gyeongju that works; here"s how Democrats need to respond more (D).

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“I just wanted to congratulate glenn Youngkin, and mostly myself, on a incredible victory in Virginia. You understand what, Glenn? we did that together,” Johnson’s Trump said on the show.

“Oh, you don’t need to say that,” Moffat’s Youngkin said while alongside Trump in a split screen. 

Johnson’s trump said, “It’s an excellent to it is in here, judge Judy, and also it’s good to be, frankly, win again. Oh, we love to win, and also you understand what? she gonna see a lot much more winning whereby that come from. Permit me call you. She gonna check out it a lot.”