Former chairman Donald Trump"s walk of call star has actually been damaged three times because 2016.GC Images
Donald Trump has returned come Hollywood — at the very least on the to walk of Fame.

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The previous president’s star is ago on the fabled piece in Los Angeles months after it was damaged for a third time — by a male dressed together the significant Hulk.

Trump’s newest star, celebrate his occupational on TV’s “The Apprentice,” to be unveiled Wednesday, having actually been covered in plywood and cones because the latest strike in October.

It was smashed by a Hulk cosplayer utilizing a pickax, police had told the Los Angeles Times.

It was the third time the star — forgive in 2007 — had actually been damaged during Trump’s presidency, having suffered an earlier pickax strike in 2018 and being bashed by a sledgehammer in 2016.

As well as acquiring destroyed, the star was repeatedly vandalized, v a Nazi swastika painted end it as well as some fake jail bars.

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Gay pride stickers put on the Hollywood to walk of call Star the then-President Donald Trump.AFP via Getty Images
Protesters put the remains of a burned American flag atop the star July 4th, 2020.Los Angeles times via Getty Imag
Damage is checked out on Donald Trump"s Hollywood walk of fame star.Mario Tama/Getty Images
Donald Trump"s star top top the Hollywood to walk of Fame with a spray painted penis.Getty Images
Donald Trump"s Hollywood walk of reputation star is vandalized.GC Images
Even George Lopez pretended to acquire in ~ above the act, pretending the he to be urinating on it in 2018.

Trump is not the just celebrity to have actually his star vandalized ~ above the famed strip of Hollywood and Vine.

Convicted sex attacker bill Cosby and also accused kid molester Michael Jackson have also had their stars vandalized, yet never removed, the LA times noted.

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A passerby stomps top top Donald Trump’s Hollywood to walk of call star.AFP via Getty Images

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