The Last mainly Tonight hold made his final instance to american on why they must vote Trump the end of office.

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John Oliver has covered the coronavirus pandemic a lot on HBO's Last main Tonight, but he and also his creative team feel Sunday night's episode should be re-dedicated to the topic again in light of the comes election.

President Donald Trump has actually said on assorted occasions the he would grade himself on his COVID-19 solution as "tremendous" and also "A-plus," if claiming "nothing much more could have actually been do" even though the united States has 4 percent that the world's populace with about a quarter of the world's coronavirus cases. "And if you're thinking, 'Oh come on! who doesn't think that trumped f---ed increase this pandemic?' the truth is a many voters are an ext than willing to provide him the advantage of the doubt."

In the spirit, Oliver said his audience, "If you or someone you know additionally thinks that 'nothing much more could've to be done,' it would certainly be worth taking a look in ~ three an important areas where more could very much have been done, particularly preparation, coordination, and also communication." Trump's response, he adds, "has been such a disaster the there are massive f--- ups you might have currently forgotten. Remember the time he suggested we must leave american citizens on a cruise delivery ravished with coronavirus because they'd boost the number of positive cases in the country and also he favored 'the number being where they are'? the was insane, right?!"

In terms of just how Trump failure preparation, Oliver listed how "previous presidents had been conscious of a threat prefer this for years." In 2005, chairman George W. Bush emerged a pandemic response plan. In 2014, president Barack Obama ceded a speech around pandemic preparedness, saying how there "may and likely will certainly come a time in i beg your pardon we have actually both one air-born condition that is deadly." In 2015, Obama launched the global Health Security and also Biodefense unit. Trump's administration then walk on to disband Obama's pandemic preparedness team, cut staff native the facility for condition Control operation in China by an ext than two-thirds, and ended a pandemic early warning program that trained scientists in other nations to detect and respond come a threat like COVID-19. .

"And also when the pandemic had begun," Oliver said, "Trump took an appallingly lengthy time to take it seriously."

The hold reminded his vigendergeek.orgers that the first public reports about COVID come out ~ above Dec. 31, 2019 and also that Alex Axar, Trump's secretary the health and human services, couldn't get a meeting with the president to comment on the issue until Jan. 18, follow to The Washington Post. "Then, trumped continually comprise the virus would just go away despite learning top top Feb. 26 the there was ar spread in the U.S. — something we might've recognized sooner had we also not shed a month as result of flaws in our testing procedure that us were exceptionally slow come fix," Oliver continued. "And yet, despite every one of this, trumped loves to case that that doesn't matter what the didn't do. What really matters is this."

Oliver reduced to clip from miscellaneous public appearances inside Trump praises himself for putting a take trip ban ~ above China. "To listen to Trump phone call it, that banned travel from China and also job done!" Oliver said, noting just how the travel limitations went into result two weeks ~ the U.S. Had actually its very first confirmed instance of COVID-19 and also after 45 other nations had currently imposed travel constraints on China.

"This 'ban' had some major exceptions," Oliver said, "including permitting U.S. Citizens, residents, and their immediate family members to still come into the country from China, definition an added 40,000 civilization came in from there come in from over there within the an initial two months that his ban remained in place." mount Sinai Hospital further established the first cases in York City, i beg your pardon became very early epicenter that the virus, came generally by method of Europe and domestic sources. When Trump finally put travel restrictions in place for those countries, that was 6 weeks ~ the fact and "it came in a chaotic Oval Office speech where he falsely made it sound like some american wouldn't it is in allowed ago into the country, which had predictable consequences."

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There is therefore much much more to unpack in Oliver's segment, not to mention journalist Bob Woodward's damning audio tapes of trumped admitting come knowing around the fatal results of COVID-19 as far back as February.