Trump doesn’t think the new York times is failing. He think it’s failing to provide him credit where credit is due.

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president Donald trump card in the Oval Office in January 2019. Note Wilson/Getty images
for President Donald Trump, his ongoing fight with the brand-new York time is personal — he just wants a great story around him indigenous the huge newspaper in the city wherein he thrived up.

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Trump sat down for one interview on Thursday with Times journalists Maggie Haberman and Peter Baker and the newspaper’s publisher, A.G. Sulzberger. Trump had initially asked for an off-the-record meeting through Sulzberger, but the publisher declined, saying he would just agree to an on-the-record interview v Times reporters.

Haberman and Baker conducted most the the interview, yet Sulzberger specifically determined to press Trump on his assaults on the media. The president, who regularly declares what the calls the “fake news” to be the “enemy the the people,” protected his stance the he is frequently treated unfairly by reporters. He took certain issue through a number of outlets, including the Times.

But what becomes clear v his comments, a transcript of i m sorry the times published, is the Trump, who was born in Queens and spent his entirety life in brand-new York, simply really craves the paper’s approval.

“I come up native Jamaica, Queens, Jamaica Estates, and also I came to be president that the united States,” trump said. “I’m sort of licensed has been granted to a good story from my — simply one — from my newspaper.”

Trump often uses social media as a means around the media; the (often successfully) make the efforts to transition the news cycle through a single tweet. In his time interview, he bragged around his social media following but still shown that, in his mind, it’s not the very same as the write-up he desires in the brand-new York Times.

Social media “gives girlfriend at the very least a voice,” the said. “That’s not — friend know, the new York times is the brand-new York Times.”

At one point, once an aide make the efforts to aid wind under the conversation, informing Trump he had some crucial calls, he responded, “I’ll it is in in in a small while. What’s an ext important than the brand-new York Times? Okay, nothing, nothing.”

Later in the interview, when White residence press secretary buy it Sanders tried to reduced things off, Trump said if the time treats that “fairly,” hell do an ext interviews. “We’ll do it a hundred times,” that said.

Trump doesn’t think the brand-new York time is failing. He think it’s failing to give him credit wherein credit is due.

Trump has for years derided the “failing new York Times” in the media, ~ above the campaign trail, and on Twitter. He often cases that stories around him room false and unfairly slanted.

Really disgusting the the failing brand-new York Times permits dishonest writers to completely fabricate stories.

— Donald J. Trump card (

The Failing new York Times wrote a story the made the seem choose the White residence Councel had TURNED ~ above the President, once in fact it is simply the the opposite - & the 2 Fake reporters knew this. This is why the Fake News Media has become the foe of the People. So bad for America!

— Donald J. Trumped (

Despite so numerous positive events and victories, Media Reseach facility reports the 92% of stories on Donald trump card are an adverse on ABC, CBS and also ABC. The is FAKE NEWS! nothing worry, the Failing brand-new York time didn’t also put the Brett Kavanaugh victory on the Front web page yesterday-A17!

— Donald J. Trumped (

Yet that keeps on talking to them.

He’s dubbed out Haberman and Baker straight on Twitter, but during his Thursday sit-down, his exchanges v them seemed greatly calm and familiar.

He brought up Baker’s book on previous President Barack Obama, informing him it to be a “very good book,” albeit not about “my favorite person.” when Haberman pointed out that occasionally Trump calls time coverage inaccurate as soon as it is, in fact, accurate, he said they sometimes miss out on “little things,” like his regime for city hall television. At one point, they every joked around exchanging phone numbers:

PETER BAKER, chief White residence correspondent: placed your number appropriate there, and also I’ll it is in happy come call.

HABERMAN: We’ll just — we’ll call you.

BAKER: fine be happy to call.

HABERMAN: deserve to we go v the switchboard? We’ll speak to you.

TRUMP: perform you have actually a difficult time — when you contact me, let me ask you this, once you speak to me friend go with — carry out you ever speak to for me and also —

SANDERS: 2 Sundays back you dubbed —

TRUMP: — and I don’t gain back?


Trump claimed that he’s “very busy” however speculated the if a subject of someone’s reporting doesn’t get earlier to them, maybe they would “be inclined to do poor stories.”

This is not, generally, how journalism works. Journalists often reach the end to the topics of your reporting to provide them a opportunity to respond to your reporting. However whether someone calls ago does not identify whether a story is “good” or “bad.”

But the somewhat tranquil nature of their exchanges, per the transcripts, show that a many Trump’s derision that the push is performative. He to know it dram well through his basic — and also with a many voters who space distrustful that the news — and also that it’s much easier to declare a negative story as false 보다 to expropriate it and also explain what’s going on.

Of course, the stakes are high: Violence versus journalists is a very real thing all over the world, and the leader of the united States, i m sorry is claimed to be an advocate of cost-free speech and also press, constantly attacking media has real-life consequences. Trump said he desires to be a defender of complimentary press but went earlier to complaining about bad coverage that him. He outlined what he saw as his accomplishments, in genuine time trying to convince the reporters to execute that confident story he so craves.

Trump appears to recognize the media game — lengthy before arriving at the White House, he to be spinning reporters, also as his very own fake spokesperson, to try to get good stories out there.

“You’ve been handling the press longer than I’ve been in it, much longer than he’s been in it. Much longer than Peter’s been in it,” Haberman called Trump.

“I dislike to listen that,” that said.

“That’s a long time,” she responded.

“Let me look at a mirror,” that joked.

Trump thrives top top media attention, good and negative — and the press has largely provided it to him. Yet the Queens male has gained his eye ~ above a glow write-up indigenous the brand-new York Times.

“I came to be president and I didn’t have a good story,” trump card said.

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