New York ( Business)CBS News top top Thursday referred to as out the White residence for violating an commitment it had actually with the network and posting president Trump"s full "60 Minutes" interview online ahead the its Sunday waiting date.

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"The White House"s unprecedented decision to ignore their covenant with CBS News and also release their footage will certainly not deter "60 Minutes" from giving its full, fair and also contextual reporting which presidents have participated in because that decades," CBS News stated in a statement.


Trump posted the 38-minute interview on facebook after safety days threatening to do so and lashing the end at correspondent Lesley Stahl, who carried out the interview at the White residence Tuesday. The later additionally posted Stahl"s interview through Vice president Mike Pence.
CBS News has said the White residence recorded the interview alongside the network, yet agreed just to usage the footage because that archival purposes. The White residence did not instantly respond come a request for comment about the agreement.
The President declared in his Thursday Facebook post that the full video clip revealed "bias, hatred and rudeness" top top Stahl"s part. However the footage revealed no such thing, just showing Stahl questioning firm questions around the coronavirus and also other topics.
CBS News listed in its statement that "60 Minutes" is "widely respected because that bringing that hallmark fairness, deep reporting and informative paper definition to viewers each week."
"Few journalists have actually the presidential interview experience Lesley Stahl has yielded over her years as one of the premier correspondents in America and we look front to audiences seeing her third interview with President Trump and subsequent interview with Vice chairman Pence this weekend," the network added.
The interview began with Stahl asking the chairman if he to be "ready for difficult questions." Trump responded that he just wanted her to be "fair."
From there, trumped spent lot of the interview accusing Stahl of gift biased and "negative" v her questioning.
Toward the end of the interview, Trump grew even more frustrated, complaining the he areas tougher inquiries than his autonomous challenger Joe Biden.
The President likewise told Stahl that starting the interview by asking him if that was ready for "tough questions" was "no way to talk."
Near the end of the video, a person off camera then told Trump the Vice chairman Pence would quickly be prepared for a share interview through him the Stahl to be slated to command after the solo interview finished.
"Well, ns think we have actually enough," trumped said. "I think we have sufficient of one interview here. OK? That"s enough. Let"s go, let"s go."
Trump"s displeasure with how the interview went was automatically made clear to the public. The chairman on Tuesday taunted Stahl by posting a video of her on Twitter without a mask.
A person familiar with the instance told at the moment that the image from the tweet confirmed Stahl with her producers instantly after Trump ended the interview. Stahl had not however gone back to obtain her an individual belongings to put her mask back on. She had a mask ~ above from the time she gotten in the White House and also just prior to the interview began.

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The interviews with Trump and also Pence will air Sunday top top "60 Minutes" alongside interviews v Biden and also his to run mate Kamala Harris. The newsmagazine program has actually a long history of interviewing candidates front of elections.