But the issue of addiction is likewise a deeply personal one because that Trump. His older brother Freddy endured from alcoholism, and died in 1981 at the young period of 43.

The chairman spoke about his brother"s struggles with addiction throughout today"s speech, and also it"s no the first time he"s mutual his brother"s story publicly. Trump has actually said in the previous that Freddy"s fatality had a "tremendous impact" top top him. Perhaps most notably, that does no drink alcohol, execute drugs, or acting cigarettes, staying clear of these vices because of his brother"s alcoholism.

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"He had actually a profound influence on mine life, because you never know where you"re going to end up," trump card said. "I"ve recognized so many world that to be so strong and so an effective they were unable to stop drinking."

to be a great guy, a handsome person. He to be the life the the party. He to be a fantastic guy, however he obtained stuck ~ above alcohol,” Trump claimed of his brother.

“And it had actually a profound affect and eventually became an alcoholic and died the alcoholism. He would tell me, ‘Don’t drink ever.’ He construed the problem that he had and that it was a an extremely hard problem.”

Fred Trump was the second oldest that Donald trump card siblings. (Maryanne trumped Barry, a commonwealth judge, is the eldest, complied with by Freddy, Elizabeth, Donald, and Robert, who also worked in the family members business.) Born eight years prior to the president, Fred Jr. Operated briefly because that his dad in the household real estate service but left to come to be a pilot. The married and also had two children, Fred III and also Mary, who were called after his parents.

A 2016 New York Times short article details Freddy"s decline into alcoholism, revealing that the eldest Trump"s issues started in his mid-20s, and also that by 1968, his drinking began to severely affect his life. "He got divorced, quit flying due to the fact that he knew his drinking presented a danger and also failed at commercial fishing in Florida. By the so late 1970s, he was living back in his parents’ residence in Jamaica Estates, functioning on among his father’s maintenance crews," reads the article.

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It likewise suggests that seeing his brother"s suffering motivated Trump"s wild ambition, and that at the time, that was tough for Trump recognize his brother"s absence of drive. "Mr. Trump said he had learned by city hall his brother how negative choices could drag down even those who seemed destined to rise."


Donald Trump"s feelings around his brother had actually other results for the family as well. In 2000, shortly after Fred trump card Sr. Died, Fred Jr."s son challenged the will in Queen"s court. (Fred Trump"s Sr."s estate, which was valued at somewhere in between $100 million and also $300 million, had been divided in between the living siblings, leaving substantially less come Fred III and his family.) Donald trump card retaliated by cutting off clinical benefits because that Fred III"s critically ill child son. It to be a bitter fight, and like so numerous Trump family battles, one waged publicly in the tabloids.

“I to be angry because they sued,” Donald said Jason Horowitz, the author of the Times piece. Eventually the family cleared up the fit "amicably."

Now year later, Trump"s views around his brother—and his addiction—have softened. “He would have been an remarkable peacemaker if he didn’t have actually the problem, since everybody loved him,” trump card said. “He’s favor the the opposite of me.”