Secret service agents water level Donald Trump native the phase at a rally in Reno, Nevada. | M. Scott Mahaskey/

Trump rushed off phase by an enig Service at Reno rally

An unidentified separation, personal, instance yelled 'gun,' yet none was found on a guy escorted native the crowd, the secret Service said.

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RENO, Nevada — Republican nominee Donald Trump to be rushed off stage by an enig Service agents after a disturbance in the crowd at a rally right here Saturday.

During Trump"s speech, scene of chaos broke out close to the front of the stage after a scuffle involving a protester, when an unidentified separation, personal, instance yelled "gun," the mystery Service stated in a statement.

A guy was escorted the end of the crowd by agents, but, "upon a thorough find of the subject and also the neighboring area, no weapon to be found," the an enig Service said. "A thorough examination is ongoing currently by the U.S. Secret Service and the Reno Police Department."

Two Nevada Republican sources who spoke through multiple attendees that witnessed the event at the Reno-Sparks Convention center said a scuffle broke out once a man appeared to progressive a sign in protest the Trump.

Moments before, the Republican presidential nominee had actually predicted he would have “tremendous” support from Hispanic voters on election Day once he spotted the protester.

“We have actually one that those men from the Hillary Clinton campaign,” trump card said. “How lot are you being paid? $1500? Out. Take him out,” trumped continued, together the crowed roared.

Less 보다 30 secs later, trump card was stopped mid-sentence once two mystery Service agents rushed the off phase to safety behind a curtain. One announcer alerted the crowd that Trump would return soon.

The Republican nominee showed up unharmed back on stage several minutes later, finishing his speech.

"Nobody stated it was going come be basic for us, yet we will never be stopped. I wanna thank the an enig Service. Lock don"t get enough credit. They"re amazing. Therefore let"s gain back," Trump claimed on his go back to the stage.

In a statement released after the incident, trump card said: "I would prefer to give thanks to the joined States an enig Service and the regulation enforcement resources in Reno and the state the Nevada for your fast and also professional response. I likewise want to say thanks to the many thousands of people present for your unwavering and also unbelievable support. Nothing will avoid us - we will certainly make America great again!"

The Trump campaign referred inquiries to the mystery Service.

After the incident, Donald Trump, Jr., tweeted: "As
realDonaldTrump simply showed the American people, no matter what wake up he will not be deterred & he will not provide up fighting because that you!"

The trump campaign"s social media director Dan Scavino retweeted a tweet that said, "Hillary ran far from rain today. Trump is ago on phase minutes after assassination attempt."

There has actually been no check it to be an assassination attempt.


The traveling push pool, i m sorry does no fly on Trump"s campaign plane, to be ushered come the airport after ~ the incident, to paris to Denver, Colorado.

Trump started the day with a rally in Tampa, Florida. The GOP nominee was due to hit at the very least seven says in the weekend leading right into Election Day.

Earlier, in Wilmington, north Carolina, Trump appeared at a rally in ~ an aircraft hangar, flanked through his wife, Melania, their son, Eric Trump, and daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, as well as North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory.

Trump has additionally dispatched his family amongst a number of surrogates to fan throughout the country campaigning on his behalf.

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With 3 days until voters cast their ballots, Trump wishes to consolidate support among Republicans and independents, as well as disaffected Democrats. The actual estate mogul began Saturday do the efforts to project a united front, transporting the Republican national Committee’s weekly resolve this morning.

In his pre-recorded remarks, Trump compliment his project as a once-in-a-lifetime “movement” come “take ours government back from the donors and the special interests.”