Donald Trump to be rushed off the stage by mystery Service agents top top Saturday night while making a speech at a rally in Nevada, sparking panic in the crowd.

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The Republican nominee shielded his eyes and also looked right into the crowd and also was climate suddenly removed from view by 2 agents as a disturbance unfolded near the stage.

Several witnesses claimed they heard shouts that “he’s got a gun”. The occurrence prompted the crowd to react in panic, with number of hundred world surging towards the ago of the hall in Reno.

Breaking. Trump escorted tom stage. Secs ago. Man arrested. Armed police flooding crowd. Civilization here very panicked.

— Paul Lewis (
PaulLewis) November 6, 2016

However, no one of those witnesses saw a weapon. One man said he thought a tightly urgent poster had actually been misidentified together a firearm.

Several witnesses near to whereby the guy in concern was detained described him gift wrestled to the soil by number of Trump supporters, who lay on peak of him.

“I saw a male to my right and also then the looked prefer a fight broke out,” claimed Michael Newton, 45, who assisted detain the man. “There were four or five guys on peak of him. Then the people on height of that shouted ‘he’s gained a gun, he’s got a gun’. That’s as soon as I likewise jumped on height of him to help; us were all shouting to alert the an enig Service.”

The man, who was bald, and looked in his 30s or 40s, was attempting to wriggle free.

Amid the chaos, there were conflicting descriptions from witnesses, although most described seeing a man rushing towards the former of the stage prior to he to be tackled to the ground.

No-one i spoke to experienced a weapon. They simply heard shouts. Also one that the males who jumped on top of the guy said that didn't see any weapon.

— Paul Lewis (
PaulLewis) November 6, 2016

“It was choose he was to run forward to acquire to the front,” claimed a man who decreased to give his name. “He to be saying ‘excuse me, pardon me’, working his way to the front.” One woman, who gave her name as Lauren, stated she observed the same man looking “wild eyed”.

Several minutes later, a balding white masculine wearing a hoodie to be escorted out in handcuffs by number of police officers.

The key in concern has due to the fact that been released, follow to reports.

The US an enig Service claimed Trump’s security detail removed the Republican nominee from the stage after see a commotion in the crowd.

“Immediately in prior of the stage, an unidentified separation, personal, instance shouted ‘gun’. Secret Service agents and Reno police officers automatically apprehended the subject. Top top a thorough search of the subject and the surrounding area, no weapon to be found,” a spokesman said in a statement.

The mystery Service and also Reno police are proceeding their investigations.

Eventually, Trump went back to the stage and also said: “Nobody claimed it to be going to it is in easy yet we will never ever be stopped. Us will never ever be stopped.”

He added “I want to say thanks to the mystery Service, those men are fantastic.”

Here is video of the detained male being take away away. It occurred minutes after ~ Trump was rushed from stage. Video listed to me through witness.

— Paul Lewis (
PaulLewis) November 6, 2016

The Republican nominee then returned to his stump speech and finished reading it from a teleprompter.

His camp later thanked the mystery Service and also police for your swift response.

Thank girlfriend Reno, Nevada. Naught will prevent us in our pursuit to do AMERICA for sure AND great AGAIN! #AmericaFirst

— Donald J. Trump (
realDonaldTrump) November 6, 2016

This was the second time the an enig Service was compelled to remove Trump from the stage. At a march rally in Ohio, Trump to be escorted turn off after a man rushed the stage, speak he wanted to “bully the bully”.

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At a June rally in ras Vegas, a brothers man, Michael Sandford, tried to grab a police officer’s pistol in an effort to usage it to shoot Trump. The pled guilty in September and also faces increase to two years in prison and also deportation from the US. Sandford’s attorney said the male was delusional at the time.