Last mainly Tonight/FacebookWe’ve acquired a situation of the said, the said in between John Oliver and Donald Trump. After the comedian appeared on CBS This Morning top top Friday and also shared that he’s no interested in having Donald trump card on Last main Tonight, the loudmouthed politician turned to his favorite political forum (Twitter, that course) to claim he’d been invited to appear on the HBO late night show. In return, the show’s official Twitter account refuse extending any kind of such invitation in a tweet top top Sunday.

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During the interview that began it all, Oliver to be asked if the endorsed Trump and also if he wanted him top top Last week Tonight, and also he made that clear the the answer come both questions was no. The went therefore far as to refer to the presidential positive as “an open book … doesn’t have numerous interesting indigenous in it.” Additionally, he implied that interviewing Trump would be pointless because he already says everything that is ~ above his mind. “It’s not choose you’re going to uncover this an enig nugget he’s been holding back,” claimed Oliver.

Trump’s response to Oliver was actually tamer than we’d have actually expected, if unoriginal. He asserted in a tweet Saturday that he’d been invited by the people at Last week Tonight to appear on the “very boring and also low-rated show.”

thehill john Oliver had his civilization call come ask me to be on his really boring and low rated show. I claimed “NO THANKS” rubbish of time & energy!

— Donald J. Trumped (
realDonaldTrump) October 31, 2015

The show’s own Twitter account, however, disagreed. Responding on Nov. 1, it denied Trump’s claim, despite it comically agreed the Last Week tonight is boring.

A couple of points… 1. Yes, we have actually a boring show. 2. At no suggest did we invite Donald trump card to appear on it. Https://t.co/qjpg9FLb0V — last Week this evening (
LastWeekTonight) November 1, 2015

Whether or not Trump was ever invited, it’s clear the he won’t be appearing in the future. Instead, Oliver will have actually to proceed making his boring (read: hilarious) display without him. Somehow, us think he’ll manage.

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Watch Oliver’s CBS This Morning below. Skip to 6:25 because that the beginning of his comments around Trump.