President Donald Trump has been accused the raping a 13-year-old and also his ex-wife, and also attempting to rape a female organization associate, amongst other accusations of sexual assault.Alex Wong, Getty
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Former Alabama judge Roy Moore appears to be losing his shot at a chair in the U.S. Senate that was formerly a near-guaranteed win. This follows plenty of accusations of unreasonable behavior, including making sexual advancements on a 14-year-old girl.

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The allegations arrived during a watershed moment in the country, as victims speak the end in droves against an effective and attention offenders. Yet one male apparently slipped through the crack just prior to America started this reckoning. In spite of facing a flurry that allegations, Donald Trump became president.

Trump has actually been accused the rape and attempted rape a total of 3 times, as soon as involving claimed victim who was a year younger 보다 Moore"s accuser.


Donald Trump was accused by at the very least 16 females of sex-related harassment and assault throughout the 2016 election campaign, and also he still won the presidency.Mark Wilson, GettyIn 1994, Trump saw a party through Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire that was a infamous registered sex offender, and also raped a 13-year-old girl the night in what to be a "savage sex-related attack," follow to a sue filed in June 2016 through "Jane Doe." The account to be corroborated by a evil in the suit, who asserted to have actually watched as the child performed miscellaneous sexual acts on Trump and Epstein also after the two were advised she to be a minor.

"Immediately adhering to this rape Defendant Trump endangered me that, were I ever before to reveal any kind of of the details that Defendant Trump"s sexual and physical abuse that me, my family and also I would certainly be physically harmed if no killed," woman Doe wrote in the lawsuit, filed in new York.

The lawsuit to be dropped in November 2016, just 4 days prior to the election, through Jane Doe"s attorneys citing "numerous threats" versus her.

During a court deposition, Ivana Trump—Donald"s very first wife and mother to Eric, Donald Jr. And Ivanka—accused the president of raping her in 1989. The exclusive account was explained in previous reporter Harry ache III"s 1993 book, Lost Tycoon. That details the alleged "violent assault," in i m sorry Trump pulled out fistfuls of his ex-wife"s hair after receiving a painful procedure on his scalp.

"He jams his prick inside her for the very first time in much more than sixteen months," pains wrote. "Ivana is terrified.… follow to version she repeats to few of her closestly confidants, "he raped me.""

Ivana walked earlier her allegations against Trump after his lawyers insisted she write the adhering to statement at the beginning of she book, follow to The New York Times: "During a deposition provided by me in connection with my matrimonial case, I proclaimed that my husband had actually raped me. I described this together a "rape," yet I perform not want my words to be interpreted in a literal meaning or criminal sense."

A previous Trump company associate, Jill Harth, claimed in a 1997 sue the brand-new York genuine estate mogul "attempted rape" and groped she without she consent on various occasions. In the suit, Harth defined a violent encounter at Trump"s Mar-a-Lago resort, in which Trump accused threw her versus the wall surface of one of his children"s bedrooms before lifting up she dress.

"It was a shocking point to have him perform this, due to the fact that he knew i was v George , he knew they to be in the next room," she recalled in an October 2016 interview through The Guardian. "How can he it is in doing this when I"m there because that business?"

In the pre-election interview, Harth preserved her allegations against Trump in spite of having withdrawn she lawsuit versus him after he resolved a separate suit her companion filed over a business dispute.

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Trump has denied all three of these accusations. He claimed that Harth"s claims were "meritless" and also that accusations of that raping a minor to be "categorically false" and also "politically motivated." Michael Cohen, his previous lawyer and top aide, safeguarded him versus Ivana Trump"s claims, saying, "By the very definition, girlfriend can"t rape her spouse."

The chairman has likewise been accused of sex-related harassment or assault by at least 16 women.

Trump has continued his denials in office, v White residence press secretary buy it Huckabee Sanders continuously telling reporters every accusation versus him is a flat-out lie. He"s likewise used a push conference in the White home Rose Garden to lambast his accusers, saying in October, "All I have the right to say is it"s completely fake news."

He added: "It"s just fake. It"s fake. It"s made-up stuff. It"s disgraceful what happens, yet that happens in the—that wake up in the civilization of politics."