It was Abraham Lincoln's 208th date of birth last weekend. The us Republican Party's society media feeds honoured the 16th chairman by share a picture of his iconic memorial in Washington DC, v an inspiring quote laid over the top.

"In the end, it's no the year in your life that counts, it's the life in your years," to be the post on Twitter and Instagram, additionally shared by chairman Trump.

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There was simply one problem: the words have actually been attributed come Lincoln plenty of times end the years, however there is no evidence he ever said them. The write-up has since been deleted.

Some have said "fake news" could have swung the result of November's united state presidential election. Bogus stories favor "Pope Francis Shocks World, Endorses Donald Trump because that President" were broadly shared online.

Made up quotes are perhaps more benign than fictitious news stories with a clean political agenda. Yet they still raise concerns, claims James ball of Buzzfeed News, who is composing a book around "post-truth" politics.

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"If enough civilization share and also believe these fake quotes, climate they can contribute to the polarisation the politics, making every side think less of the other, especially as plenty of partisans think fake news is a trouble which affects generally (or only) your opponents."

In the days after the us election, a quote supposedly taken indigenous a 1998 Donald trump card interview went famous online.

"If i were to run, I'd operation as a Republican. They're the dumbest group of voter in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I can lie and they'd still eat it up," the quote said.

Fake George Orwell price quotes are a specialty in left-wing social media circles. One example is "during times of universal deceit, informing the truth is a revolutionary act." there is no evidence the 1984 writer ever said these words, yet social media is awash through shareable photos of them together Orwell's monochrome face.


"Sometimes people just want brand-new followers or share on social media, and either develop a quote or (naively or otherwise) elevator a questionable one," states James Ball. "Others invent quotes as a hoax or parody to present up world they do not agree with, or to fire increase their own side - or merely to do money indigenous adverts ~ above fake news sites."

"It's much easier to fabricate points than the is come debunk them," states Rasmus Nielsen, director of research study at the Reuters Institute for the study of Journalism at the college of Oxford. "As communication gets easier, there is going to be much more and much more of this stuff floating around online."

Jenni Sargent runs very first Draft News, i beg your pardon is working with social media companies and also news organisations to look at innovative remedies to the problem.

"People are exploring with the most engaging method to spread false information," she says. She desires news websites to come up with entertaining means of debunking fake facts and quotes.

A blue tick beside a surname on Twitter tells you the account has been proved as "authentic". Sargent desires to come increase with means to highlight unreliable sources, "like the contrary of a blue tick".

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Facebook is presenting tools for German users to flag false stories ahead of that country's parliamentary vote in the autumn. Third-party reality checkers would note unreliable stories as "disputed".