President-elect Donald trump card made the official: the will hold a news conference in new York following week.

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"I will certainly be having actually a basic news conference ~ above JANUARY ELEVENTH in N.Y.C. Give thanks to you," trump tweeted.

The president-elect has been repeatedly criticized for not making himself an ext available come the media due to the fact that his election. He has not organized a news conference since late July.

Trump"s tweet came hrs after Trump torture Kellyanne Conway told Anderson Cooper top top Monday night the the "current plan" was to host a push conference following week.

Trump made it official Tuesday.

After that was chosen on Nov. 8, Trump broke with tradition and also chose no to accomplish the press corps for a Q&A session. The has connected with the general public through tweets, rallies and also a small variety of interviews.

I will certainly be having a general news conference ~ above JANUARY ELEVENTH in N.Y.C. Thank you.

— Donald J. Trumped (

in ~ the end of November, Trump stated he would organize a "major news conference" in mid-December to discuss the future that his businesses. Yet on Dec. 12, he postponed it.

that tweeted, "I will hold a press conference in the close to future to discuss the business, room picks and all various other topics the interest. Liven times!"

part journalists who cover Trump have actually expressed doubts the the president-elect will organize a press conference in ~ all.

If press conferences space a present of respect because that the press corps, Trump"s choice is a sign of disrespect -- a continuation of one anti-media campaign that worked well for him prior to election day.

but the televised occasions are likewise efficient means to reach big audiences. Presidential push conferences are generally seen by tens of numerous Americans.

so there space clear upsides for Trump and the reporters who have actually notebooks full of inquiries for him.

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realDonaldTrump or

Trump provided the push conference style to his benefit during the primary season, and he criticize Hillary Clinton because that eschewing pressers.

"Crooked Hillary should be admonished for not having a press conference in 179 days," he created on Twitter last May.

however then he quit holding full-fledged press conferences that his own. The critical one took location on July 27, about 160 job ago.

because being elected, Trump has briefly answered questions from reporters in much less formal settings, however nothing pull close a press conference.

so Cooper carried up the topic on Monday"s "AC360," prompting Conway to point out the Jan. 11 date.

"I believe it was rescheduled because that Jan. 11, originally, and also if the lawyers and also the compliance policemans feel prefer we"re ready, climate we"ll stick to that date. It"s really up to them," she said.

Conway claimed she speak to Trump around the push conference plan earlier in the work on Monday.

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The method Conway described it, the Jan. 11 day has been well-known internally for part time. Yet it to be news to the Trump beat reporters that heard the interview on Monday.

Notably, a Jan.

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11 press conference would offer Trump a platform to respond to chairman Obama"s bye address.

~ above Monday morning the White residence said Obama will deliver the speech in Chicago on Jan. 10.