Biden speaks after US-Russia summit

President Biden addresses the push after a one-on-one through Vladimir Putin.

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President Biden increased eyebrows through an weird gaffe throughout his push conference adhering to a summit v Russian president Vladimir Putin, in i m sorry he showed up to wrongly use the surname of his own predecessor when stating the Russian leader.

Biden spoke after Putin offered a separate push conference, and also was showing on what the said about the Arctic.

BIDEN, at G-7, claims US, RUSSIA have the right to WORK with each other TO aid PEOPLE the ‘LIBYA’ – intended TO say ‘SYRIA,’ AIDES SAY

"I caught part of President, uh, Tru-- uh, Putin"s push conference, and he talked about the require for us to have actually some sort of modus operandi where the Arctic was in truth a complimentary zone," Biden said.

Twitter users quickly took notice, with much more than 2,900 likes and also 1,100 retweets. A tweet observing the mix-up post by CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins drew much more than 17,000 likes and 1,400 retweets.


This was not the president"s an initial goof of the week. At the G-7 summit Sunday, Biden mixed up Libya and also Syria – not once, yet three times – while stating humanitarian assist to nations torn apart by civil war.

He an initial discussed perhaps working v Russia in giving "vital assistance" to "Libya" – a "population that’s in real trouble."Then he stated Russia had actually bitten off much more than it deserve to chew with its intervention in "Syria" however then added "Libya" to the mix.

"As lengthy as they’re over there without the ability to bring about some stimulate in the region, girlfriend can’t do that an extremely well without giving for the simple economic needs of people," Biden claimed soon after. "So, I’m confident that we can uncover an accommodation whereby we have the right to save the resides of civilization in, because that example, in Libya."

Biden"s aides later on brushed turn off the obvious gaffe, speak he had actually meant to say Syria as soon as saying Libya.

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Fox News" Bradford Betz added to this report.


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