Trump has postponed the main announcement in the wake of the assault in Nice, France

He remained in Indiana top top Wednesday

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Donald Trump claimed Friday Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is his an option to be his to run mate.

“I am pleased to announce the I have chosen governor Mike Pence together my evil Presidential running mate. News conference morning at 11:00 A.M.,” the presumptive Republican nominee tweeted. report Thursday the Trump had dubbed Pence and also offered that the evil presidential slot ~ above his ticket. Pence has actually accepted.

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The pick sets increase a distinguishable clash in styles: a brash presumptive nominee with a tendency to freelance right into controversies together a careful former congressional leader who’s stuck close to conservative orthodoxy since beginning his career in speak radio.

Pence required to Twitter shortly after the announcement, saying, “Honored to join
realDonaldTrump and work to make America great again,” and also the project debut a brand-new logo featuring both names.

Pence’s lawyer filed paperwork v the Indiana secretary of state office officially removing the from the governor’s race Friday morning.

The Saturday event is at this time scheduled come take ar in new York Hilton Midtown in Manhattan, the campaign announced, after previously plans to organize the occasion in new Jersey.

Trump go his ideal to keep the drama going Thursday after ~ a frenetic day.


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since then, Pence has repeatedly complimented Trump, vowing to aid him in the basic election.

“I think the is walking to it is in a good president. Ns think that is someone that has connected with day-to-day Americans choose no one due to the fact that Ronald Reagan. I think that has spoken into the frustration and the longings the the American human being as no one due to the fact that the 40th president, and also I think you’re walking to continue to see him carry out that,” Pence told reporters Tuesday after an event in Indianapolis.

He also downplayed his disagreements with trump on policy.

Conservatives split on Trump’s to run mate

“Look, I served in Congress for 12 years. I’ve to be a branch for three and also a half years. Ns haven’t agreed with every one of my Republican colleagues or Democrat partner on every issue,” Pence said. “But I’m supporting Donald Trump since we need readjust in this country, and I think he to represent the sort of strong leadership at home and abroad the will, come borrow a phrase, do America an excellent again.”

Already, Pence’s orbit had begun blending v Trump’s. Kellyanne Conway, a long-time Pence consultant, newly joined Trump’s campaign. And also Marty Obst, Pence’s gubernatorial re-election project manager, join Trump’s finance team.

that is Pence?

Pence, 57, to be born in Columbus, Indiana, a town about 40 miles southern of Indianapolis, where his dad ran a chain the gas stations.

After working as one admissions counselor at his alma mater, Hanover College, a free arts college in Madison, Indiana, and earning a regulation degree, Pence campaigned because that Congress in 1988 and 1990 – however lost to democratic incumbent Rep. Phil Sharp. Those projects featured bitter assault ads, consisting of one from Pence’s campaign, special a male clad in Arab garb thanking sharp for America’s dependency on foreign oil.

He started rehabilitating his politics career with a brief essay called “Confessions the a an unfavorable Campaigner.”

In it, he suggested that “your an initial Amendment rights finish at the reminder of her opponent’s nose.”

“A project ought to be around the advancement of problems whose success or failure is more far-reaching than the of the candidate,” Pence wrote. “Whether top top the left or the right, candidates should leave a heritage – a structure of debates – in donate of plans upon which your successors have the right to build. Wilhelm Buckley carries with him a purposeful malapropism. ‘Don’t simply do something,’ the says, ‘stand there.’ ”

In 1991, Pence became the chairman of the Indiana plan Review Foundation, and also in 1993 began his own syndicated radio show based in Rushville, Indiana – performing together a self-described rush Limbaugh ~ above decaf.

an early tea party ally

the ran again for Congress in 2000, and also this time winner – beginning the six-year tenure for which he’s ideal known in Washington.

by 2009, Pence had risen to come to be the house Republican Conference chairman, a position he populated as a leader the the party’s socially conservative flank.

he was an early ally that the tea party, and also chaired the Republican research Committee. But as governor, Pence struggled in the shadow of Mitch Daniels, his predecessor who backed far from a presidential project of his own in 2014.

Pence, a society conservative, stepped right into a collection of controversies end LGBT rights.

He advocated a constitutional same-sex marriage ban the the Republican-dominated Indiana legislature decided went too much in limiting LGBT rights. Then Indiana became the subject of a media storm in 2010 when Pence signed right into law a “religious freedom” measure up that would have permitted companies to assert that their practice of religion had actually been violated together a defense if sue for transforming away customers. It to be championed by society conservatives who saw it as a shield versus same-sex marriages, however drew complaints from organizations like the NCAA and also Salesforce, a significant Indianapolis employer, and also national scrutiny. The led Daniels’ former project manager, bill Oesterle, come openly speculate around recruiting a primary challenger because that Pence.

pushing through taxation cuts

Still, Pence properly shepherded into law a collection of taxation cuts in Indiana – contempt reducing the state’s income tax and increasing the phase-out that its inheritance tax. He’s additionally overseen a state budget plan that’s in the black.

In addition, he persuaded President Barack Obama’s management to expropriate a state-launched different to Medicaid as the car for increased coverage with Obama’s signature health care law. The decision led to some criticism from conservatives, however Pence cast it together a victory over the federal government and also for state-based solutions.

Pence has had a fraught connection with Indiana reporters – not unlike trump card – fueled in part by his easily abandoned 2015 plans come launch a state-run news outlet referred to as “Just IN.” once news the the plan broke, Pence downplayed it together little much more than a clearinghouse because that news released. But plans drafted by his staff cast it as much an ext than that, citing “Just IN” as a site that would certainly break state government news front of traditional journalists.

In joining Trump’s ticket, he leaves Indiana republicans to replace him in what was expected to it is in a hard-fought re-election battle versus Democratic previous state residence Speaker man Gregg.