Social media users common a quote attributed come Donald trump alleging the he said Republicans are “the dumbest group of voter in the country.”

Trump’s alleged quote to people Magazine in 1998 reads, “If i were to run, I’d run as a Republican. Castle the dumbest team of voter in the country. They believe anything ~ above Fox News. I might lie and they’d quiet eat that up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.”

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“If ns were to operation I’d run as a republican. They’re the dumbest team of voters in the country…” Donald Trump, 1998.

Fact Check/ Verification

As expected, the run-up to the United claims Presidential election outcomes saw a variety of misleading and false insurance claims circulating online.

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A relevant keyword search on Google led united state to a fact examine done by Reuters in May.

It estimates a newspaper spokesperson as discussed in, “People looked into this exhaustively when it an initial surfaced earlier in Oct. (2015). Us combed v every trumped story in our archive. We couldn’t find anything remotely favor this quote–and no interview at every in 1998.”

Snopes debunked this claim in 2015. This contained Trump’s concepts of to run for chairman on CNN’s Larry King Live in 1999. Together quoted in Snopes, trumped said,

“I’m a registered Republican. Ns a quite conservative guy. I’m rather liberal on society issues, specifically health care, et cetera, however I’d be leaving another party, and I’ve been close to that party … i think that nobody is yes, really hitting that right. The Democrats room too far left. I mean, invoice Bradley, this is seriously left; he’s trying come come a little much more center, but he’s seriously left. The Republicans room too far right. And I don’t think anybody’s hitting the chord, no the chord the I want hear, and not the chord that other world want to hear, and also I’ve seen it.”

Apart indigenous this, we looked for credible proof online associated to any kind of profile or interview People’s walk on Trump, however could not find anything that supports this claim.


Trump walk not describe Republicans together “the dumbest team of voters in the country.” The 1998 human being Magazine quote attributed come Trump is false.

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Result: False

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