UPDATE, with McCain tweet The View co-host Meghan McCain isn’t turn off to an easy final main on the abc daytime talk show: on today’s episode, guest mar Trump accused the departing McCain of lacking “the courage” to appear in Trump’s segment.

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McCain, whose final day top top the show is this Friday, to be on plank for many of today’s episode, but missing later once Trump, the outspoken niece and critic the the previous president, showed up for one interview to discuss the Capitol siege and racism.

The author of the new The Reckoning was mentioning the January 6 strike on the Capitol and the racism encountered by Capitol police during the siege, taking inquiries from The View co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, happiness Behar, Sara Haines and also Sunny Hostin. McCain, that had appeared on the episode till Trump’s appearance, was suddenly lacking from the line-up.

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“It’s a shame that your partner didn’t have actually the courage to come on and also have this conversation through me yet I appreciate that you space all willing to take it up these very challenging subjects because racism in my check out is at the heart of whatever that’s dorn in 21st Century America,” trump card said. The author called The View one “incredibly powerful platform” to talk about issues the race and gender.

McCain’s only comment so far today was a tweeted GIF the Mad Men‘s Peggy Olson striding confidently down an office hallway, cigarette in mouth: “4 an ext days,” McCain detailed with the image.

Trump’s slam appeared to have captured Goldberg off-guard, together the panel moderator went quiet for about 8 seconds, in ~ one point touching she ear mic prior to thanking the guest and also going to commercial.

Trump’s new book, The Reckoning: our Nation’s Trauma and also Finding a way to Heal, is the end on respectable 17. She 2020 Trump household tell-all Too Much and Never Enough was a bestseller.

None of the co-hosts commented on or defined McCain’s sudden absence from the episode. McCain, a frequent presence on social media, has actually not however addressed Trump’s remark.

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4 much more days. Pic.twitter.com/uIXrxbe7zw

— Meghan McCain (
MeghanMcCain) august 2, 2021

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