WASHINGTON — chairman Trump stated Monday the his choice was the just reason the us hasn’t unable to do to war through North Korea — and also he called former president George W. Bush’s intrusion of Iraq “the worst decision made in the history of our country.”

During an exclusive Oval Office interview v The Post, Trump claimed he hadn’t turned out to it is in the trigger-happy leader his adversaries made him the end to be.

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“Remember everyone claimed I’d it is in in a war within the first 24 hrs since of a personality type? lock don’t recognize me,” Trump claimed in the hour-long chat, during which he likewise predicted a strong economic rebound native the coronavirus situation by the end of the year, and also offered his opinions top top presumptive autonomous challenger Joe Biden’s ideal pick because that a running mate and also the sex attack allegations facing the previous vice president.

“You look at north Korea — where’s the war? You would have remained in a war in north Korea if ns didn’t obtain elected, you would certainly be in a war appropriate now.”

Trump and North korean dictator Kim Jong Un have occurred an i can not qualify friendship, writing letters and also holding several get-togethers as soon as thought impossible.

Kim Jong Un (left) shakes hands v Donald Trump.Getty Images

The Republican president — that is approaching the finish of his an initial term and also seeking a second — to be asked about his hopes for his legacy.

The question prompted him come launch into a ferocious criticism the Bush’s decision to walk to war versus Iraq complying with the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, and said he’d diminished the number of US troops deployed abroad by both Bush and also former president Barack Obama, Bush’s successor and Trump’s predecessor.

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“You watch at where we room with the troops, the footprint is lot different. We’re under to 8,000 in Afghanistan, down to 4,000 in Iraq, we’re down to zero in Syria. It’s a much various deal, much different than civilization thought.

“That doesn’t median we won’t fight that if we have to, however we spent $8 trillion in one of the worst decisions ever made to enter the middle East, more than likely the worst decision made in the background of our country, going into the center East. Millions of civilization were eliminated on both sides,” he said.

“We battled it as a police force. Us were prefer traffic cops. Us didn’t fight the war the method you hit a war to win. I would price that together the worst decision do in the history of our country.”

The remarks followed Trump’s Sunday criticism that Bush, a other Republican, for not backing him during the current presidential impeachment proceedings.

President George W. Shrub speaks to us troops throughout an unannounced visit come Bagram Airbase in 2008.AFP via Getty Images

Trump, 73, said his tradition would likely be the unmatched 252 commonwealth judges he had nominated, and also two supreme Court justices, remaking the united state justice device in his image.

“We have a the majority of judges waiting to be approved. This is a really unique situation. Friend know, some world have just a tiny variety of judges,” the said.

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“My legacy, ns think it’s walk to it is in that i was a great president. That’s what I’d like it come be. That i was a an excellent president, i took care of the people, I safeguarded the people.”

Trump, who desires a $2 trillion framework package in the following coronavirus package, lamented the truth it was difficult to fund simple fixes to roads, highways and bridges in the US.

“If you want to fix a window in a school, or if you desire to fix a pothole or a highway, it’s choose a big deal to obtain the money. It’s sad.”