President Donald trumped on Wednesday sweet in on the recent dispute surrounding Fox News organize Bill O"Reilly.

In an interview with The brand-new York Times, Trump protected O"Reilly against brand-new revelations the he, Fox News and parent company 21st Century Fox had paid a total of $13 million in settlements to 5 women that accused him of sexual harassment or verbal abuse.

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"I think he"s a person I know well — the is a great person," Trump told the Times. "I think that shouldn"t have actually settled; personally ns think the shouldn"t have actually settled. Since you should have actually taken it all the way. I don"t think invoice did noþeles wrong."

O"Reilly has actually denied the merits of all the claims versus him, 21st Century Fox stated in a statement.

Trump had actually his very own run-in with sexual harassment accusations critical October, ~ an access Hollywood ice cream surfaced in i beg your pardon he claimed he ordered women by your genitals. "I don"t even wait," Trump can be heard speak in the tape. "And as soon as you"re a star, they allow you do it, you have the right to do anything."

last week, Trump declared April 2017 national Sexual attack Awareness and Prevention Month, pledging the his administration "will do whatever in its strength to protect women, children, and men from sex-related violence."

Trump"s defense the O"Reilly was comparable to his defense of former Fox News chief i get it Ailes critical year, as soon as Ailes was encountering a litany of sex-related harassment allegations.

"I think they room unfounded just based on what I"ve read," Trump claimed of the accusations versus Ailes. "Totally unfounded, based on what ns read."

Ailes, who has actually denied every one of the allegations versus him, was compelled to resign indigenous Fox News simply one week after that interview.

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ripe months after Ailes" departure, Fox News is encountering mounting public press from accusers, advertisers and also women"s rights teams to go additional in addressing the allegations against O"Reilly.

more than 20 companies had pulled their advertising from "The O"Reilly Factor" together of Wednesday. Lisa Bloom, the lawyer for one of O"Reilly"s accusers, has called for one independent examination of Fox News. The national Organization for women has referred to as for that to it is in fired.

Meanwhile, plenty of female employees inside Fox News room too scared to speak out around problems in the workplace, fearing that they have actually no leverage against an effective on-air talents favor O"Reilly, current and also former network sources have told

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21st Century Fox and also Fox News room standing behind O"Reilly. Yet neither the agency nor O"Reilly have addressed the matter due to the fact that Saturday, when the brand-new York Times first revealed the degree of negotiations paid to O"Reilly"s accusers.

Henry Holt, the publisher the O"Reilly"s brand-new book "Old School," has actually said it has actually "no comment in ~ this time" ~ above the allegations against its author.

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21st Century Fox is also under federal investigation over its handling of payment made come women who accused Ailes of sex-related harassment.