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Donald trumped Jr.: poll Loeffler and also Perdue – Georgia, here"s what"s at stake in Jan. 5 runoff poll

If you believe in the guarantees President Donald Trump delivered on, you should support Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

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Donald Trump, Jr.: chairman Trump defends school selection from strikes by Democrats and also teachers’ unions

In his second-term agenda exit ahead the the Republican country Convention, president Trump cursed to ensuring school an option for every American child.


Donald Trump, Jr.: Biden wouldn’t minimize rioting and also crime – he’s regulated by left-wing puppet master

Presumptive democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is utterly confused around law and order — and the American human being are starting to take notice.


Donald trump Jr.: Joe Biden has actually no authenticity and also integrity and also will lose to my dad in November

Biden is a shell of a guy who can’t connect with voters without having actually the type of bizarre meltdown ns would usually expect from mine 5-year-old as soon as I say: “No dessert tonight.”

Democrats don"t provide a damn around investigations or acquiring to the truth. They just wanted to gain my father out of office and also punish anyone who supported him — beginning with me and my family.

Donald Trump, Jr.: Dems are losing immigration debate because of your radical belief (not negative "messaging")

President trump card is winning the immigration “messaging war” for a reason – american are worn down of listening come the Democrats’ lies around border security.

These days, obstruction by the democracy grabs the greatest headlines when they prevent solutions to the biggest worries – immigration, supreme Court appointments, infrastructure, and also so ~ above – yet their obstruction is actually the many egregious when it’s in ~ its many petty.

With my father’s main unveiling that his re-election campaign Tuesday morning, american are about to witness an additional 17-month mudslinging slog to determine the future course of the nation.

Donald trumped Jr., Sen. Daines: American sportsmen have actually reason come celebrate new access come public soil

President Trump simply scored a huge win for sportsmen and also women through signing a sweeping, bipartisan bill that will substantially loosen constraints on hunting and fishing on windy lands. Together avid lover of the outdoors, this is a huge win for our families, as well as for the families across Montana and also this nation who cherish your time exterior as lot as ours do.

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Donald Trump, Jr.: big Tech providers can"t disguise your gross hypocrisy – castle are complimentary speech pretenders

In an initiative to get what castle want, huge Tech companies have actually reached a level of hypocrisy that beggars belief.

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