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The Trump administration announced two vital actions Wednesday design to protect entities that sought to prevent supporting abortion.

Both announcements handle longstanding worries handled through the room of Health and also Human Services" Office of civil Rights. In a press release Wednesday, HHS said it would block $200 million in federal Medicaid fundsslated because that California "due come the state illegal mandating the all health care plans subject to regulation by the California department of regulated Health treatment (DMHC) cover abortion without exclusion or limitation."

It additionally said it referred a instance to the righteousness Departmentinvolving a nurse that was allegedly required to assist in an elective abortion. DOJ announced top top Wednesday the it would carry a suit against the college of vermouth Medical center over the issue.

"California and also the university of vermont Medical facility have violated commonwealth conscience laws and also refused to job-related with united state to take it corrective action, so us are now taking activity to organize them to account," HHS Secretary Alex Azar said.

Roger Severino, that leads the department"s Office of polite Rights, said:"Whatever one think of the legality that abortion, no one must be punished for declining to pay because that or assist in the taking of human life."

The college of vermont (UVM) clinical Centerdid not instantly respond to Fox News" inquiry for comment. According to WCAX, the CBS television station in southern Burlington, Vt., themedical center said that didn"t feeling it had discriminated versus the nurse involved.

Dr. Stephen Leffler, president and also CEO that the UVM clinical Center, supposedly said:"I desire to be very clear us are really sensitive to our employees’ spiritual and ethical beliefs, and also we think are an extremely confident that we have actually a plan that protects our employees’ civil liberties while being details to offer all legal and safe steps for patient that seek our care."

The decisions come at the finish of an management which anti-abortion advocates have actually touted as being led by the "most pro-life" president in U.S. History.

Vice president Mike Pence hosted a triumphant event earlier in the day, advertising that "life is winning."

During his speech, that heralded the administration"s "great progress" top top the issue and also touted the president"s initiatives to "save lives" during the coronavirus pandemic.

Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., mocked the "pro-life" label on Wednesday, tweeting that HHS" decision came throughout a pandemic.

OVER 25 black color MINISTERS sign LETTER to WARNOCK top top ABORTION

"Nothing favor the "pro-life"party eliminating healthcare throughout a an international PANDEMIC. California will make it through without this $$ for now -- however their frail, pathetic patriarchal mechanism they room so no hope to safeguard won’t," he said.

Despite the label, the administration has challenged pressure indigenous pro-life activists to do much more with the restricted time he has left.

Live Action"s Lila Rose and also Center for medical Progress founder David Daleiden recently called on the administration to do more in an op-ed titled, "Just Defund to plan Parenthood already -- Here"s How."

Following Daleiden"sexplosive undercover videosin 2015 on plan Parenthood, Congress sent out referrals to the Obama administration about potential violate of fetal smuggling laws and theHealth insurance money Portability and Accountability plot (HIPAA).

After Trump take it office, the Justice department reportedly opened up an investigation into the matter and Congress has actually urged the DOJ to upgrade them top top the issue. With around a month prior to President-elect Biden"s inauguration, the Trumpadministration has actually not however announced additional actionon those two issues.

However, Biden has currently announced his an option of California Attorney basic Xavier Becerra come take over HHS -- pending Senate confirmation. A variety of Catholic and also conservative institutions have already criticized the choose of Becerra because that being a pro-choice advocate. This renders the likelihood the Trump"s agenda at HHS ~ Biden suspect office will not be realized.

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"The idea that you’re walking to paper this form of lawsuit 35 days to go prior to there is a adjust in the management where girlfriend will have actually a brand-new attorney general, frankly, is baffling," that said.


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