US president Donald Trump will not to visit the funeral the former an initial lady Barbara shrub on Saturday.

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The White residence said mr Trump was absent the event "to avoid disruptions due to added security, and also out that respect because that the shrub Family".

Melania trump will however go to the funeral "on instead of of the very first Family", according to the statement.

The former first lady's coffin is being retained at St Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas.

Donald trump has had actually a complicated relationship through the bush family, most significantly in his run against Jeb shrub for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

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Image caption, president Trump (left) generally clashed v Jeb shrub (right) in the operation for the Republican presidential nomination

In a book titled The last Republicans, bush Snr labelled grandfather Trump a "blowhard", while shrub Jnr said: "This man doesn't understand what it way to be president."

Donald trumped is omitted Barbara Bush's funeral since he respects the storied Republican political household too much.

Mr Trump's feud v the bush family isn't exactly a secret. He has sharply criticised George W Bush's presidency and, throughout the 2016 Republican primaries, he relentlessly mocked and belittled "low energy" Jeb.

That prompted some sharp-tongued replies indigenous the bush family, including from Barbara, who called Mr trump a "showman" and wondered just how women can vote for him.

Of course, then-President Barack Obama didn't to visit the funerals the Republican very first ladies Nancy Reagan and Betty Ford. Neither did George W shrub attend the 2007 memorial services for Democrat Lady Bird Johnson. However Mr Trump and also the Bushes room in the same party - and also a presidential gesture here might have soothed some raw wounds because that Republicans that continue to be from the turoulend 2016 campaign.

Aside from she husband and also son, other former presidents invoice Clinton and also Barack Obama will be at Saturday's service.

However, previous President Jimmy Carter is overseas and cannot attend, if his mam Rosalynn is recovering indigenous surgery.

" touch the hearts of millions with her warmth, generosity, and also keen wit," a statement from the Carter facility reads. "She will be missed".

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Tributes because that Mrs shrub have poured in from throughout the globe, with plenty of praising her occupational in adult literacy however there have additionally been an unfavorable reactions.

An English professor at California State college Fresno, Randa Jarrar, enraged outrage after a tweet calling Mrs shrub an "amazing racist" that "raised a battle criminal".

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However, a employee attorney because that the American polite Liberties Union, Abre Connor, said the professor's article was protected by the first Amendment, i m sorry defends flexibility of speech.