Hannity: This is the latest humiliating minute from Biden

Sean Hannity slams the president for embarrassing himself and also the U.S.

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Sean Hannity slammed president Joe Biden Monday because that embarrassing himself and the country during his expedition abroad come Europe as component of the administration"s climate adjust agenda throughout the opening of "Hannity."

"This pilgrimage to Europe has been a finish total disaster. It"s sad, it"s embarrassing, it"s humiliating. But Joe Biden … a tiny nappy-poo in public during a meeting around climate change," Hannity said around Biden in ~ the 2021 United nations Climate readjust Conference.

"And then, the course, an aide has to rush over around Joe. Hello, Joe. Joe, Joe, wake up up, Joe. This is the latest humiliating moment out that Biden."

Trump described Biden as "Sleepy Joe" throughout the 2020 presidential campaign. Trump likewise called Biden "Sleepy Creepy Joe."

"Joe is in his basement," trumped said. "He doesn’t come out. Nobody asks the questions."

Hannity claimed that once Biden "wasn"t dozing turn off … the was liven apologizing, consisting of a blanket apology come Europe because that America"s evil ways" concerning impacting the environment.

"Really, Joe? … We conserved Europe and the people … and under Donald Trump, network emissions carbon emissions … went under dramatically. Together a matter of fact, Joe. Donald trump led every solitary country in reducing carbon output. So rather of Joe Biden apologizing come Europe, he should be showing them exactly how we did it."

Hannity walk on come blame Biden because that the decrease in America"s power independence completed under Trump. "Joe, you removed energy independence that Donald trumped handed you. You single-handedly reduced the supply on the world market due to the fact that you walk with brand-new Green deal radical socialism."

"We now we have to go to nations that dislike our guts and beg them come produce an ext oil due to the fact that you artificially reduced our supply," Hannity said.

"Joe, you moved our western European allies right into that enemy actor, Vladimir Putin"s, arms offering Vladimir that distinct pipeline waiver while all at once taking away high-paying career jobs for american on the Keystone XL pipeline … great job, Joey," he said. "And currently reduced our supply of oil and also gas. And … that is begging OPEC, Saudi Arabia, the middle East, and also Vladimir Putin to pump an ext oil."

Hannity proceeded come hammer Biden for showing up to go by ready names once he took questions. Biden said, "I"m told I must start v AP."


"Joe Biden is one of two people unwilling or unable to have actually a lengthy, open up unscripted discussion with the press," that said. "You"re the president, Joe. You acquire to decide. Your staff shouldn"t be making the decision because that you."

Hannity proceeded to list out what he believed were Biden"s failures.

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"Right now, America is quick facing, slow economic growth, record-setting inflation, a huge worker shortage in component because of her policies, a it is provided chain fiasco because of her policies. High power prices – which method everybody"s paying an ext for everything, a dilemm you led to at America"s border. , american you exit Afghanistan.

"You have no plan. settle for less, salary more. Unless, the course, you"re an illegal immigrant, then special rules apply to you."


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