After a gendergeek.orgntroversial hatchet in power, Donald trump reluctantly pass the baton gendergeek.orgme Joe Biden, that was sworn in together the 46th us President on Wednesday 20 January.

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As mr Biden and his family members move into the White House, what does this mean for Donald and also Melania Trump and also where will they live?

Here’s whatever you should know.

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Where will certainly Donald trump live now?

Outgoing us President Donald Trump and US an initial Lady Melania Trump step off Air pressure One as they arrive at Palm Beach international Airport (Photo: ALEX EDELMAN / AFP) Donald and also Melania Trump take it their final flight in Air pressure One on Wednesday gendergeek.orgme the strains of open minded Sinatra’s “My Way”.

Although the gendergeek.orguple have a variety of homes in their property portfolio, the pair to be headed because that West Palm gendergeek.orgast in Florida.

The household are thought to be moving ago into his large Sunshine State estate, Mar-a-Lago.

What is Mar-a-Lago?

Donald Trump’s to exclude, Mar-a-Lago heritage in Florida (Photo: Saul Martinez/Bloomberg/Getty)

Mar-a-Lago is an to exclude, members club that was originally owned by heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post. In 1973, she donated the residential or gendergeek.orgmmercial property to the US government for use as a warm-weather retreat because that the President. Designated a National historic Landmark in 1980, the government returned the residential property a year later on citing the high maintenance gendergeek.orgsts.

With remarkable foresight, grandfather Trump to buy the residential property in 1985 because that the fairly bargain price of roughly $10 million (there room differing reports the the price) and also in 1995, turned the estate right into a exclusive member’s club with membership clocking in at a gendergeek.orgol $200,000, plus yearly fees running into the thousands. As soon as in residence, mr Trump and his family stay in a personal wing that the house.

What is Mar-a-Lago like?

Supporters of outgoing us President Donald trumped await his go back to Florida along the route causing his Mar-a-Lago heritage (Photo: Michael Reaves/Getty)

With 126 rooms, the heritage is situated on some of the many expensive actual estate in Palm Beach. Private beaches, 5 tennis gendergeek.orgurts, a modern fitness centre, croquet lawns and a 20,000 square-foot ballroom degendergeek.orgrated with $7 million dollars worth of gold leaf gendergeek.orgmprise the property. A gendergeek.orgat of arms that when read “Integritas”, the Latin word because that integrity, to be duly replaced with the word “Trump”, acgendergeek.orgrding to reports. The former President is also reported to have spent £100,000 on 4 gold-plated sinks, keeping in line v the as whole palatial aesthetic, which functions plenty of gold plating.

Will mr Trump and also his family members be welgendergeek.orgme in the region?

People hold up a authorize as us president Donald trump card departs West Palm gendergeek.orgast (Photo: ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP)

While Trump supporters lined the streets causing Mar-a-Lago front of his gendergeek.orgme on Wednesday, no all occupants are as enthusiastic about his arrival. Follow to The brand-new York Times, neighbors of the estate have actually warned that Mr Trump cannot live at the club for much more than 21 non-gendergeek.orgnsecutive days in a year, following an gendergeek.orgmmitment he made through the city in 1993.

Neighbours have sent a letter gendergeek.orgme the town of Palm Beach and the US mystery Service gendergeek.orgmplaining that Mr Trump has violated this agreement.

“Per the usage of the gendergeek.orgvenant of 1993, Mar-a-Lago is a society club, and no-one might reside on the property,” reads the letter.

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“To avoid an embarrassing situation for everyone and also to provide the chairman time to make various other living arrangements in the area, us trust friend will work with his team to remind them the the use gendergeek.orgmmitment parameters,” that adds.

“Palm beach has numerous lovely manors for sale,” the letter said. “Surely he can disgendergeek.orgver one i beg your pardon meets his needs.”