Big-game searching advocates to speak the move will help preserve wildlife, but conservation groups disagree

(Reuters) - Conservation groups on Thursday decried U.S. President Donald Trump"s decision to allow trophy hunters that kill elephants in two African nations to bring home the threatened animals" tusks or other body components as trophies.

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The relocate triggered protests native conservation groups and also a frenzy on social media from enemies who posted images of Trump young Donald Jr. And also Eric, who are avid hunters, posing v the cut-off tail the a slain elephant and other dead wild animals on Twitter.

"I"m shocked and outraged," Elly Pepper, a deputy manager of the national Resources Defense Counsel, stated in a phone call interview. "I intend nothing much less from ours president, and also if he think this is going to go under without a fight, he"s wrong."

The group, i beg your pardon does no oppose all hunting, is considering happen legal activity to block the policy change, Pepper said.

Reversing a policy applied by the Republican president"s autonomous predecessor, Barack Obama, the U.S. Fish and also Wildlife company disclosed in ~ a conference in Tanzania organized by a pro-trophy hunting team that it would permit the income of trophies native Zimbabwe and Zambia through 2018.

It claimed the two nations had developed robust conservation programs the would improve the survival of african elephants, the world"s biggest land animals.

The relocate came the very same week Zimbabwe had a coup that left that president, Robert Mugabe, under home arrest.

"It strains credulity to indicate that neighborhood science-based factors have been met to justify this change," M. Sanjayan, chief executive, management of conservation International, claimed in a statement.

The angry echoed that of 2015 once a Minnesota dentist killed a well-studied lion nicknamed "Cecil" after ~ he was lured the end of a protected Zimbabwe national park.

The populace of afri elephants dropped by some 30 percent in between 2007 and 2014, with poaching the primary reason for the decline, follow to a report released critical year.

A growing number of countries, consisting of China, Singapore and also the united States, have actually banned the trade in ivory.

Advocates because that big-game hunting complete that it can aid preserve wildlife by generating revenue for bad countries that can promote conservation and improve the lives of impoverished people.

"Legal, well-regulated sport searching as component of a sound management program can benefit certain species," the U.S. Fish and also Wildlife organization said in a statement.

Hunting team Safari society International, which sponsored the meeting in Africa, praised the decision.

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"These confident findings for Zimbabwe and Zambia show that the Fish and Wildlife organization recognizes that searching is beneficial to wildlife," claimed the group"s president, Paul Babaz.