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The coin v President Donald Trump and also North korean leader Kim Jong Un. White house Communications company
president Donald Trump has canceled his meeting with North korean leader Kim Jong Un, which could possibly boost the possibility that America goes to war v a nuclear-armed country.

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But nothing worry: The White house will continue to make — and sell — commemorative coins the the Trump-Kim summit that never ever was.

Just a few days ago, it was revealed the the White residence Communications agency had commissioned distinct coins to be made come commemorate the upcoming historical event. The coins attribute Trump and also Kim looking in ~ each other in prior of their corresponding flags, split by a jagged heat vaguely storage of the Demilitarized Zone, or DMZ — the heavily fortified border separating North and South Korea.

There"s now a White house Military Office coin because that the upcoming trumped Kim Jong Un summit. The North oriental dictator is referred to as "Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un."

— Jim Acosta (

But currently the meeting is off. Trump created a letter come Kim top top Monday telling him the no much longer wanted to chat. “Based on the remarkable anger and also open hostility presented in your many recent statement, i feel it is inappropriate, in ~ this time, to have actually this long-planned meeting,” trumped wrote.

That raised a critical question between the massive and also dangerous failure in high-stakes diplomacy: What will occur to those coins?

Have no fear: The White home Gift Shop will certainly still dole them out. For those lucky couple of who invested $24.95 on the coin, the “Will it is in Made even if it is or no the Summit Occurs as Scheduled,” the Gift Shop created on that is website. “If Summit go Not occur You can Request a Refund but Most Supporters have Said They desire This Heirloom that Political history Regardless the Outcome.”

Disclaimer, top top White home Gift Shop website, because that those that ordered $24.95 Trump-Kim summit coins.

— Steve Inskeep (

But if you act now, you can buy one for at a discounted price: The coins are now sold at the Gift Shop’s “Deal the the Day” price of $19.95.

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In the meantime, this picture from NBC seems to capture the mood simply perfectly.

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