Trump Jr.’s marriage to Vanessa Trump was rocked through his alleged infidelity years prior to a new book states she started dating a mystery Service certified dealer assigned to defend her family


FILE – In this Monday, April 2, 2018, record photo, Donald trump Jr., right, and Vanessa Trump, left, arrive to participate in the annual White house Easter Egg role on the south Lawn that the White house in Washington. Donald trumped Jr. And his estranged wife Vanessa are expected to appear Thursday, July 26, 2018, before a referee in brand-new York City for a listening in their divorce case. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

While a new book says that Donald trump Jr.’s ex-wife Vanessa obtained “inappropriately — and also perhaps dangerously – close” to a secret Service agent before she filed for divorce in 2018, multiple reports from the time describe a marriage in between the previous model and Donald Trump’s earliest son that had been troubled for years.

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Page Six, People and other outlets report Trump Jr. Had actually years earlier had one affair through singer Aubrey O’Day, a contestant top top “The Celebrity Apprentice.” O’Day told civilization that she and also Trump Jr. Concerned each other as “soulmates,” while page Six stated Trump Jr. Threatened to leave Vanessa Trump because that O’Day, also though Vanessa to be pregnant v the 3rd of their five children. Trump card Sr. Was the truth show’s host, and Trump Jr. Served as “adviser” throughout O’Day’s season 5 appearance.

Trump Jr. Reportedly dropped hard for O’Day, v a source telling web page Six the he “pursued her.” Another source said: “He called her that his marriage was already in the procedure of dissolving.”

The same resource said, “I think his marriage to Vanessa to be over long prior to Aubrey came along,” but another source said that Vanessa Trump to be hurt and angry and also intent on leaving Trump Jr.

“That was the start of the downfall,” the source said. A resource told human being that the alleged affair came to an abrupt end after Vanessa uncovered racy message messages in between her husband and O’Day.

After the alleged O’Day incident, trumped Jr. And also Vanessa vowed to stick that out, largely as result of the urging that his father, who reportedly told his kid to “knock the off,” web page Six said. The pair had two an ext children, and also Vanessa Trump to be by trump card Jr.’s side when he campaigned because that his father throughout the 2016 presidential election.

As report by The Guardian, the brand-new book by Washington article journalist Carol Leonnig said that Vanessa Trump began dating one of the mystery Agents assigned to she family.

Leonnig additionally wrote in the book, “Zero Fail: The Rise and also Fall of the secret Service,” that Trump Jr.’s younger half-sister, Tiffany Trump, additionally “began spending an inexplicable amount the time alone” v a “tall, dark and also handsome agent” on her security detail.

Tiffany Trump, the daughter of president Donald Trump, left, and Vanessa Trump, the wife of Donald trumped Jr., right, to visit the annual White residence Easter Egg role on the southern Lawn that the White house in Washington, Monday, April 2, 2018. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Tiffany Trump broke up with her boyfriend at the time, but Leonnig created that Tiffany Trump and also the agent refuse anything “untoward” happened in between them. The certified dealer was subsequently reassigned.

Meanwhile, Vanessa trump filed for an uncontested divorce from Trump Jr. In in march 2018. Leonnig, who won a Pulitzer prize in 2015 because that covering security failures in the mystery Service, created that the agent who reportedly obtained close come Vanessa Trump did not face disciplinary activity as neither he no one the agency were her main guardians at the point.

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Leonnig added that it’s not clear if chairman Trump ever before learned what secret Service agents were saying around his daughter-in-law and also daughter.

A report in in march 2018 stated that then-President trumped again make the efforts to conserve his son’s marital relationship to Vanessa.

“The chairman tried to intervene with Vanessa,” a resource with nearby ties to the Trump family members told the day-to-day News, however this time, Trump’s self-described deal-making prowess failed to prevent Vanessa trump from filing divorce papers. Trump supposedly was “upset” that he “failed as a marriage counselor.”

Trump Jr. Seemed ready to move on. He and also Vanessa finished their marital relationship pretty amicably, and he soon started dating his existing partner, former Fox News hold Kimberly Guilfoyle. V Guilfoyle, trumped Jr. Traveled the country, marketing for his father in the 2020 election.

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Now, trump Jr., Vanessa Trump and also their five kids all live in the same community in Florida. Trump card Jr. And also Guilfoyle, seeking to relocate their political basic from brand-new York City come Florida, recently purchased a residence in the to exclude, gated ar of Admirals Cove in Jupiter, about 20 miles north the Mar-a-Lago, the Palm beach will owned the ex-president. Vanessa Trump and her five children with trumped Jr. Live surrounding Admirals Cove in the Jupiter nation Club.