If girlfriend ask president Donald Trump, he no racist. To the contrary, he’s repeatedly said the he’s “the least racist person that you’ve ever before encountered.”

Trump’s really record, however, tells a an extremely different story.

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On the project trail, Trump repetitively made clearly racist and otherwise bigoted remarks, indigenous calling Mexican immigrants criminals and also rapists, to proposing a half on all Muslims entering the US, to saying a judge should recuse himself from a situation solely since of the judge’s mexican heritage.

The trend has ongoing into his presidency. From stereotyping a black reporter come pandering come white supremacists after ~ they hosted a violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, come making a joke around the trail of Tears, trump hasn’t stopped with racist acts after his 2016 election.

Most recently, trump card has referred to as the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and also “kung flu” — racialism terms that tap into the kind of xenophobia that he latched onto during his 2016 presidential campaign; Trump’s very own adviser, Kellyanne Conway, previously called “kung flu” a “highly offensive” term. And Trump insinuated that Sen. Kamala Harris, who’s Black, “doesn’t meet the requirements” to run for vice chairman — a repeat the the birther conspiracy concept that that perpetuated around former president Barack Obama.

This is nothing brand-new for Trump. In fact, the very an initial time Trump showed up in the pages the the brand-new York Times, ago in the 1970s, was once the us Department of Justice sued him for racial discrimination. Because then, he has actually repeatedly appeared in newspaper pages throughout the world as the inspired much more similar controversies.


No, trump card hasn’t to be the finest president for black America because Lincoln

This long history is important. It would be one thing if trumped misspoke one or two times. But when girlfriend take all of his actions and also comments together, a clean pattern increase — one that suggests that bigotry is not simply political opportunism top top Trump’s component but a real aspect of his personality, character, and career.

Trump has a long history of racialism controversies

Here’s a malfunction of Trump’s history, taken mostly from Dara Lind’s list for gendergeek.org and an op-ed through Nicholas Kristof in the new York Times:

For numerous people, none of this incidents, individually, might be damning: among these alone could suggest the Trump is merely a poor speaker and also perhaps racially insensitive (“politically incorrect,” together he would put it), however not overtly racist.


Donald Trump’s background of encouraging dislike groups and violence, native 2015 to 2020

But when you placed all these events together, a clean pattern emerges. At the really least, Trump has actually a background of playing right into people’s racism to bolster self — and that likely says something around him, too.

And, that course, there’s whatever that’s taken place through and since his presidential campaign.

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As a candidate and president, Trump has made many much more racist comments

On top of all that history, Trump has actually repeatedly make racist — often explicitly so — remarks top top the project trail and also as president:

This list is not comprehensive, rather relying on few of the significant examples due to the fact that Trump announced his candidacy. But once again, there’s a sample of racism and also bigotry here that says Trump isn’t simply misspeaking; that is who he is.

Are Trump’s actions and comments “racist”? Or are they “bigoted”?

One of the common defenses because that Trump is that he’s not necessarily racist, due to the fact that the Muslim and also Mexican people he often targets don’t actually comprise a race.

Disgraced journalist mark Halperin, for example, claimed as lot when Trump said Judge Curiel must recuse himself from the Trump university case since of his mexico heritage, making the astute monitoring that “Mexico isn’t a race.”

Kristof made a similar point in the brand-new York Times: “My view is that ‘racist’ deserve to be a loaded word, a conversation stopper more than a clarifier, and that we should be mindful not to usage it just as one epithet. Moreover, Muslims and Latinos have the right to be of any kind of race, so some of those statements technically reflect not so lot racism together bigotry. It’s additionally true that v any single statement, that is feasible that trump misspoke or to be misconstrued.”

This critique misses the allude on 2 levels.

For one, the argument is greatly semantic. It’s essentially probing the question: Is trump card racist or is that bigoted? however who cares? no is a trait the anyone need to want in a president — and either label basically communicates the same criticism.

Another worry is that gyeongju is socially malleable. End the years, Americans taken into consideration Germans, Greeks, Irish, Italians, and also Spaniards together nonwhite civilization of different races. It is changed. Similarly, some Americans today consider Latinos and, to a lesser degree, some human being with Muslim and Jewish backgrounds as part of a nonwhite race too. (As a Latin man, I definitely consider myself to it is in of a different race, and also the treatment I’ve got in the food of mine life validates that.) for this reason under present definitions, comments against these groups are, indeed, racist.

This is all feasible because, as Jenée Desmond-Harris defined for gendergeek.org, gyeongju is entirely a society construct v no biological basis. This doesn’t median race and people’s views of gyeongju don’t have actually real impacts on many civilization — of course they execute — however it means that people’s meanings of race can readjust over time.

But really, everything you want to contact it, Trump has actually made racist and bigoted comments in the past. That lot should be clean in the long lists above.

Trump’s bigotry was a vital part of his campaign

Regardless of how one brand it, Trump’s racism or bigotry was a huge part that his campaign — by providing a candidate come the numerous white Americans that harbor gyeongju resentment.

One paper, published in January 2017 through political researchers Brian Schaffner, Matthew MacWilliams, and Tatishe Nteta, discovered that voters’ procedures of sexism and also racism associated much much more closely with support for trump than financial dissatisfaction, after controlling for factors like partisanship and also political ideology.

Brian Schaffner, Matthew MacWilliams, and also Tatishe Nteta another study, conducted by researcher Brenda Major, Alison Blodorn, and Gregory significant Blascovich shortly before the 2016 election, found that if civilization who strongly determined as white to be told the nonwhite teams will outnumber white people in 2042, castle became much more likely to support Trump.

And a study, released in November 2017 by researchers Matthew Luttig, Christopher Federico, and also Howard Lavine, discovered that Trump supporters were much much more likely to change their see on housing policy based on race. In this study, respondents to be randomly assigned “a subtle image of one of two people a black or a white man.” then they to be asked around views on real estate policy.

The researchers uncovered that Trump supporters were much an ext likely to be influenced by the image of a black man. ~ the exposure, castle were not only less supportive of housing help programs, but they additionally expressed greater levels that anger the some world receive federal government assistance, and also they were much more likely come say that individuals who receive help are to blame for your situation.

In contrast, favorability towards Hillary Clinton did not significantly change respondents’ views on any type of of these worries when primed through racial cues.

“These findings show that responses to the racial cue varied as a function of feelings around Donald trump — yet not feelings around Hillary Clinton — during the 2016 presidential election,” the researcher concluded.

There is also a many other research mirroring that people’s racial attitudes can adjust their see on politics and also policy, together Dylan Matthews and also researchers Sean McElwee and also Jason McDaniel previously described for gendergeek.org.

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Simply put, racial mindsets were a large driver that Trump’s election — just as castle long have been for general beliefs about politics and also policy. (Much more on all the research in gendergeek.org’s explainer.)

Meanwhile, white supremacist teams have openly taken on Trump. As sarah Posner and David Neiwert report at mom Jones, what the media largely treated as gaffes — trump retweeting white nationalists, trump describing mexican immigrants as “rapists” and also criminals — to be to white supremacists real signals giving of their racist causes. One white supremacist wrote, “Our Glorious Leader and ULTIMATE SAVIOR has gone full-wink-wink-wink come his many aggressive supporters.”

Some of them even suggested that Trump has actually softened the greater public to your racist messaging. “The success of the Trump campaign just proves the our see resonate v millions,” claimed Rachel Pendergraft, a national organizer for the Knights Party, which flourished David Duke’s Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. “They might not be prepared for the Ku Klux Klan yet, but as anti-white hate escalates, lock will.”

And in ~ the 2017 white superiorist protest in Charlottesville, David Duke, the previous KKK cool wizard, said that the rally was expected “to fulfill the guarantees of Donald Trump.”

So if Trump may deny his racism and also bigotry, at some level his pendant seem to acquire it. As much as his background of racism reflects that he is racist, probably who sustained him and why is just as revealing — and it doesn’t repaint a favorable snapshot for Trump.