Donald trump is no stranger come exaggeration. As he wrote in "The arts of the Deal, "I call it truthful hyperbole. It"s an innocent form of exaggeration, and a very effective kind of promotion." However, unlike Trump"s many baseless brags, his reputation together a lusty Lothario supposedly is rooted in truth. His credentials stem from once the 18-year-old was named "Ladies Man" in his 1964 yearbook — a location he yes, really deserved by every accounts. "I remember there to be so countless , it to be a revolving door," an ex-classmate said NPR.

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The revolving door became a fixture in Trump"s life, as did allegations, rumors, and also controversy — like the well known "Access Hollywood" ice cream proved. In the audio, trump bragged come Billy Bush, "I don"t even wait. And also when you"re a star, they permit you do it. You can do anything. ... Grab them by the p***y" (via The Washington Post). Once Anderson Cooper asked around the 2005 clip at one of the presidential debates in 2016, the businessman turn politician referred to as the remarks "locker room talk." However, accusations of sex-related harassment and assault continued to monitor 45; Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy"s 2019 publication "All the President"s Women: Donald Trump and the do of a Predator" addresses 26 allegations that "unwanted sexual contact" and also 43 the "inappropriate behavior," per The Independent. 

We"ve only scratched the surface. Buckle up, since you"re in because that a bumpy ride as we dive within Donald Trump"s complex love life.

If you or anyone friend know has actually been a victim of sex-related assault, aid is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest nationwide Network website or contact RAINN"s national Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

In an interview through Harry Connick Jr. On his now-defunct talk show, Candice Bergen admitted to going top top a dinner date with Donald Trump earlier in the day. Bergen common that she to be 18 year old in ~ the time and studying at the very same college Trump walk on come attend. "It was like a remote date, he called me in the dorm, and I was bored," Bergen explained. "So, he choose me up, he was wearing a burgundy three-piece suit v burgundy patent leather boots, and he remained in a burgundy limousine, so it was really color-coordinated." Evidently, Bergen wasn"t a large fan the head-to-toe claret-colored clothing and cars, together she to be "home through nine. It to be a really short dinner."

Bergen revisited the subject throughout a "Watch What happens Live" segment in 2017 called "Candidly Candice." host Andy Cohen probed the "Murphy Brown" star, who happened to it is in wearing a sweater v "Free Melania" embroidered across the front. When pressed on whether she gelled through the teenager Trump, Bergen insisted there was "no chemistry" between them. She doubled under by asserting the there was "no physical contact whatsoever." Cohen persisted though, asking Bergen if she found Trump to be "alluring in any kind of way." ~ pausing because that consideration, Bergen admitted hesitantly, "he was a good-looking guy," prior to concluding, "and a douche."

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Lucy Klebanow was in a bar in the early 1970s when friends introduced her come a potential date. Klebanow had no idea that the man was; she just thought he to be a "nice guy" the she"d favor to obtain to know. The two went out, and it would certainly prove to be an eye-opening and expensive introduction to Donald Trump, residential or commercial property developer, future reality TV star, and the USA"s 45th President. 

In 2017, Klebanow wrote an short article for salon detailing your "nightmare" dinner date. Follow to Klebanow, Trump rolled up in a white Cadillac v a totally pimped-out all-red interior finish with a vehicle phone, a rarity in the 1970s. 

She explains Trump together "nice-looking, not handsome, yet nice. Preppy. Normal. No a conversationalist, but neither to be I. I didn"t think the was very bright." lock drove to Brooklyn for dinner, and it easily went downhill native there. Klebanow declared that The Donald couldn"t pay for your meal as the restaurant didn"t take credit cards and also he didn"t carry cash. So, she cleared up the examine as a "stunned and also embarrassed" trumped "swore he"d salary me back tomorrow so countless times the I assumed it not likely." together she listed in the piece, her suspicions were correct.

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Kim Richards began out her career in show business as a kid star, showing up in movies together as Escape to Witch Mountain and TV series like The Wonderful civilization of Disney. Years later, she would uncover success in the civilization of truth TV once she was lugged on together a member the the original actors of "The genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills." after a couple of tumultuous seasons, she parted means with her spot in the key roster, but has ongoing to do guest appearances top top "RHOBH" end the years. Among her many memorable moments together a "friend of"? Why, that would be as soon as she dropped by the Season 7 reunion and revealed she offered to day the 45th president.

When host Andy Cohen request Richards to confirm "a rumor the you once dated Donald Trump," she replied, "Yes, let"s not obtain into it." if the other Housewives wanted an ext details, Richards would only share that they went out to dinner. "I don"t desire to talk around the president," she said.

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Donald trump card met Ivana Zelníčková in 1976 once he spotted she waiting external a Manhattan restaurant. The 30-year-old swooped in and also secured a table for the 27-year-old Czech model and her friends. A year later, they to be married in a mystery private ceremony, per The Knot.

The couple worked tirelessly to broaden Donald Trump"s empire. Together Vanity Fair reported in 1988, Ivana take it an energetic role, first as the vice president of inner design and then together CEO the Trump"s castle casino in Atlantic City. They had actually three youngsters together, Donald Jr., Eric, and also Ivanka. Together The new York times noted, four different prenups were renegotiated together their family and wealth grew. But their marital relationship exploded after ~ Ivana uncovered Donald had actually been cheating ~ above her through Marla Maples.

A humiliating and an extremely public showdown between mistress and also wife top top the ski slopes that Aspen instantly sparked a tabloid frenzy. The affair was front-page news as Donald and also Ivana duked it the end in a bitterness divorce battle. In "Lost Tycoon: The many Lives of Donald J. Trump" (via the everyday Beast), author Harry pains III writes the in a sworn deposition, Ivana accused Donald of sex-related assault. In a statement for the book, Ivana insisted she hadn"t supposed rape in "a literal meaning or criminal sense." The pair finally agreed on a $14 million settlement in 1992. Still, the fallout would certainly continue, through Donald Jr. "refusing to talk to his dad because that a year," follow to the Daily Beast.

If girlfriend or anyone girlfriend know has actually been a victim of sexual assault, assist is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest national Network website or contact RAINN"s nationwide Helpline in ~ 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

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It took time for the wounds to heal and for them both to placed their bitter divorce behind them. However, Donald and Ivana trump did control to eventually make up. Donald Jr. Also managed to pardon his father"s transgressions and join the family business alongside siblings Eric and Ivanka.

Ivana has come to be a close confidante that Donald"s. "We speak before and after the appearances, and he asks me what i thought," she revealed in a 2016 interview through the new York Post. Ivana manages to always keep that real and speak her mind — as with her vocally forthright ex. But, the would appear that her advice often falls on deaf ears, such as once she argued to Donald the he calm under his rhetoric a notch or two. "But Donald can not be calm," Ivana said the Post. "He"s really outspoken. He simply says it as it is."

Donald Trump might not heed his very first wife"s advice, however he plainly still respects Ivana"s business savvy. So much so that after he came to be president, he available her the position of Czech ambassador. "My ex said, "Ivana, if you want it, I offer it come you,"" she said in the new York Post in 2017. However, she declined the offer, explaining, "I prefer my freedom, and I desire to execute what I desire to do, go wherever I desire to go, with whomever i want. I don"t require the prestige, and also it"s an 8-to-12 job."

The tabloids pored over every information of Donald and also Ivana Trump"s divorce battle. There was an countless stream of salacious stories about Donald Trump"s (then tho unconfirmed) affair v Marla Maples. There was additionally a seemingly endless list the beautiful women that the self-professed playboy was romantically connected to, per The Washington Post.

Catherine Oxenberg was one of them. In a twist of fate, the "Dynasty" star shown Princess Diana — that The Donald to be apparently an extremely into — twice. Follow to a report in the Sunday time (via People), Donald supposedly sent Diana flowers, believing she to be "the ultimate trophy wife." The report go on to note that Diana had actually zero desire to become the next ex-Mrs Trump. And neither walk Oxenberg, who shot under the date rumors, telling People, "It"s a finish joke as much as I"m concerned. Ns hardly know the man." A tipster said the outlet the Donald and also Oxenberg were pals yet were "not resting together."

Where and also how did the rumor get started? The people may never ever know. However, it may or may not be worth pointing out that, as detailed by People, reporter Sue Carswell suspected john Miller, the publicist behind numerous Donald trump card stories, to be in fact Donald trump card himself. Together the outlet reported, Carswell recorded a conversation she had with "Miller" and then play it to people who knew Donald well, including Cindy Adams. "There is no man Miller. That"s Donald," the legendary brand-new York article columnist determined.

Donald Trump and Marla Maples first bumped into each various other (literally) ~ above Madison avenue after the ditched his limo and walked to work instead. "I had actually seen the at different places throughout the years," Maples called Vanity Fair, "I was simply somebody that shook hands with."

They instantly became firm but platonic friends, Marla insisted. However as Vanity fair recounted, this eventually moved come the next level together Maples started appearing on his arm almost everywhere Atlantic City. Pretty indiscrete provided that Donald"s wife, Ivana Trump, was CEO of Atlantic City"s trump Castle. But, the took one more year before Ivana learned of the affair. "This young blonde woman approached me the end of the blue and said, "I"m Marla, and also I love your husband. Do you?"" Ivana created in "Raising Trump" (via the Independent).

Still, Donald attempted to store his relationship with Maples on the down-low when his divorce indigenous Ivana play out. Their affair to be tumultuous, through multiple break-ups. However, points seemingly cleared up down, for a while in ~ least, once Donald and Maples married in 1993, 2 months after the birth of their daughter, Tiffany Trump. But, they separated just four years later, and also by 1999, they to be officially divorced. Maples doesn"t hold earlier when it comes to talking about her "ego-driven" ex. She called the everyday Telegraph (via the NY Post) the Donald had actually been "obsessed" through her — and also their marriage "was developed on an illusion."

There"s no love lost in between Marla Maples and Donald Trump short article divorce. Unequal Ivana, who walked away v $14 million and also $650,000 a year in boy support, Maples had to make carry out with, as the NY everyday News placed it, "a paltry $2 million" adhering to her failed marriage. Donald also agreed to salary $100,000 a year kid support till Tiffany Trump turn 21. 

Maples "was out of she depth in Trump"s world," a source told Vanity Fair, walking on to add, "It"s a sad story. She really didn"t know how to handle him." So, it"s small surprise the Marla want to obtain the hell the end of Donald-dodge after your break-up.

"Donald was never ever the guy I wanted to marry," Maples later on admitted to The Telegraph (via Newsweek). "He and also his people were extraterrestrial to me. I"m for this reason happy come be far from Donald, and also I"m simply trying to move as much away together I can." A spokesperson later insisted Maples" comments had been taken "out that context." Still, there"s no escaping the Maples upped sticks and also moved end 2,800 miles far from Donald and pursued a personal life together a single mom in California post-divorce. "That was my choice, raising outside of the spotlight," she told People. "Her dad is a an excellent provider v education and such, but as far as time, it was simply me. Her father wasn"t able to be there with day-to-day skills as a parent."

Donald Trump"s relationship background is together dramatic and erratic as his (now defunct) Twitter feed. The Donald"s facility love life is choose a tangled sphere of thread, through marriages, affairs, and also flings all intertwined. However, the perform of women he"s apparently been connected with is together factually questionable together the approximated 30,573 false or misleading claims that the made throughout his presidency, follow to The Washington Post.

One the the women Donald to be romantically attached to is Argentinian tennis star Gabriela Sabatini. Together Newsweek recounted, the business tycoon reportedly dated the athlete because that a month back in 1989 — "during what to be rumored to it is in a hiatus from his affair with Maples." He ultimately divorced Ivana trump card in 1992 and also went on come marry Marla a year later.

Sabatini to be 19 year old once she allegedly linked with the 43-year-old Donald Trump. The beautiful brunette was at the height of her game, having actually just won a silver medal at the 1988 Seoul Games before reaching the semifinals in the Australian Open. Sabatini, that retired from tennis in 1996 at the age of 26, declined to acknowledge, allow alone comment on the date reports at the time. However she supposedly denied having any kind of relationship v Donald Trump to a Los Angeles reporter in 2019, according to

Carla Bruni discovered herself in ~ the center of a Donald trump love triangle in 1991 after ~ The brand-new York post exclusively reported that Trump had actually dumped Marla Maples for the singer. As BuzzFeed recounted, Trump acknowledged the story himself the day after the report dropped, explain Bruni to be his "new one."

Bruni was fresh the end of a tumultuous affair with Mick Jagger, i beg your pardon Jerry room blamed together the catalyst for your separation (via People). So she most likely wasn"t champing at the little to it is in branded the other woman again. Bruni refuse Trump"s claims, telling the everyday Mail (via BuzzFeed) that he"s "obviously a lunatic. It"s so untrue, and also I"m deeply embarrassed by that all. I"ve only ever before met that once, about a year ago, at a big charity party in new York."

However, together per the brand-new York everyday News, in "Mick: The Wild Life and also Mad Genius that Jagger," writer Christopher Anderson claimed Bruni and Trump did hook up. The alleged she promised to break-up from Jagger if trump card left Maples. "She to be trying to gain me to leaving Marla, other I had actually in psychic anyway, and she was utilizing every psychological trick in the book," Anderson quoted Trump together saying. Adding a more twist come the story though, in his 2017 biography, "Lost Tycoon"(via page Six), Harry hurt III insists trumped did develop the dating rumor — and was also the anonymous resource behind the initial story.

As The brand-new York Times recounted in 2016, Rowanne Brewer lane met Donald Trump in ~ a Mar-a-Lago swimming pool party in 1990 when she was in her 20s. At the time, Donald to be separated native Ivana Trump and several years into his affair v Marla Maples. Still, he regulated to make time to take the previous Miss Maryland, also providing her with a swimsuit after finding out she "hadn"t intended come swim" and also commenting on just how she looked. "He brought me the end to the pool and also said, "That is a stunning trump card girl, isn"t it?"" Brewer roadway told The new York Times 26 years after their very first encounter.

The newspaper walk on to define the occurrence as "a debasing face-to-face encounter between Mr. Trump and a young mrs he fixed knew." but Brewer Lane, who ended up dating Donald because that a few months in 1993, debated the report, telling  "Inside Edition" she was in reality "flattered" through the attention and "extremely upset" by what lock wrote. "Basically, they lied come me," she said. "They promised me lot of times the it would not it is in a hit piece, and clearly it was."

In a 2016 interview with "Fox and also Friends," Brewer roadway slammed The new York Times however again, insisting castle "put a an unfavorable connotation" on she comments. "He never made me feel choose I was being demeaned in any kind of way," she said prior to calling Donald Trump "a gentleman."

Barbara Moore alleged she had an affair through Donald Trump from March to September 1993 when Trump was awaiting his fourth child. "He to be a good lover and also a gentleman," she told the daily Mail. "I didn"t understand he was with someone else, let alone involved to Marla Maples, and it to be only recently I learned she was pregnant at the time."

Moore met Trump throughout a Playboy fashion display at his Atlantic City castle Casino hotel. The centerfold to be psyched to watch The Donald, who had actually just released "The art of the Deal" and become a celebrated Manhattan home tycoon. "He"s a an effective man, and he was one of the many eligible bachelors in the world," Moore told the Mail, explain there was an prompt connection.

Moore claims she went to a exclusive cocktail party after the show. Trump to be the center of attention, with every one of the models "fawning end him." But, follow to Moore, that only had actually eyes for her. Together the party wound down, The Donald sidled over and also laid ~ above the charm. After informing the 24-year-old she was "beautiful" and "classy," lock headed off to his suite for a night the unbridled passion. Moore claimed it was the very first of countless liaisons, consisting of a five-night fling in ~ Mar-a-Largo where they had actually sex in prior of a friend. "We simply went in ~ it choose she just didn"t exist," Moore alleged.

Marla Maples was hoodwinked however again after ~ Donald Trump allegedly did the dirty on her in 1995. Together the advocate recounted, the couple was 2 years married once reports started swirling the Trump was having actually an to work with brand-new Zealand supermodel Kylie Bax. 

Photos started surfacing the The Donald and the "Sports Illustrated" cover girl cozying up with each other in miscellaneous Manhattan hotspots in the beforehand 1990s. However it took 5 years prior to rumors started that they to be romantically attached as detailed by Newsweek. No Trump nor Bax refuse or shown the reports, deciding instead to plead the fifth. Still, they"ve preserved a close connection over the years.

Bax is a staunch support of Trump, leaping come Donald"s defense as he fought accusations that misogyny during his presidential run. Multiple ladies went publicly with sex-related harassment and also assault allegations versus Trump — however Bax thought they were simply seeking your "five minutes of fame." She additionally made light of Trump"s infamous "Access Hollywood" tape. "I"m sorry, but he is a man," she called NZME (via The new Zealand Herald). "What about the 300 emails that Hillary Clinton has actually tried to cover up? What is an ext important — a male trying to acquire a date or national security? It"s unfortunate that he has actually said this things, and also things have been done yet how much has actually been blown out of proportion and also how lot is true?"

If you or anyone friend know has actually been a victim of sex-related assault, aid is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest nationwide Network website or contact RAINN"s national Helpline in ~ 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

As "Inside Edition" recounted in 2016, Allison Giannini dated Donald Trump simply after his final break-up with Marla Maples. The previous model to be 27 when she was collection up on a blind date with the 50-year-old self-professed multi-millionaire. Despite only going out 3 times, Trump controlled to admire Giannini. "He was simply so smart, I recognize a lot of things are said around him, but to me, he"s a great, an excellent guy," she said the outlet. "We gained along great."

While the 2 went their separate ways, Giannini bear no hard feelings — fairly the opposite, in fact. She raved about Trump"s chivalry, stating, "As much as dealing with women, he cure me simply wonderfully. Ns really think he has actually a very sweet side to him that a lot of people don"t recognize or see. He was an extremely gentlemanly, opened doors, pulling the end chairs because that me." Giannini likewise shared that Trump to be still enamored through Maples, informing "Inside Edition" " talked about Marla and also how much he love her."

Despite the briefness of your encounter, trump left a lasting impression. He shared some that his native of wisdom, spurring Giannini come launch a new career as a realtor. "He always said actual estate would constantly go up in California and to buy, and also that"s what I"ve done," she said. "I"ve listened come him, and also he to be right."

Donald Trump might have had a point with Jackie Siegel, star that "Queen that Versailles" and also repeat "Below Deck" guest. When chatting v HuffPost to promote the documentary in 2013, she shared that she when "kind of" had actually a romantic relationship with Trump. "We simply went the end a couple times," Jackie said. "Like, the invited united state to Mar-a-Lago and also go to his parties and things choose that. He"s a really an excellent person. So lot charisma."

The socialite conveniently backtracked on she comments, though. "We"re friends," she later on told the Orlando Sentinel. "I wasn"t really dating. As soon as I was modeling, i was on the Trump to rise in some parade. Ns can"t think there are headlines the end there. Five my God. Just how embarrassing."

However, Jackie"s husband, David Siegel, wasn"t for this reason shy around his trump fangirling. Following The Donald"s 2016 presidential win, the timeshare mogul gushed to the Sentinel, "It"s the biggest thing that"s happened to me because I uncovered sex. In the next four years, we"re gonna dwarf what we"ve done. I"ll go out on a limb financially to flourish this company." and it appears Trump was committed to help his buddy attain his gaue won aims. 4 companies connected to multi-millionaire Siegel to be "approved for almost $18 million" in Paycheck security Program loan — which to be supposedly developed to help small businesses stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis, per The Miami Herald.

Donald Trump to be a "The Howard Stern Show" regular ago in the work — adding more shock to Stern"s currently notoriously outrageous broadcasts. Trump was the king that TMI and also making decidedly inappropriate comments — consisting of some headline-grabbing remarks about his own daughter. However as the Daily Beast reported, trump card really managed to excel during a bizarre communication in 2001. Stern was interviewing tabloid journalist A.J. Benza around his brand-new book "Fame, Ain"t that a B***h" which consists of a passage around his girlfriend Kara Young dumping him for Trump. Not surprisingly, The Donald just had to add his ten cents and promptly rang into the show. 

"I"ve prospered with your girlfriend, I"ll tell friend that," Trump said on "Stern" (via the day-to-day Beast). "A.J., i won your girlfriend. You know it, she knows it, and also everybody to know it." The two started hurling upset barbs at each various other — kicking off through Benza slamming Trump"s hair "plugs" and also claiming he"s "out the his mind." The Donald retaliated, alleging, "A.J. Doesn"t prefer Trump for one reason: ns stole his girlfriend. I took her away prefer she to be a dog." 

And trump wasn"t finished there. "Any girl you have, I can take indigenous you," he boasted after Benza intimidated to bash his head in through a bat.

The story the Donald Trump and Victoria Zdrok boils down to a instance of "he said, she said." As the day-to-day Beast reported, the Ukrainian model declared she walk on four days with Trump. However, he denied going out with her. "I don"t even know who the hell she is," Trump told celebrity journalist Chaunce Hayden prior to alleging she referred to as him "10 different times, like five years ago."

In one interview for Steppin the end (via everyday Beast), Zdrok alleged to Hayden that they met ~ Trump badgered Playboy newspaper to species a date between them. She added, "He"s really into himself! on a date, every he go is talk around himself. That loves himself!" In a phone speak to obtained by the daily Beast, trump card asks Zdrok not to run the interview. In the audio, trumped insists the would have never dated the ex-Penthouse pet because "she looks choose a f***ing third-rate hooker." 

"I never ever met a more narcissistic person than Donald," Zdrok common with Hayden prior to dishing on exactly how Trump loves to boast around "what a great lover he is." She likewise called trumped "very racist" and commented on how "odd" his hair is. "He provides so much hairspray. I would never ever dream of touching it. Yet he doesn"t care. He yes, really thinks he"s one of the many handsome civilization on earth," she said.

Jill Harth very first encountered Donald trump in 1992 when she and boyfriend George Houraney met through him to discuss investing in their business. As detailed in a The brand-new York Times feature, trumped was much more interested in Harth than in act deals. Nonetheless, he at some point agreed, and in 1993 the pair flew down to Mar-a-Largo to celebrate.

Harth filed a sexual harassment sue in 1997, explain Trump consistently groped her. One event allegedly emerged in his daughter"s bedroom. "I was admiring the decoration, and next thing I know, he"s pushing me against a wall surface and has his hands everywhere me," she declared to NYT. However, they ongoing to job-related together until Trump had actually a adjust of heart and allegedly refused to pay the couple. Houraney sue for breach of contract when Harth filed her sexual harassment lawsuit, which also alleged test rape. She eventually dropped the suit after Trump settled with Houraney. Harth and also Houraney married and also then easily divorced. In 1998 if struggling come rebuild she life, Harth called the NYT the Trump, who had actually just separated indigenous Marla Maples, released a charm offensive; Harth and Trump in reality dated because that a while prior to he go on come marry Melania Knauss.

Harth"s sue was unearthed after Trump released his presidential campaign. Follow to The Guardian, the nationwide Enquirer claimed Trump told a friend, "The reality is that Jill Harth is obsessed through me — and would do every little thing she can to obtain into my pants."

If girlfriend or anyone you know has been a victim of sex-related assault, aid is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest national Network website or call RAINN"s nationwide Helpline in ~ 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

Donald Trump and also Melania trump card (née Knauss) an initial met in September 1998 when she, as Vanity fair recalled, "captured the attention" that the mogul at a Fashion mainly event. Donald to be there through his rumored to express Celina Midelfart, having actually just freshly separated from his 2nd wife, Marla Maples. That didn"t avoid the 52-year-old indigenous hitting on 28-year-old Melania, though. Donald asked the Slovenian version for she number, but she play the infamous player, insisting instead that that hand his digits over to her.

Not before long, they go on their first date. "I remember that night like it was two months ago," Melania told Harper"s Bazaar. However, together a friend of Melania called GQ, early on into your budding relationship, the pair split as result of her "trust issues." But they shortly reunited, and also in 2005 they wed in an over-to-top ceremony in ~ Mar-a-Largo. As GQ recounted, Melania wore a "$100,000 Dior dress the laborers" hands had toiled upon for a legendary 550 hours, affixing 1,500 crystals."

"We are standing by each other and we are equal in the relationship," Melania told Tatler the year castle married. "And we assistance each other, friend know. We always believe, both that us, that woman behind a man and also man behind a woman." Meanwhile, prior to they bound the knot, Donald evidenced to Howard Stern (via BuzzFeed) he"d yet to hear Melania " a doody."

One the Donald and Melania Trump"s numerous marital challenges developed courtesy that Karen McDougal. The Playmate alleged she had actually an affair through Donald — beginning June 2006, three months after the birth of his son, Barron Trump.

McDougal wrote around the purported to work in a newspaper that to be leaked to The brand-new Yorker. She asserted she met Donald Trump at a Playboy party. " immediately took a liking come me, maintained talking to me — informing me exactly how beautiful i was," she alleged. They started chatting ~ above the phone prior to arranging to meet at the Beverly Hills Hotel. After some talk, they got it "ON"! We got naked + had sex," McDougal wrote. Castle allegedly continued to meet whenever Donald remained in Los Angeles or at multiple events roughly the country. McDougal asserted the guilt ended up being too much eventually, and she finished things in April 2007.

Just days before the 2016 presidential election, The wall surface Street Journal broke the news the the alleged affair. Lock reported the McDougal had been hushed-up by the national Enquirer"s parent company. In ~ the time, American Media to be owned by David Pecker, a close buddy that Donald"s. AMI was accused that orchestrating a "catch and also kill" — payment McDougal because that the legal rights to her story, avoiding her indigenous speaking around it ever again, climate killing the dead. As per NPR, both AMI and Donald denied every allegations versus them.

In 2006, Donald Trump additionally allegedly had an affair through Stormy Daniels. The adult film actor asserted their tryst began four month after Melania Trump provided birth come Barron — simply weeks into Donald"s alleged affair with Karen McDougal.

Rumors around Donald Trump and also Stormy Daniels an initial surfaced on the blog The Dirty in 2011. At the time, Donald was just a Manhattan home tycoon and reality TV star, for this reason the story more or much less flew under the radar. However, everything adjusted during Donald"s presidential campaign. According to "60 Minutes," eleven days before the election, Daniels was persuaded to authorize a $130,000 non-disclosure contract. Donald"s lawyer Michael Cohen brokered the deal, paying Daniels v a Delaware-based LLC produced a month prior. As per the NDA, Daniels would certainly be compelled to pay $1 million every time she spoke around the alleged affair v a maximum punish of $20 million.

But, Daniels refused to it is in silenced. In respectable 2018, she satellite down v Anderson Cooper to food The Donald dust in the abovementioned no-holds-barred "60 Minutes" interview. Daniels spilled every the tea, alleging she "spanked" Donald with a copy the Forbes newspaper that had actually his picture on the cover and also that that didn"t usage a condom. As per the BBC, Donald refuse the affair and called Daniels" allegations "false and also extortionist."

Given all the scandals, sexual assault claims, and extra-marital affair allegations, it"s little surprise that speculation end the Trumps" future together has been rife. Per The Washington Post, bookies started taking bets ~ above a possible divorce prior to the 2020 election. The odds started decreasing as the end of Donald Trump"s presidency drew closer complying with his loss to Joe Biden. However, as soon as Melania Trump"s chef of staff was asked around the split speculation, she shoot it down in flames. "This concern is pathetic and also exactly why people no much longer trust the mainstream media. No legitimate journalist would ask this," Stephanie Grisham said.

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Ex-White house official Omarosa Manigault Newman to trust otherwise, though. "In mine opinion, Melania is counting every minute until he is out of office and also she can divorce him," the former "Apprentice" contestant composed "Unhinged: an Insider"s Account that the trump White House." "If Melania were to try to traction the can be fried humiliation and also leave if he"s in office, he would uncover a means to punishment her."

One thing"s for sure, whatever Melania eventually determines come do, her kid will be at the heart and also center of her decision. Follow to The Independent, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff insurance claims Barron Trump"s jae won future is Melania"s major concern. Winston Wolkoff alleges her former friend continued to be in new York throughout the an initial months of Donald Trump"s presidency come renegotiate your prenup — guaranteeing Barron an equal share in the household business.