Decades before President trump ran for office, the joked that Oprah would be his “first choice” for vice president. (The Washington Post)

If Oprah Winfrey’s “active thinking” around a run for the nation’s peak office evolves right into a bid come unseat Donald trump card in 2020, there’s one clip of the pair that’s already the front-runner to be play ad infinitum.

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It’s a practically three-minute video from a 1988 interview on Winfrey’s show. In the warm seat is a blue-suited, much younger Donald Trump, espousing the exact same protectionist ideas that would eventually land the in the Oval Office.

With the microphone is, the course, Winfrey, asking Trump inquiries that can easily be aimed in ~ a 2018, post-Golden Globes version of herself:

This sounds prefer political, presidential talk to me. And also I know world have speak to you about whether or not you desire to operation — would you ever?

In 1988, that was one more celebrity interview. Yet in the intervening three decades, the stars that the clip have end up being some the the most famous faces on the planet, and more political. One is president and has introduced a reelection committee. The other endorsed Barack Obama, then Hillary Clinton, and also is encountering a renewed ring of calls the she seek the presidency ~ a golden Globes message that countless have likened come a political stump speech.

Their 1988 interview occurred shortly after ~ Trump had taken out a full-page advertisement criticizing U.S. International policy. George H.W. Bush and Michael Dukakis to be embroiled in a race for the presidency.

So Winfrey conveniently steered the conversation to national politics — an especially whether trump would ever be associated in it.

“I love what ns doing,” the real estate magnate said on the clip. “I really prefer it,” but he said he would certainly “never want to ascendancy it the end totally, due to the fact that I yes, really am tired of see what’s happening v this country, how we’re really making other world live prefer kings and we’re not.”

Thirty years later, it is Winfrey reportedly mulling even if it is to place her life on organize to command the country.

The noticeable reconsideration is happening after Winfrey gave an inspiring call to eight encouraging people — including “some pretty phenomenal women” — to help effect change:

“I want all the girls watching here and also now to know that a brand-new day is ~ above the horizon! and also when that brand-new day finally dawns, it will certainly be because of a most magnificent women, many of whom space right right here in this room tonight, and also some quite phenomenal men, fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take united state to the time once nobody ever before has to say “me too” again.

As The Washington Post’s Steven Zeitchik composed afterward, “Winfrey’s speech had actually a stump-like quality, earning raves because that its inspirational tone, its careful balance of deep scars the racial and also gender injustice through an positive outlook that they might be healed.”

Friends told CNN anonymously that Winfrey to be “actively thinking” around running because that president. Her longtime partner, Stedman Graham, said she “would absolutely carry out it.”

Afterward, Meryl Streep called Zeitchik that she was on the Oprah train. “She introduced a rocket tonight. I want her to operation for president,” Streep said. “I don’t think she had any kind of intention . Yet now she doesn’t have actually a choice.”

Although both Trump and Winfrey have actually a show-business pedigree and also billionaire financial institution accounts, the two stars of that 1988 clip have actually vastly various backstories.

Trump was the fourth child of a millionaire genuine estate developer and was elevated in a 23-room brick mansion in Jamaica Estates, Queens. That attended a armed forces school and started his genuine estate realm with a million-dollar loan from his father.

Winfrey told the golden Globes audience the she is the daughter the a woman who made money cleaning other people’s houses. Winfrey’s nationally syndicated talk show ended up being a launchpad because that a global media realm that rotate her right into a billionaire.

Several women have accused trumped of inappropriate sexual touching. In 2005, trump card bragged in vulgar terms around groping, kissing and trying to have sex v women in a conversation caught on a hot microphone, a recording that was later derived by The Post.

Winfrey has spoken publicly around her sex-related abuse at the hand of her mother’s friend in Mississippi, and she speak at length around abuse victim in her gold Globes speech.

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“I want tonight to express gratitude to every the women that have sustained years that abuse and also assault due to the fact that they, favor my mother, had kids to feed and also bills to pay and also dreams come pursue,” she said. “They’re the females whose name we’ll never ever know.”

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