Former Vice chairman Mike Pence burned light on his frequent interaction with previous President Donald Trump due to the fact that they left office in January.

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An end-of-the-year report filed v the federal Election commission (FEC) revealed that the federal arm the the Florida democratic Party is an ext than $868,000 in debt complying with November"s election season.

A mountain Francisco high school teacher is taking heat for saying the Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., presented "white privilege" as soon as he attended president Biden"s inauguration in a casual coat and mittens and also captured the fist of the internet.


Jennifer Openshaw: Amanda Gorman"s instance – young poet can inspire rather to meet their potential

Today, through the power of technology and v all the strengths and also freedoms America affords us, the possibility to equip and also empower our youth to lead from the top is within our reach.

Newly filed lobbying records display Venezuela’s socialist government previously rental a longtime autonomous Party donor because that $6 million in ~ the very same time it to be lobbying to discourage the U.S. From imposing sanctions on the oil-rich nation.

Since the inauguration of chairman Joe Biden on Jan. 20, the adult children of previous President Donald trump have took pleasure in a an increase in Twitter followers.

Joe Biden"s bid because that "unity" is yes, really a disguised contact to the factions in his very own party to rod together, to provide him a chance.

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Antifa demonstrators marched v downtown Seattle Wednesday in protest of president Joe Biden"s inauguration, breaking windows at a courthouse and also multiple businesses follow me the way, consisting of the original Starbucks. 

Jill Biden brings cookies to troops, thanks nationwide Guard because that "keeping my family safe" during inauguration

First lady Jill Biden surprised national Guard members in ~ the U.S. Capitol top top Friday and delivered cookies, a gesture of kindness "for keeping me and my family safe" throughout President Biden"s inauguration previously this week. 

Hours after giving his fantastic inaugural speech, chairman Biden visited the White House and signed 17 executive orders — including much more than a dozen that totally contradict his pledge that bipartisanship, unity and also finding usual ground.

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