PALM BEACH, Fla. — It has now been much more than 2 weeks since former chairman Donald trumped left the White home for Mar-a-Lago. Some think a 1993 agreement with Palm Beach method he can"t stay much longer.

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The ball is basically in the court of the town of Palm Beach over whether to try and tangle with Trump and also his desire to live at Mar-a-Lago.

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The town"s the supervisory board is collection to take into consideration the legality the the 1993 agreement signed by Trump, which essentially says any kind of guests can not stay longer than 3 weeks a year.

"I think it"s his property. He deserve to stay over there as long as that wants," claimed Republican strategist Larry Casey.

"Most people know the the town of Palm beach government and the human being in Palm Beach space pretty persnickety people, therefore they’re very, very cautious around anything that comes right into their territory," said Republican strategist Larry Casey.

He thinks the previous president have the right to stay in ~ Mar-a-Lago, and so execute Trump"s attorneys. His supporters had planned a Friday motorcade come Mar-a-Lago but put it turn off after reports the Trump may obtain to remain after all.

In a letter come the council obtained by NewsChannel 5, town Attorney man Randolph says under the original agreement, if trumped is a bona fide employee of the club, then it shows up the zoning code permits him come reside at Mar-a-Lago.

The attorney because that the club and Trump, man Marion IV, additionally fired turn off a letter come the city saying at the moment of the agreement the constraints only involved guests and not Mar-a-Lago"s owner.

Marion also states the original covenant did attend to the "Owners Suite," explained as "Pine hall (an antechamber), a vestibule (Louis XV Hall), the owner"s bedroom, toilet, bath and also drawing room, and also the Norwegian Room and also bath."

Marion"s letter said Trump has used the owner"s suite, "far in overfill of the 3 visits every year and also has never ever been challenged."

Some inhabitants on the island don"t prefer it and also have urged town leaders come enforce the 1993 agreement.

Neighbors are apparently worried around property values, security, and also an unlimited stream of trump card tourists.

Casey stated Mar-a-Lago might only it is in the start of a bigger footprint.

"I think Donald trump card is going to relocate his agency down come Palm beach at some allude out of new York, which method some breakthrough in the Palm coast area," Casey said.

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It is unknown what action the town council can take as soon as they look in ~ the worry Feb. 9.