Presidential Candidate Donald Trump will make an appearance in Los Angeles today. CBS2's Kara Finnstrom reports.

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Critics reference Watered-Down penalty For current Crime WaveCritics think the recent crime wave is a an outcome of years of legislator - and even voter - watering under penalties because that committing this acts. Tom Wait reports.

Bobby Cagle, manager Of LA ar DCFS, To action DownOn Tuesday, the manager of the Los Angeles County department of Children and also Family solutions (DCFS), Bobby Cagle, educated county leaders the he plans to resign as of Dec. 31.

NASA and SpaceX Rocket Bound because that Asteroid BeltThe SpaceX rocket introduced from Vandenberg and also it exit a satellite right into space. If all goes well, in September, it will fly right into an asteroid circling the Earth. The asteroid, Dimorphos, is about the dimension of a kitchen table, is in a resolved orbit around a much larger asteroid called Didymos. 

Pasadena Police continue To investigate Deadly ShootingTwo world are dead after ~ a dispute in between two men escalated to a shoot in Pasadena Tuesday afternoon.

NASA and SpaceX Launches Rocket supposed To Save planet From AsteroidsThe mission, dubbed dual Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART is the room agency’s brand-new initiative to develop a planetary defense mechanism protecting the globe from a potentially destructive asteroid strike.
Emotional vacation Homecoming for Travelers in ~ LAXIt was an emotional vacation homecoming for travelers showing up to LAX on Tuesday, seeing their household members for the an initial time since the pandemic began. CBSLA Reporter Jake Reiner has the story.
LAPD creating Special Task force To handle Slew of 'Follow house Robberies'Sara Donchey reports indigenous Hollywood wherein 23-year-old Joe Gutierrez was shot and also killed while comes to the assist of a woman believed to be target by suspects attached to a slew the so referred to as "follow residence robberies." chief Michael Moore of the LAPD additionally announced Tuesday
No Sanctions will Be enforced On Valencia Branch laboratory After Operator Addresses Record-Keeping 'Deficiencies'The Valencia Branch Laboratory, which has actually performed numerous COVID test on samples from a network of an ext than 4,700 specimen collection sites, was established to have corrected every previously established deficiencies, according to a letter sent Monday by the California department of public Health.
Northbound 1-5 backed Up because that Miles as result of Fatal Collision Prompting SigAlertSky9's Desmond shaw reports overheard in Santa Clarita wherein a collision between a semi-truck and also an SUV led to a fatality Tuesday. Officials with CHP issued a SigAlert when they carried out an investigation right into the crash and traffic in the area remains slow for miles.
Super Scoopers supply Water Salute come Long-Time FirefighterAfter a training flight in valve Nuys, the super scoopers delivered a water salute to 24-year veteran aerial firefighting pilot Michel "Sam Eagle" Boulanger.
Smash and Grab Thefts have actually Retailers and Shoppers concerned For Businesses and also SafetyCritics to speak the current crime tide is a an outcome of year of lawgiver — and also even voter — watering under penalties because that committing these acts.
Fatal Crash top top Northbound 5 Freeway In Santa Clarita Prompts SigAlertOne person is dead after a crash including a semi and also an SUV top top the northbound 5 Freeway at Gavin Cyn. CHP has issued a SigAlert and also the number one, two and three lanes will certainly be clogged for as much as an hour if authorities command an investigation.
ENCAMPMENT BANThe L-A City Council has actually voted come send come a committee a activity that would certainly ban homeless encampments throughout the city.
Police continue To investigate Deadly shooting In eastern PasadenaThe occurrence was an initial reported at about 2:30 p.m. In the area of Orange Grove Boulevard and Sunnyslope Avenue. At some allude during the incident, there was a hostage situation which was quickly resolved. Nicole Comstock reports.
Shopping expert Gives tips On how To gain The best Presents there is no Breaking The BankConsumer work Lecturer Zoe Engstrom native California State University, long Beach share advice on how shop because that the holidays there is no maxing out your credit card.
Historic Katowitz Menorah moved To LA City room Ahead the ChanukahWith Chanukah set to start at sundown this comes Sunday a historic 17th-century menorah is being shipped from Chabad Lubavitch in Westwood to Los Angeles City Hall.
Deadly Hollywood shooting Likely attached To cable Of Follow-Home RobberiesJeff Nguyen reports from Hollywood where a male was fatally shoot after coming to the defense of a woman that was being attacked by suspects likely connected to a slew of current "follow residence robberies."
Selena Gomez Announces February start Of brand-new Mental health PlatformOn the job of her very first Grammy nomination, actress and singer Selena Gomez announced the February launch of WonderMind, a mental wellness platform meant to affix people through educational sources while lessening stigma connected to problems of mental illness.
Former Sheriff Jim McDonnell provides Tips On an individual SafetyFormer Los Angeles county Sheriff Jim McDonnell share advice on just how to protect against scams and protect yourself from harm throughout this recent crime wave.
LAPD to Fire 6 Employees because that Violation that City's Vaccine MandateTermination proceedings have begun for 5 sworn LAPD officers and a civilian employee who have actually violated the city’s inoculation mandate, chef Michel Moore stated Tuesday.
Orange ar Detectives Investigating current Trend of 'Distraction Robberies'In Orange County, detectives space investigating countless other robberies the are arising in save parking lots as well as follow-home robberies where suspects ambush seniors together they enter their neighborhood. 
Port back-up Causes quick Supply Of toys For kids In NeedRachel Kim reports on how the backup at the ports of Los Angeles and also Long coast are resulting in a shortage of playthings for one organization that provides them to kids in need throughout the holidays.

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Angelenos hit The road & Board their Planes front Of Thanksgiving HolidayMore than 53 million Americans space expected to travel this Thanksgiving, 13% more than critical year.