In an interview through Fox News before a rally in las Vegas, president Donald Trump inquiries why Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser didn’t call the authorities 36 years back after the alleged assault.

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President Donald trump points come the crowd after speak to legislation enforcement officials on the street corridor MS-13, Friday, July 28, 2017, in Brentwood, N.Y.
Donald Trump has a go-to answer as soon as he is confronted with charges of racism.

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" data-duration="01:22" data-source="wbns" data-show-name="" data-show-url="" class="video-playlist__item" >’s Brooke Baldwin says the scene at president Trump’s rally throughout which the mocked Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford to be “absent that soul.”

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chairman Trump responds to an anonymous an elderly administration main who claims to be component of a resistance within the administration, thwarting components of the President’s agenda, in a brand-new York times op-ed.

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There have actually been plenty of books about the trump White residence in the past few months. Here’s why this one matters.

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former Nixon lawyer john Dean addresses president Donald Trump’s demand that the new York Times rotate over the the name of the writer that its anonymous op-ed.

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Bob Woodward’s new book referred to as “Fear: trump card in the White House” paints a portrait of a dysfunctional White house under president Trump.

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WASHINGTON, DC - may 08: U.S. President Donald trump announces his decision to retract the United says from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in the Diplomatic Room in ~ the White residence May 8, 2018 in Washington, DC. ~ two and also a fifty percent years of negotiations, Iran i agreeed in 2015 to finish its nuclear program in exchange because that Western countries, consisting of the joined States, lifting decades of economic sanctions. Since then worldwide inspectors have actually not found any type of violations that the state by Iran. (Photo through Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
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Woodward book reveals 'crazytown' White house’s Brian Todd discusses chairman Trump’s many recent tweetstorm around conspiracy theories targeted in ~ discrediting the media.

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Trump's latest Twitter tirade lashes at media
chairman Donald trumped warned there will be “violence” if the Republicans lose their majority in Congress as a an outcome of the 2018 midterms, in a recording currently heard by

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Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty pictures
TOPSHOT - us President Donald trump card waits come speak throughout a memorial business at the Pentagon because that the 9/11 terrorist strikes September 11, 2017 in Washington, DC. / AFP photo / Brendan Smialowski (Photo credit need to read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)
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Trump advises of violence if GOP loser midterms
In an interview top top “Fox and Friends,” president Trump claimed that he doesn’t know just how “you can impeach someone who has done a good job,” including that he thinks the stock sector would crash if he to be to it is in impeached.

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picture Illustration: Getty Images/ organization
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Trump: Impeach somebody who's done good job?
In an interview with Fox News, president Donald Trump states that he hired Jeff Sessions as united state Attorney General due to the fact that of loyalty.

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Fox News Channel
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trump card on Sessions: What type of male is this?
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chairman Donald Trump was in Las las vegas on Thursday night to headline a project rally for Sen. Dean Heller, the many endangered Republican incumbent top top the ballot this fall. That did a pre-rally interview with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity – “Wave come the fake news media,” Hannity said Trump at the begin of the interview – and also then took the stage to deliver his now-familiar stump speech, a mix the Teleprompter reading and also free-form riffs on, well, everything.

ns went with the transcript of Trump’s speech and pulled the end the most memorable lines. They’re below.

1. “Hello, las Vegas.”

Helloooooooo, Cleveland!

2. “You always have to say that name simply right.”

trump card is talking around how to express “Nevada.” Which, effectively pronounced is “Nev-AD-a.” Which the did! that’s a readjust from October 2016, when as a candidate Trump maintained calling the state “Ne-VAH-da” while insisting: “I said, as soon as I come out here, ns said, nobody claims it the various other way. It needs to be Nevada, right?” (He apparently was blended up.)

3. “And except for a many the fake news that you see from these people earlier here…”

I’m just going to store saying it: If friend think a country without a free and live independence media would certainly be a far better place to live, you space wrong.

4. “This is an significant time for our country. America is to win again.”

view #5

5. “It is a nice sad day, isn’t it? nothing worry. It’s all going to obtain better. It’s every going to obtain better.”

These two proclamations come within a few sentences of every other. Top top the one hand, we room winning and also everything is better than it’s ever before been before! ~ above the other, it’s a “sad” day however things will certainly soon obtain better. Analysis these trump card transcripts expose all species of moments of total contradiction, affirming for me the id that that is just saying stuff – lots and also lots of stuff.

6. “Jobless claims just hit a 50-year low. Fifty. Five-oh.”

fact Check: really! Ish. A 49-year low. Four-nine.

7. “And execute you psychic the tears from the fake news media, when it was apparent that us were going come win?”

This never happened.

8. “They’re quiet crying. Look in ~ them. They’re quiet crying.”

They’re not.

9. “It’s prefer we need to have much more Republicans in office. Fine get whatever we want, for this reason fast. We’ve acquired to have actually it.”

Reminder: Republicans at this time control the White House, Senate and House. And have because that the last two years.

10. “You recognize the indigenous ‘bias?’ They’ve been talking around bias. Is over there bias? Yeah, there was a many bias.”

What is Trump referring to here? carry out you recognize the word “referring?” Is there referring? Yeah, there is a the majority of referring.

11. “We began out, us weren’t friends. I didn’t like him. He didn’t prefer me.”

Thus starts the tale of Trump and also Heller. The origin of the dislike – at least on Trump’s finish – was that Heller was less supportive 보다 the president wanted when it came to the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare. Heller at some point voted for it. Trump aided drive Danny Tarkanian out of the primary versus Heller, pushing him right into a house race.

12. “I mean, weird Jacky will never ever vote for us, folks. Never. She wacky. She’s never ever going to poll for us.”

“Wacky Jacky” is, in instance you space wondering, autonomous Rep. Jacky Rosen, that is running against Heller this November.

13. “The brand-new platform the the Democrat Party is radical socialism and also open borders.”

This feels prefer something of one oversimplification.

14. “And ns won’t enable the United claims of America to become the next Venezuela. That’s what they desire to do.”

i looked and looked because that a quote from lining Schumer or Nancy Pelosi promising the Democrats will make the united state Venezuela if they take over regulate of Congress. My search engine should be damaged or something. Couldn’t uncover it.

15. “I’m no thrilled, however after the election, they’re all telling me were getting our wall the method we desire it, so let’s see what happens. Let’s check out what happens. Let’s check out if they produce.”

The “they” right here is, presumably, conference Republicans. And, no, there is almost no method that conference is going come allocate $25 billion for a border wall. And, yes, that will make Donald Trump really angry. And Republicans won’t like Donald Trump as soon as he is angry.

16. “I could knock it out, due to the fact that I do that well. That’s what I execute well. I build. We could knock that wall surface out in one year if they offered us the funds.”

Trump might be a an excellent builder. Among the best. Many world are speak it. However every expert argues that over there is no way that a border wall surface could be constructed in a year.

17. “How is our Justice department doing?”

REMINDER: This is the trumped administration’s justice Department. Led by a previous Alabama Republican senator. Who was among Trump’s most influential surrogates during the 2016 campaign.

18. “Today’s Democrat Party is organized hostage through left-wing haters, upset mobs, socialist fanatics, ‘deep-state’ bureaucrats, and also their fake news allies.”

Pause. Go up and also read that line again. The remarkable. Many presidents don’t have a remarkable regard for the opposing party. I can’t psychic one who said the various other party was made up of upset mobs and socialist fanatics.

19. “I can not tell you just how dishonest and corrupt so lot of the media is. I can’t even explain it. Impossible to explain. Nobody would believe it. Nobody would.”

ns can’t tell you just how irresponsible the is because that the president of the United says to make a blanket attack – v no specifically, – about corruption within the media.

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20. “These are world that will certainly take a an excellent story and make it as negative as possible. They’ll take it an ok story and also make the horrible.”

A window into exactly how Trump views media coverage: it’s not around accurate or inaccurate. It’s about whether the story is an excellent or poor for him. That’s it.

21. “The brand-new York Times, like, lock apologized to your subscribers because they spanned the choice so badly, since their subscribers say, how can this happen?”

This also did no happen. The time publisher exit a letter come readers quickly after the election insisting lock would continue to sheathe the civilization “without fear or favor.” that’s it. You deserve to read the whole thing here.

22. “People don’t review The new York Times, due to the fact that it’s a corrupt newspaper.


23. “Hey, i’m the president of the unified States! I’m not the chairman of the globe.”

This is a an excellent line that most likely works well even outside that Trump’s many committed base.

24. “I desire to give a win speech.”


25. ” So ns said simply write down few of the things. Each one, each one, point, point, point, four-and-a-half pages.”

Trump asked his employee to compose down every one of his accomplishments. Top top a item of paper. Climate he held up the paper for world at the las vegas rally come see. And read indigenous it. (Watch here!)

26. “And us won big, 306-223. Remember? there is no way, right? over there is no method that Donald Trump it s okay to 270. No, we gained to 306.”

The 2016 presidential election ended 682 days ago.

27. “Hispanic, any kind of Hispanic here? ns think so.”

“Look in ~ my african American over here.” – Donald trump

28. “Any Asians? Asian? Asian? any kind of Asian?”


39. “Almost 3.9 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps. I mean, how great is that?”

sort of.

30. “I’m one environmentalist. I want crystal-clean water. I desire crystal-clean air. That’s what we want.”

Donald Trump: Environmentalist.

31. “Remember the tears? Crying, crying, oh. Crying, crying. Ladies and gentlemen, the following president the the United states – this is on television – and also I say, oh, nothing cry, please, I desire to it is in happy. Don’t cry.”

Again, again, the media was not crying when Trump won.

32. “The policies of your party aren’t just extreme. Frankly, lock dangerous, and they’re crazy.”

trump card learned a really important class in the 2016 campaign: fear is a an effective motivator. No surprise then the he’s going earlier to that are afraid heading into 2018.

33. “We’re walk to start winning again. We’re to win now lot bigger than I ever thought in ~ a much previously level.”

The winning is coming sooner than you thought! Prepare for boredom in ~ winning to set in any kind of minute!

34. “Every time a human being comes in come the Oval Office, a president, a king, a queen, a prime minister, they say, Mr. President, congratulations on what did you do it done through this country. It’s true.”