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(gendergeek.org)Just 2 days ago, the Trump campaign blasted an Atlantic story detailing the denigrating language the President accused used around fallen American troops because that its author"s use of cotton sources.



He likewise told Woodward in March that he intentionally misled the general public on the severity the the virus, saying, "I want to constantly play that down. I still favor playing the down, because I don"t want to create a panic."
It"s hard, if not impossible, to wrap your mind about this callous and also self-serving calculation, within the chairman admits to a reporter -- one through deep credentials, and also who has currently written a best-selling, behind-the-scenes look in ~ Trump"s White house -- the he"s actively lying come the American people around a deadly pandemic that will ultimately kill, as of this writing, an ext than 190,000 Americans and also counting.
But it takes a special sort of (in the indigenous of Trump"s own niece -- a psychologist) "sociopath" to decide to put protecting his very own re-election prospects over the health of thousands and also thousands of civilization -- and then basically brag to a reporter in genuine time that he"s act it.
To placed that in perspective, follow to simply one evaluation -- from researchers at Columbia college -- the US might have prevented roughly 36,000 Covid deaths and also 700,000 infections if society distancing measures had been placed in location one week earlier than march 15, as soon as the united state Centers for disease Control and Prevention an initial issued indict advising against gatherings that 50 human being or more.
Other expert evaluation suggests that between 70% and also 99% of us deaths can have to be prevented if those measures had been put in location two mainly earlier.
Instead, Trump spent February downplaying the threat, tweeting that "the Coronavirus is really much under control," that "Cryin" lining Schumer is complaining" about insufficient resources to combat Covid, and also telling a southern Carolina rally crowd on Feb. 28 the the pandemic was the Democrats" "new hoax."
In March he would press an untested and also unproven drug, hydroxychloroquine, come cure Covid, saying, "What have actually you got to lose?"

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In April, he"d rise the idea that injecting disinfectant ("sounds interesting"), and also promise as soon as again, "it will certainly go away."