A 2004 Saturday Night Live skit that reflects President Donald trumped spoofing his love of selling anything with his surname on it, even if it means being surrounded by civilization in chicken suits, is back in the spotlight.

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The fake commercial functions Trump in ~ the height of his fame together The Apprentice host put on a shining yellow suit hawking “Donald Trump’s home of Wings.”

Despite having actually aired together a part of the April 2004 episode that trumped hosted, the sketch was not in SNL DVDs that incorporate the episode, follow to vault Inside Edition and also CNN reports. At the time, the clip to be also lacking from the illustration on Hulu, follow to Inside Edition.

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The sketch formerly made headlines in 2015, during Trump’s presidential campaign. It recently recirculated in multiple viral tweets and was written up anew by RT (better known as the Russia this day network).

“Trump is still just as tacky together he was in this video, but now his brand is America, and also instead of chicken wing he sell laser-guided missiles come Saudi Arabia,” one Twitter user composed this week.

But conservative pundit Allie Beth Stuckey remained in support, writing, “This is amazing and somehow provides me like him more.”

Other customers expressed likewise strong feelings: “the best thing ever,” “both horrifying and amazing” and “I’m dying.”

In the commercial, fan-favorites Kenan Thompson, Seth Myers, Maya Rudolph and also Amy Poehler all sing a take-off that the 1984 popular music hit “Jump,” by the guideline Sisters, dressed in costumes that make them look like freshly hatched chickens. The lyrics have actually been satirically transformed to extol the virtues of Trump-branded chicken.

“You understand our wings will certainly make you happy. Trumped in! You know our wings will fill you up. Trump,” castle sing.

In in between song verses, trumped says: “Am i saying I’m a chicken-wing expert? No, but I deserve to tell you this: The soup is hands under the best component of the chicken, better than the head, far better than the torso, better than the back. And also at Donald Trump’s house of Wings, friend can gain them with five different levels that hotness,”

(“And if you choose celery,” the adds, “congratulations: It’s on the house.”)


Trump has actually a long and also recently heated connection with the storied sketch comedy show, which has actually been inviting him on and mocking him due to the fact that the so late 1980s.

“It’s good to be below at Saturday Night Live, but I’ll be totally honest, it’s even better for Saturday Nigh Live the I’m here,” Trump said in his opened monologue in the 2004 episode.

Trump has not showed up on the show due to the fact that he held in 2015, early in his presidential campaign, when he appeared with his impersonators during his monologue and also got yelled at because that being a racist by Larry David.

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In the 4 years since, however, he has grown significantly sensitive to the show’s jokes, blasting it together “one sided coverage” and also suggesting it need to be investigated by the government.